What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

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Flexible Samsung Note 9 smartphone!

What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 9? The Samsung company has for the first time shown flexible displays for smartphones several years ago. From year to year we heard only rumors that already just about there will be bent devices.

Nevertheless still South Korean producer has learned to do only frameless smartphones with curved edges of the display. Next year we are expected by absolutely new type of devices. At least, I have so said during the interview in Seoul the president of mobile division of Samsung Electronics DJ Koh.

He has told that in 2018 Samsung will release the smartphone with the flexible display within the range Galaxy Note. “As the unit manager, I can tell that now our purpose is to release such device next year. When we are able to solve completely some problems, we will start this product” — I have told DJ Koh in an interview.

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DJ Koh

What problems the company has faced — it isn’t reported. Also yet there is no information and on what will be a gadget. He can how really to develop in half, and to consist of two half with the hinge on the center, as in classical “folding beds”. Possibly, the first flexible Galaxy Note will be the experimental device.

Time Galaxy Note Edge — the first device of the company with the screen bent sideways was it in the. Also the representative of Samsung has confirmed officially that they together with Harman develop a smart column with support of a virtual assistant.

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Users will be able to talk to his help to reproduce music and to carry out other tasks. In conclusion To Dong gin has said that sales of Galaxy Note8 have surpassed all their expectations, even despite the increased device cost.

In South Korea, in the homeland of Samsung, preorders for Galaxy Note8 have reached 650 thousand times. And here what will be Samsung Galaxy Note 9 it is necessary only to guess.

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