Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

One of the most interesting products presented by Samsung at IFA 2016 exhibition, held in Berlin in early September, are smart watches Samsung Gear S3 are available in two versions: Classic and Frontier.

The novelty is the development of the concept, according to which smart watches should look and feel like a classic wristwatch. Samsung has used this approach in hours Gear S2, which were presented a year ago and have become quite popular.

Samsung Gear S3 is not intended to replace last year’s Gear S2, and should only expand the range of Samsung. That is, the company will continue to produce and “old» Gear S2, and in parallel with them will sell the new model, which is somewhat unusual for a market of electronic devices where there is fast replacing the old new.

Apparently, Samsung decided to use their clocks the same approach, which is practiced by many watch companies, which trends do not replace the previous model, and exist side by side with them.

It is worth noting that, unlike the previous material of the format in which we met with the leader of the Japanese manufacturer Sony Xperia XZ, in the case of hours, this approach allows us to answer almost all the questions and do not produce then a separate full-fledged review.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

Samsung Gear S3: Appearance and design

As already mentioned, the Samsung developers in the smart watches Samsung Gear S3 decided to use the design of classic watches. The new version has become even more like a classic Swiss watch.

The body of the new model became more massive compared to the Gear S2, and now version Classic and Frontier (from Gear S2 is the version Sport) are similar in size, but different colors: from Samsung Gear S3 Classic in silver, and in Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – tёmno- gray.

It is important to note that due to the massive housing Samsung Gear S3 hours better suited to men, because on a female hand, they look somewhat inorganically. But those who seemed Gear S2 is too small, the new model will be enjoyed.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

On my arm medium-sized watches look very good, and felt pleased, despite the relatively low weight compared to conventional mechanical clock.

As is the case with Gear S2, housing the new smart watches Samsung Gear S3 is made of 316L stainless steel, and received protection from dust and moisture, the appropriate standard of IP68. Note that the model Frontier is also protected from the effects of high and low temperatures, shock and vibration, and in accordance with military standards.

Samsung Gear S3 important difference from last year’s Gear S2 is the use of 22 mm straps from any manufacturer, thanks to mount on a standard stud. And indeed the Samsung offers a lot of different straps of rubber, silicone, leather and other materials.

Around Samsung Gear S3 screen is present rotating bezel (ring), which is a control element, which is made ribbed, unlike Gear S2. And on the right side edge of the new clock has two buttons for controlling the well.

The model Samsung Gear S3 Classic they are round, protrude above the surface of the side faces and are very similar to the buttons on the classic wristwatch. In turn, the button Samsung Gear S3 Frontier substantially rectangular and do not protrude above the surface of the side edge.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

Samsung Gear S3: Display

Smart watches Samsung Gear S3 got 1.3-inch display with the same resolution as that of the 1.2-inch display Gear S2 – 360 x 360 pixels. The manufacturer did not increase the screen resolution to ensure that existing applications can easily run on the new hours.

Matrix is covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass SR +, which is designed specifically for the smart watches and resistant to scratches, the risk of which the clock is higher than smartphones. Touchscreen clock support handwriting recognition.

The Samsung Gear S3 now has a AlwaysOn Display, with which the display is turned off and in standby mode shows, who would have thought, time. However, with this function, the battery life is shortened to two days, but now smart watches look like regular wristwatch.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

By the way, new dials can now be downloaded directly to the clock itself, not using the smartphone. An interesting and very practical feature of the display is the presence of a special high sensitivity mode that allows you to work with him in the gloves. However, at first it is necessary to activate this mode in the settings.

Samsung Gear S3: Hardware features

The Samsung Gear S3 is based on a kind of single-chip platform with a pair of cores with a frequency of 1.0 GHz. Unfortunately, the Samsung yet does not specify what the platform, but the characteristics it is similar to that used in Gear S2. The memory volume increased from 512 to 768 MB, which is a plus.

In general, the clock runs smoothly without any “hang-up” and other unpleasant moments.

An important difference from Gear S2 is a GPS / GLONASS module that enables the use of a full-fledged navigation straight hours, without having to connect to your phone. This will be useful and sporting activities, as in the case of which help orient. By the way, there was a version of the Frontier SOS function, which will give the coordinates of the specified user terminals and a message asking for help.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

Due to the larger body, in Samsung Gear S3 managed to fit a battery 380 mAh, while the Gear S2 battery uses a 250 mAh or 300 (depending on model). As before, it supports wireless charging via a special docking station included in delivery. Runtime stated in the standard mode in the range of four to five days, depending upon usage hours.

Note that the novelty will power saving mode, which is activated when the battery charge drops to 15%. This mode limits the functionality of hours, allowing them to “hold on” to the charger connector. In addition, there is a mode in which the clock shows the time only by disabling all other functions completely. And the remaining 15% are able to work all day. It is a logical decision, because why do we need a watch that even a no show?

It should be noted, and support mobile payment system Samsung Pay, because recently the service has come to Russia. Clock support payments not only via NFC, but also with the help of MST technology (Magnetic Secure Transmission), which makes it possible to make payments via the most modern terminals for payment cards. For data protection Samsung used its proprietary Knox security system that encrypts all the information securely.

In addition, the Samsung Gear S3 Samsung engineers used a new sensor measurement of the heart rate, which, according to the manufacturer, is less sensitive to vibration. This makes it more suitable for jogging and other sports activities. As before, it is located on the back side of the body and covered with glass.

Because Samsung Gear S3 Frontier ESIM support, as well as the presence in them of a loudspeaker and microphone, the user literally can talk for hours without using a smartphone. Microphone and speaker also have versions Classic, which allows, for example, make a note, simply dictating them.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

Samsung Gear S3: Software Platform

Watches Samsung Gear S3 as Gear S2, are working on an operating system based on Tizen, whose interface is adapted to the wearable device with a circular display.

The main feature of the platform is the ability to control a rotating bezel. For example, clockwise rotation provides access to a variety of widgets, providing instant access to your favorite applications. Turn to the other side opens a menu which contains all applications, settings, menus and more.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

Samsung said that at present the number of applications adapted to the round smart watch, crossed the mark of 9,000 units, and soon their number will reach 10,000.


It is safe to say that Samsung has managed to make an interesting and worthwhile product. Personal Samsung Gear S3, of course, design. Now the smart watches look almost the same as the classic watches that will appeal to many buyers, because the novelty will be appropriate to look not only with the usual everyday clothes, but with a strict business suit. However, the design and size makes it exactly masculine watches, and on fragile female pen they simply look out of place.

Samsung Gear S3 Review: new smart watches on Tizen Wearable

In addition, the novelty has received a number of functions, the lack of which has stopped some from buying Gear S2. The first is full support for GPS, function AlwaysOn Display, and full support for Samsung Pay. Of course, a pity that there is support eSIM only version of Frontier, but in general it is not very different from the version of the Classic, so that those who require this functionality will not be affected.

As a result, the new watches have become more functional and easier to use, and in fact Samsung Gear S3 can be called an improved and updated version of Gear S2.

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