SSD Summit 2016: Samsung introduced SSD 960 EVO and SSD 960 PRO

SSD Summit 2016: Samsung introduced SSD 960 EVO and SSD 960 PRO

At its annual SSD Summit in Seoul, the Korean giant Samsung today announced a new generation of SSD. Samsung SSD 960 PRO will replace the flagship, which was released last year. Samsung SSD 960 EVO, which will appear in October, is aimed at customers with a smaller budget. Compared to the previous generation Samsung continued to improve performance, as well as proposed new capacity levels.

Features Samsung SSD 960 EVO

Samsung SSD 960 EVO is no longer limited to a maximum capacity of 500GB – the top model capacity increased to 1 TB. Of course, still be available options for 250 and 500 GB. The performance SSD 960 EVO drives form factor M.2 provide read and write speeds of up to 3.2 and 1.9 GB / s, and up to 380,000 or 360,000 I / O operations with random blocks of 4 Kbytes per second. The performance increase was made possible by the transition to V-NAND TLC third generation of memory with 48 layers. Depending on the model, guaranteed recording capacity of 100, 200 or even 400 terabytes TBW (Total Bytes Written) without performance degradation.

SSD Summit 2016: Samsung introduced SSD 960 EVO and SSD 960 PRO

The EVO line will be used by a new generation of technology TurboWrite. Part of the memory storage one bit is programmed, rather than three, as, in fact, SLC-cache. Such programming is faster, which leads to increased productivity. As an SLC-cache uses free memory drive. But if sufficient free volume not have to drive programmed cell in the form of TLC, without caching. For new SSD 960 EVO the volume is not fixed, it is dependent on the total drive capacity. Interestingly, for the three models in the SSD 960 EVO line shows three different TurboWrite speed.

SSD 960 EVO Price

As for the controller, the Korean company will continue to use proprietary solution, again to improve it. But the details of Samsung has not yet announced. The new SSD 960 EVO in three containers will be in stores in October. Price ranges from $ 130.

SSD Summit 2016: Samsung introduced SSD 960 EVO and SSD 960 PRO

Compact drive with record-breaking performance

If you want to get the best performance and M.2 slot has four lines PCI Express 3.0, it makes sense to take announced today in Korea SSD 960 PRO flagship. Here, instead of the cheap memory chips used TLC MLC. 2TB drive will show the speed of reading data up to 3.5 GB / s of I / O performance is expected to 440.000 IOPS. As for the recording, the speed is up to 2.1 GB / s in continuous mode, ie without TurboWrite technology (if will allow storage temperature, ie throttling will not be activated).

Therefore, Samsung SSD 960 PRO can be called a compact high-speed drives – thanks to the vertical arrangement of the memory cell space is used very efficiently. Again, TBW value instead of 400 terabytes previously been increased to an impressive 1.2 PB. Younger models 1 TB and 512 MB TBW value without sacrificing the performance of 800 or 400 terabytes. The SSD 960 PRO line drives installed an improved Polaris controller and up to 2 GB cache LPDDR3.

SSD Summit 2016: Samsung introduced SSD 960 EVO and SSD 960 PRO

In contrast to the low-cost models of the EVO, here users will get access to all features Samsung Magician package, where you can make numerous settings and update firmware. Thermal Guard technology protects the SSD from overheating, even during peak drive provide a high level of performance. In the previous family of Samsung SSD 950 PRO has been available 256 GB version, but now it will be gone. Just to provide a high level of performance with a similar capacity is no longer possible. Samsung drives will be available from October.

Updating the SSD 850 Pro

Also, Samsung will update the family of SSD 850 Pro. Instead, the memory V-NAND with 32 layers of the family will use the memory 48 layers. Capacity 2.5-inch drives will remain the same, but the chips will run more efficiently. That is, again, on consumers hands.

Update: Meanwhile, we were able to obtain new information about the controller Polaris, albeit very limited. He still works with eight channels, but the number of cores increased from three to eight. Also, Samsung’s new line of PRO SSD has integrated temperature sensors in the PCB, to avoid overheating of the components.

Source: arstechnica

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