Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

The attentive reader must wonder, Where did the sixth generation of the Note, because a year ago, in August, we discussed the Note 5, and then a sudden jump to number seven. The reasons for this decision two, which one is prevalent, it is difficult to say, I think their contribution is equivalent. Firstly, Galaxy lineup has always overtook one generation Note, since they were not at the same time. Get out of these models with a difference of half a year, usually Galaxy appear in March-April, Note in the late summer and early autumn. And it turns out that a significant gap between them. But most importantly, the latest model coming out Note has an index of one less. For example, after the appearance and the start of sales of Galaxy S6 variants in six months went 5 Note that for some buyers caused confusion and created the perception of this model as something “old” not in conformity with the flagship. The market for long-range Note climbed beyond the range of technology enthusiasts, so, oddly enough, this factor plays a role. Do not be amiss to recall that a technologically superior Galaxy Note is always a line at least six months remained the most powerful smartphone from Samsung.

Since 2016, both Samsung line become identical to the figures, is now the model will come out with the same index, so in 2017 the S8 will be Galaxy, and later released Note 8. And if the Galaxy it is the eighth generation of the device, the Note for only the seventh, but consumers care about this issue will not be much.

The second reason is indirect, but for marketers, it plays a role. At Apple’s market in September comes the 7th generation iPhone, which means, the Samsung also eliminates the difference in perception, the two companies now have “the same” generation devices. Is it good? Basically, it is irrelevant for the majority, it is again a nod in the direction of the audience, which completely does not understand anything in phones, but judging by the figures who is steeper. Such people exist on the market quite a lot, especially this is typical for Latin America, Mexico and countries in that part of the world, partly in the United States.

In August 2015, when Samsung showed Note 5, it became clear that the future of the line Note doubt, the company decided to make the S6 EDGE + main unit and Note sell and promote a residual in most markets. He came out at the end of the year, that is, with a delay of a few months, did not have the same support, giving the impression that from the line Note want peace and quiet to get rid of. Already in January, it became clear that such steps Samsung provoked very sharp reaction from buyers, they did not want the disappearance of line Note and demanded that, as before, this line is not just there, but let’s phones with the best engineering solutions. At the time of announcement of the Galaxy S7 / S7 EDGE inside Samsung has already decided that all will return to its original place and the next Note will be one of the key models for the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

Positioning the device looks – is the most powerful from an engineering point of view of the model, which has a large margin of safety. It is curious that at various forums still discussing that Note 3 is so good that there is no point in replacing it on older models. Clearly, this is not quite true, but in the perception of a significant number of people the previous model line Note is not outdated and are in demand. For example, when traveling, I often use the Note 4 are not experiencing any issues, it is quite a modern smartphone on the speed and on the Android version (6.0.1 is). Over the past two years, this model has not passed much, may well survive for at least another year, providing a comfortable fit. In the market there are almost no models with such a long life cycle, which in this case would not morally obsolete.

For those looking for a most-most unit, devoid of compromises, this model offers that option. But, again, in contrast to previous years, the difference in technologies with the same Galaxy S7 EDGE is not critical or invisible to the majority of buyers, many perceive the changes as cosmetic and do not deserve special attention. In some ways this is true, what is not present.

Like any leader of A-brand, Note 7 is suitable, however, talk about it separately at the end of the material. Let us first focus on the main points of this device, we will talk about his impressions of long use.

Galaxy Note 7: Design, size, controls

At comparable size differences in ergonomics S6 and S7 were striking, the second went into the hand like a glove, and the first on his background was perceived as nedopilenny prototype. Having mastered this trick, the Samsung engineers were able to repeat it, and in the line Note, the new flagship perfectly in the hand, while the previous I did not have any specific complaints. But Sause body, and due to this, and the beveled edges it fits in your hand better. Many people swears line Note for size, trying S7 EDGE, somehow baked onto him, saying that this unit is different ergonomics. It is to him as the prototype of and oriented to create Dimensions Note 7. Note 5 – 153.2h76.1h7.6 mm, Note 7 – 153.5h73.9h7.9 mm. Another shell thickness is not felt, but the fact that he already understood immediately. This is no loss of performance in a slightly smaller size is not responsible.

Very often I hear that people consider certain phones slippery. Note 7 With such a problem does not exist anywhere, except water. Climbing into the Atlantic Ocean, to photograph, how to spin waves, I got some great photos, but the wave easily knocked the phone from his hand, and he went on his last voyage. It is interesting that during the one and a half days could be seen on the map as the device is moved along the coast, it took the signal from time to time. I suppose that sometimes raised from the bottom of the wave, and then he managed to transmit their coordinates. But to find it in the water was not possible. The conclusion is simple – go into the water with Note 7, hold it tightly or use cover to the unit did not drown.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

One of the key features of all the Note to Five were collapsible housing and an opportunity to change the battery. Unfortunately, this device monolithic body, the battery can be replaced only at the service center, which, however, the problem is not a standard procedure and takes a matter of minutes. Of course, if your side has a service center. About the battery will be discussed separately, then run ahead will not, although many people the phrase “battery in Note 7” is already defined associative array.

Just like in the S7 / S7 EDGE, added protection from water, supported by standard IP68. With the phone you can swim, drop into the water, and in most situations it will be nothing. Watch video as S7 behaves in the tank with water.

As with S7 / S7 EDGE, we are used advanced security technology, when connectors determine whether there is water in them, and refuse to be charged even if it is detected. But, in contrast to the S7 / S7 EDGE, recycled coated screen (the glass – all the same Corning Gorilla Glass 4+, it is called Gorilla Glass 5 for the rest of the market), now more accurately recognized by pressing when the screen is wet.

But that’s not all, S Pen has become smaller, but now can work in the water and under water (why need a second, for me the big question, but maybe someone will find a use for this technology).

Slot made a sliding, there is room for a microSD memory card combined slot (or two SIM-cards or memory card). It is possible that in some markets Note 7 will be promoted as the DUOS, then it will read the inscription on the body. But these devices are structurally not different, they are identical.

Four body colors, the familiar design that does not strike. The Russian blue devices are not supplied.

The most popular color – black (Black Onyx – Black Onyx), it accounts for the majority of sales in all countries of the world, he also led the pre-order in Russia is about 80% of the total. I also like the color, and I chose it. Gold color (Gold Platinum) Mark, on it there are traces of the hands, and they are clearly visible in the room. Silver (Silver Titanium) is not a brand, but a peculiar, not all of it will come up. Oddly enough, the blue looks good machine, it’s a little livelier than the same color in Note 5.

Among the external changes – replacing microUSB-socket on the USB Type C. Prototypes S7 EDGE have been equipped with the same connector, but at the last moment refused it, arguing that any benefits from its use will not get. In this model it is installed, it is USB 3.1 (not 2.0), that is, the data rate is maximum.

Among the few drawbacks that have migrated from the previous generation in Note 7, note painting metal mesh speaker, she eventually (about six months completely neglect) will begin to peel. In the photo you can see my S7 EDGE.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

The same thing is waiting and Note 7, the process is not changed, even though the company know that this problem exists. The second weak point becomes a fingerprint sensor that is covered even Corning Gorilla Glass, and plastic. For 4-5 months the plastic is wiped, and there is an ugly spot, here is how my S7 EDGE. The same thing is waiting and Note 7.

These two shortcomings are very upset, as the old machine and make it six months later a little sloppy, especially if to peer, rather than catch a glimpse. The same with the Apple iPhone button sensor is covered by a sapphire that guarantees the preservation of the appearance. Why Samsung can not do exactly the same, I do not understand.

Unlike Note 4, which uses a system of three microphones, in this device there are only two, they are placed at the ends. noise reduction system works perfectly well in conversation, the missing third microphone removed from the recorder the ability to record a conversation at the round table, where several interlocutors, but the “interview” mode remains, it works well.

On the front side there are the proximity sensor, light, iris scanner, and a 5-megapixel camera for selfie, all over the screen. Central mechanical key with fingerprint sensor, it works on touch. In the bag for some reason, often the key is pressed, changed its size compared to S7 EDGE. Although this is not always and all I have in certain situations it happened. But in general, this does not create problems of visibility.

Galaxy Note 7: Display

The display has a diagonal of 5.7 inch, QHD-resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (518 ppi), it SuperAMOLED last generation. Even during the S6 it seemed to me that a lot better in the screens will be difficult, but the Samsung every time belie these expectations. So, as in the S7 / S7 EDGE, appeared Always On mode when the screen shown clock and icons of missed events. Slightly modified logic, and now, in addition to notification of calls and SMS, you can see the icons of different applications, including color icons. Another point, if you write a note on the screen, then clicking on its icon on the Always On display, you will see this note, which is convenient.

The algorithm works in the sun, the device gives a more natural color. In general, we can say that Samsung have your perfect display of the previous generation, and made it even more colorful, the better. Plus, you can change colors on your own, giving you a wide palette of colors. Or adapt the screen automatically. your preference learning algorithm has become a little smarter, faster he learns what kind of lighting and in what situations, programs you prefer.

In the Display Mate tested screen Note 7 and called it a work of art and the best screen among all mobile devices, a full debriefing on them can be found here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

And I would like to highlight a few points. First, the brightness of the backlight when the automatic adjustment has increased up to 1000 nits, which makes it very bright and clear picture of the sun, neither of the phone can not, including the S7 / S7 EDGE. On the bright sun in the camera mode is clearly visible.

Secondly, there was a video enhancement mode, it actually HDR mode for movies, where this option is not initially. But if you want to watch videos on your phone with the HDR-coding (HDR mode of 4K TVs), you can do it, this option is supported for the first time on a mobile device. Of course, for most it will be another chip, which they have never met, and then Samsung is running ahead of the engine. But we can say for sure that in the future the same approach used by other companies. At the moment, that content that can be viewed using this option, there is little.

In terms of screen quality, and pictures, the possibility of its adjustment for each individual is the best device on the market that does not have direct competitors. Leaders of other companies are good but do not work the same in all lighting conditions, but here you get the maximum possible in the sun, and in the room. In a word, it is really a work of art.

Now a few words on the side faces, for they changed the bending curvature, and it succeeded in that false positives was noticeably smaller. They are not plagued me in the S7 EDGE, but sometimes, they are an order of magnitude less.

With the way the working side face that you can do with it and how to install the application, you can find here.

Now let’s focus on the new generation of safety glass – Corning Gorilla Glass 5. video appeared on the network, in which, using instruments calibrated on the Mohs scale, people showed that at level 3 you can scratch the glass from Corning’s new, while the fourth generation scrabble is only 5-6 level.

The Corning denied these words, indicating that the glass for scratch resistance remained at the same level as the previous generation, it changed the resistance to falls (survival of 80% of the fall from 1 meter 60 centimeters). This is true, and break the machine is extremely difficult, but it is possible if desired. This machine crashed after a dozen falls from such a height.

Reasons not to believe Corning or the author of a roller not, but it turns out very contradictory situation. Scratch the screen or not? In this video, I compared both scratching knife S7 EDGE, and Note 7, in the end it is scratched S7 EDGE. This is something that prove? Absolutely nothing. For example, in a pocket of sand guaranteed to be scratched and the first and second.

More than a month with my machine at very mistreated him (wore it with the keys thrown into the sand, and so on), he received a small, inconspicuous scratches on the screen, and it happened only after beach holidays. In all other situations, the screen showed himself no worse than the previous model. People worry about the appearance of small scratches that can be seen only in the vicinity, not felt a finger, do not affect the quality of the display image, I was surprised. I am sure that they are trying to change the bumpers for insurance in their cars, if there appears a small, barely discernible scratches. Forgetting that the bumper and is designed to be covered with scratches and provide protection. Nobody do not want to persuade, but I am sure that in two or three years using the phone no serious problems with its screen in terms of the scratches do not appear. The problem is very far-fetched, and is akin to bending in the back pockets of iPhone, there is no practical value for the consumer. For those who are going through and shaking of your screen, there is a mineral glass stickers that protect the display. But I believe that the protection of glue to protect the stupid is as wrapping a suitcase at the airport in the film in order to maintain its appearance. The only problem the film – make sure that your suitcase is not climbed thieves, but the preservation of the appearance of a suitcase – it is a utopia. Although different people have different views on this issue.

Galaxy Note 3: memory, memory card, chipset, performance

Initially it was assumed that this device will receive a 6 GB of RAM, and will use a new mechanism for memory allocation, depending on the load. But it was decided to abandon it and leave the technology to the 8th or 9th generation devices. At Google’s request, as the company did not have time to make the necessary add-in Android, and wants all the flagships within the same year received the opportunity.

Total amount of memory – 4 GB. This is enough for the eyes for all tasks. memory type is not changed, it LPDDR4 (10 nm process technology). Often people complain that after the smartphone downloads a small amount of available RAM, which shows a complete ignorance of the issue and how memory is allocated in Android. Occupied memory does not affect system performance, the ability to perform certain tasks. Therefore, setting himself on how much memory is occupied, no use to assess something, he does not say anything.

The minimum amount of preinstalled memory becomes 64 GB, plus available microSD memory card of any capacity (the Samsung memory cards guarantee operation up to 256 GB). It is said that some operators will sell versions with 128 GB, but it is exotic, the vast majority of devices will be released on 64 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

Now a few words about chipsets. The device comes in two versions, for the US market, and a pair of operators outside of it – on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (maximum frequency – 2.3 GHz, a bunch of virtual parrots Antutu).

Galaxy Note 7: Battery

Battery capacity – 3500 mAh. It was assumed that Note 7 will receive a new type of battery, the same as in the J7 2016, but at the last moment in the company of all the played back using the same battery as in the Galaxy S7 EDGE, albeit slightly smaller capacity. Apparently, the rejection of new technologies related to the fact that in Note 7 general decided not to stuff them, and save them for future devices. However, some technical solutions in Note 7 still is, they have not met previously.

Thus, in the power saving mode, you can change the screen resolution for the first time, for example, go on with QHD FullHD, which will reduce the load on the graphics subsystem and will give you a plus of 15-20% of the time working with the same characteristics (brightness of the screen, all the programs, and so on. d.).

If we look at the performance of the device in this mode, it will rise slightly.

This is an interesting way to extend the life of the phone, and at the same time to select the screen resolution that you are comfortable and that you consider sufficient. In my opinion, the majority of consumers will remain at the original-QHD resolution, but someone may choose both. Other manufacturers of this option is no, because it requires a complex integration of the operating system and display software.

Now let’s focus on the time of the commercial devices. Everything is not changed compared to the Note 5, it is a day of work, and in the same conditions and with the same load. It turns out that the average illumination you get (auto), 3.5-4 hours of screen and a full day of work. Video playback at maximum brightness – around 13 hours.

Sorry, but the miracle did not happen, and the unit is comparable with the same S7 EDGE, it sure is a day of work under load. If we talk about those who save and squeeze everything possible from the phone uses the backlight is not very bright, it is possible to achieve two days of work with confidence in mixed mode.

As before, there are fast charge, it has become a little faster (half charge in 25 minutes). Supports wireless fast charge (WPC / PMA).

I’m sure you’ve heard many times that the Note 7 to explode. It is dedicated to a separate article, which describes the causes and effects, as well as the company’s actions to free replacement devices.

The situation with marriage is unprecedented, and Samsung did not waste time on trifles, and stopped selling devices around the world, and those who have already bought the phone, offered a free replacement to the devices of the new party, the other marking. And, if we talk about Russia, all bought gray phones can exchange them for free on the PCT, in the company since the second half of September will do it.

In Russia not supplied from the party apparatus with a potential marriage, therefore, those who received a pre-order their phones can use them. Either can replace them with new ones starting next week. All new games come out with an updated label, the first batches of cell phones confiscated and they will not be on the market in any way. Media history around flammable Note 7 greatly exaggerated, while faced with this problem can only be in the US or South Korea and at a certain course of action (first it is necessary to burn the charge controller to charge non-original). Given that the sale will be used only to update phones, then there is no particular problem, it only applies to the first party. Polls show that a massive failure of the purchase Note 7 is not, moreover, from the pre-orders in Russia declined to less than 2% of the buyers, that speaks for itself. Another thing is that in Russia as an apology for the postponement of the delivery of the phone give a range of accessories in addition to the Gear Fit 2.

Flex media stories will reach for Note 7 for a long time, but it hit hard on sales, he is unlikely to. Lost only six weeks, which went to the exchange on the sale will be used in the usual way.

Galaxy Note 7: Eye iris scanner

One of the key changes is becoming iris scanner, this method allows you to unlock the device without touching it. I recalled the work of the scanner on the ideology that we saw on the Lumia 950/950 XL. The glasses or without you, there is no difference, look at the machine, and it recognizes your iris and unlocked. It takes less than a second. This method is infallible and very fast, can compete with the fingerprint. Of the minuses – a slightly higher energy consumption, but for the convenience because you have to pay?

If running this technology in Note 7 will show that it is of interest to the public and demand, it may appear in the S8 / S8 EDGE. Although it is possible that this will be a single unit instead of two patterns.

S Pen – pen opportunities, new programs and styles

At the presentation of Note 7 in great detail talking about the updated S Pen, I try to highlight the most important moments. I’ll start with the fact that most people believe more S Pen and almost unnecessary thing, use the stylus built into the body, it is very rare. On the other hand, there is a creative minority that has got used to the handles, likes to draw, and it is, on the contrary, does not release from the hands of S Pen, create beautiful drawings, sketches, in a word, constantly using the stylus. To understand each other, these two categories of people can not ever have too different problems and needs. Unfortunately, draw something other than a stick-stick-circle, and finally man, I have not learned, so count myself among the majority without any artistic talent.

For me the S Pen – this is an opportunity to leave a quick note, write on the screen, do not unlock the phone. This is very useful during meetings, when you need to remember something and do not need to write down in a notebook. Short notes on the run, which are also synchronized with the cloud.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Review flagship smartphone

But perhaps the most important thing – it is an opportunity to make a screenshot of the page, which does not fit on the screen. Function appeared in Note 5, to me it will be valuable to show certain things instantly send them as a single file rather than torn pages.

Another important point – is the ability to take a screenshot anywhere on the screen and then draw something on it, cut a slice. It is also interesting for those who work with graphics and things like that.

The mineral also tell you about the opportunity to recognize the text in the pictures, that is, you still have everything you photographed or made the screenshot, not only as a schedule, there you can remove the text. In my work is an indispensable tool.

New feature – a translation of single words, in this mode, set the direction of translation and can spy on any words that immediately will be shown. Used engine from Google, a nice feature for those who are learning or are constantly rewritten in different languages, not always having the dictionary at hand.

The fact that the S Pen began to work under the water, in my opinion, nonsense. It is unlikely that divers will use the phone when immersed, and at a depth of two meters, he simply will leak. But the fact that you can write in the rain, this is a real scenario of application, which is easy to imagine.

Perot was physically a little less, improve recognition accuracy, as before, in 2048 accounted for clicking degrees. In S Note app appeared drawing mode when you can mix colors, that was not there before.

In the first game Note 5 of the blue bloggers created a problem that the pen can be inserted the wrong end of the connector. What you need to be drunk to do it, it is not clear, but then changed the design. In Note 7 does not attempt to insert the end did not give S Pen, the pen just does not go into the slot.

I can not say that I am very actively use S Pen, sometimes it happens that a few days did not get it, sometimes a couple of times per day draw something on the screen shots, cut out pictures. But I can say for sure that it helps me to quickly perform routine tasks that I encounter from time to time. Other phones just do not have anything like this. Handwriting recognition has been much better, but it is, in my opinion, is not as convenient as a drive text on the keyboard, though maybe someone said it was not. I am sure that the people who write to getting smaller every year. And so the S Pen not only for writing, how to perform tasks in which the stylus is difficult to replace the finger.

Galaxy Note 7: Camera

Formally, these are the same cameras that we have seen in the S7 / S7 EDGE, in fact improved image processing algorithm, the difference is not radical, but it is. Autofocus works immediately, however, and at S7 it was so. Due to grown performance image processing and video is much faster. As well as the changed image stabilization algorithm, it is sharper when shaking. This is one of the best cameras on the market separately want to compare it to the iPhone 7 Plus is, but it will be done in October. In the meantime, you can see examples of photos and video from the unit. Due to the updated screen photos it looks much better than on the S7 EDGE, but it is the effect of the image on the display on the PC you will not find a difference, or it will be minimal.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, slightly increased sensitivity to light. As the flash can be a screen itself. It is possible to improve the complexion, clean up artifacts on the skin, and at the same time to correct the geometry of the face. Uluchshalki face exactly like the girls.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, the quality of the camera Note 7 does not yield the best solutions on the market, and in many respects superior to them.

Galaxy Note 7: USB, Bluetooth, communication capabilities

Version Bluetooth 4.2, it was created for the Internet of things and works well with a variety of sensors. The rest is not much change, new profiles, improved power consumption. Let me remind you that there are interesting things in the new standard.

First, an expanded range, which may reach several tens of meters, dependent on device settings and how the manufacturer has set this option. Second, the IP protocol is addressing, ie devices now have their own unique address and communicate with a plurality of such devices.

From the technical aspects of improved interaction Bluetooth and LTE, is now within the same device going synchronization of these techniques, the interference is not generated (for our LTE irrelevant frequencies). Plus Bluetooth-enabled devices can now apply to the cloud and to transmit the results directly, bypassing the companion device, as was previously required.

Wi-Fi. Supported standards 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, the master work is similar to that of Bluetooth. You can memorize the selected network to automatically connect to it. It is possible to configure the connection to the router with one touch, to do this, press the button on the router, and activate a similar button on the handset’s menu (WPA SecureEasySetup). Of the additional features worth noting the setup wizard, it appears with a weak or fading signal. You can also configure work Wi-Fi on schedule.

For standard supports 802.11 n HT40 mode that doubles the bandwidth of Wi-Fi (requires support from the other device).

Wi-Fi Direct. The protocol, which aims to replace Bluetooth or start competing with its third version (it also uses Wi-Fi version n to transfer large files). The Wi-Fi settings menu, select the section Wi-Fi Direct, the phone starts to search for devices around. Select the desired device, activate the connection on it, and voila. Now in the file manager, you can browse the files on another device, and share them. Another option – just find the devices connected to your router, and send them the files you want, you can do it from the gallery or other sections of the phone. The main thing that device supports Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi-repeater. Usually, when you turn on the phone the access point, it immediately turns off Wi-Fi, to use both that, and another can not. Here also, as in the S7 / S7 EDGE, it is possible to distribute your Wi-Fi and other devices, see this video.

NFC. The phone has NFC technology, it can be used with a variety of additional applications.

S Beam. The technology, which allows for a few minutes to transfer to another phone the size of a file of several gigabytes. In fact, we see in a combination of two S Beam technology – NFC and Wi-Fi Direct. The first technology is used to bring and authorize phones, but the second – is to transfer the files themselves. Creatively reworked way to use Wi-Fi Direct is much easier than using the connection of two devices, selecting files, and so on.

Grace UI interface and features of Note 7

Starting with the Samsung Note 7 Upgraded Android interface, he received the name of Grace UI. The ideology remained the same – to give the most simple and easy interface, which is similar to a normal Android on the one hand, but give a lot of improvements on the other side. Unlike previous years, many of the changes are directly related to the hardware of the device, which makes them curious. Let’s take a detailed look at what has changed the look of the system, and it allows the user to do.

The main screen and settings

At first glance, nothing has changed, except for drawing icons, drop-down curtains and other small items. Many perceive these changes as cosmetic, even though it is not so, and they are of a more serious nature.

The first thing that catches the eye in the settings menu, so it is the font delicacy and a greater volume of information that can fit on the screen. If in the previous interface simplicity that large, colorful icons, here at the forefront put the functionality and the ability to show more information. Those who argue for simplicity, will be unhappy, but in fact, this approach is more convenient, you do not need to scroll the screen to open the desired menu items.

At the top of the list put the “connection” in this section you can manage all your wireless phone interfaces, for example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC. If earlier it was possible to set the visibility to other devices only when you activate a particular function, but now have a common switch, you can activate it, and then the smartphone will always be visible in the search. Please note that a key element in the list are the switches and also appear tips that describe each menu item. It is very convenient and easy to work with your phone.

Of the features of the machine, I note a combined download large files like on your network (LTE), and on Wi-Fi. The file is broken into pieces, and loading is faster. Also here you can find MirrorLink, you can stream the screen of your phone to other devices.

If you use two SIM-cards you have the option to choose a major for calls and also something with a card to be used online. On the other hand, when you call, you can select the card from which you are calling, the interface is very simple and straightforward.

In the “Sounds” you are setting up vibrations and ringtones for different events. Also, there is the sound effects and equalizers, they are valid for any application on your phone. That is, you can configure all for themselves as much as possible.

In the “Notifications” you choose a program that will be able to update their status in the curtain or to send messages about events there and then you can turn them on or off, adjust their behavior.

Section “Display” screen allows you to select the operating mode, this color scheme, which is governed by four options, night reading mode, when you change the blue color, not to tired eyes. Traditionally, you can choose the font size, font style for the system menu, and download new fonts. There are settings for a curved display.

Immediately set up a framework icon, representing the main menu, and much more. In practice, most of the settings is carried out once, and many even do not change anything, because they are satisfied.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that to make screenshots in the “Themes & Wallpapers”, you can not now then such security policy. Among so developers are trying to protect that content. You can set a theme, and separate sets of icons for all applications, allowing you to change the look of your phone as you like.

Watch a video about Grace UI, in which all the features of the updated interface are discussed in detail.

Galaxy Note 7: Game component, Vulkan API

At the presentation of Note 7, special attention was paid to the gaming component, and repeated, like a mantra, a word about Vulkan API, which improves graphics toys. Since the time of S7 / S7 EDGE demonstration to reinforce these words used Need for Speed: No Limits, Vainglory. In this game demonstrates the difference between graphics from the normal version. Unfortunately, in this game you can and stay in the moment, the game developers have not yet created their masterpieces for cross-platform engine Vulkan, it will take time. By the time the games will be, but it will take a year or two, or even three, no longer need in your phone. Therefore, it is considered Vulkan API as a kind of advantage can not be, it does not exist or it is only on paper. In real life, you do not economize on anything that has the support of this API.

Now a few words about the game component. Just like on other models, there is a special game mode, it is possible to block the touch keys, as well as record everything that happens on the screen. This is convenient for players to share on YouTube and then the passing game. The smartphone is fast and with the heaviest games copes easily, during the 30-40 minute games no body heat occurs, it is a little warm. In the version with Qualcomm chipset heat is noticeable. Watch a video in which I show how toys come to Note 7.

Samsung Cloud – cloud storage from the company

Let me remind you that, together with Note 7 support Samsung Cloud was born, you are given 15 GB in the cloud, and there is automatically filled with photos, videos, contacts and SMS, all synchronized between your different devices. You can choose to sync only on Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, there is no client for the Web, you can view photos only with supported devices. For S7 / S7 EDGE recently released firmware update to support the gallery and thus Samsung Cloud.

Thumbnails of files that are in the cloud, are marked, select a dozen photos to upload them yourself. But it was not there! This option in the menu there. If you try to use the menu “Share” and send files to the same Dropbox, it gives an error as the files in the cloud, and from there they can not be copied, they need to pre-load. In sequence! Open the picture, choose to “Upload” menu, and so for all the files that you need. This is a very crooked.

Once the files are downloaded, they somehow appear in the gallery albums at the beginning, sometimes they start zadvaivatsya. Curve and back curve. We had to go into the file manager and downloaded files are simply transferred to a different location to save them.

Another point that drew attention. When you load your images in the cloud their quality deteriorates, but it will not show up. That is, you in the data indicate that the photo file weighs 4 MB, in fact, it can be two times less! This compressed copy that has the full version on the server, but it will not show and do not warn. If you have an Internet connection and a small number of pictures is not a problem, they quickly loaded from the clouds, and it seems that they are on your device, as they were originally. But when a lot of pictures, there is a long wait.

As I like the idea of cloud service, so I do not like the realization of Samsung Cloud, at the moment it is very curve, poorly described at the level of ideology and what is happening with the files, clearly inferior solutions from other companies. The only plus – this initial integration into the phone software. Inquired about plans for the development of this service, I heard a lot of interesting things about mistakes and know their plan to gradually correct, but how quickly this will happen, nobody knows.

Galaxy Note 7: Impression

According to the speaker volume Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flush with the S7 / S7 EDGE, speaker and one is in the end – it is very clear and loud, the device is heard well in different conditions. You can talk about that in sound is one of the biggest and pleasant company vehicles. Vibrating alert is average, there is no achievements. With voice quality during a call in different conditions all fine, in difficult areas where the signal is weak, the unit copes with it well, there is marked improvement in this parameter compared to S7 EDGE.

In Samsung’s flagship turned to PHABLET market, and as such Note 7 – one of the best devices. The previous generation of Note 5 alienated many lack a memory card, to a lesser extent non-separable case. In this Note 7 memory card back, which means the transition of people with previous models, for example, 3/4 Note, on this device. To a lesser extent will move to Note 5, as the model still relevant and its users clearly be glad to reduce the price of Note 7, do not buy it at the start of sales.

In the market there are actually two devices, which can and should be compared, this iPhone 7 Plus and Note 7. They are very similar in form factor, performance metal chassis and the selected materials of the housing. Comparison of the two flagships deserve a separate, great stuff, so stop here on the iPhone 7 benefits of Plus, which can attract consumers:

The new system of two chambers, which in theory improves the images (which should be checked in practice, but in advertising it sounds very cool, it is necessary to watch, as will in fact);

Design, fashion element iPhone.

Because of the relative disadvantages – lack of a 3.5mm jack in your iPhone, to buy an adapter if you want to listen to music and simultaneously charge the phone. I am sure that these people will be a minority – those who have this need.

Traditionally Note line has an advantage over all available S Pen. If you understand how to use the pen, then you open up tremendous opportunities for creativity, and for work. It is convenient. Another thing that many people do not need it because of the lack of such a requirement. So really evaluate how important is this factor to you.

Both devices are protected against water (IP68 in the Note, IP67 in the iPhone), in Note display is much better for different situations, but the iPhone has an excellent matrix that the room looks no worse yields comparable picture, which is certainly subjective, and someone might disagree. For me the critical lack of fast charging iPhone, this ties the hands. As well as the lack of wireless charging, which can be useful in different situations. In some extent, iPhone acts as a catch-up in relation to the Galaxy / Note range, adopts many features of these devices, which is normal. If you walk along the tops, without going into details, you will get a plus or minus the same impression of these two devices, but burrowing into the details, you can find out many interesting things. This number of proprietary enhancements to each model, and other aspects. Each will choose based on their preferences, I like the line Note, since, in practice, proved by previous generations, the camera in most situations better, more flexible all the settings and capabilities, greater memory capacity of the box and has a memory card, which gives you unlimited space . In short, it is the eternal struggle of different approaches, I choose freedom in everything, in particular, I do not need a computer to work with the Note, for that matter, with any other Android-smartphone.

At a price of 68 thousand for the iPhone 7 Plus and 65 thousand per Note 7 can be regarded as the same in this aspect. Full equality of prices and price segment. The first sales of the iPhone 7 Plus will begin on 23 September, but well on the shelves of the unit will be in mid-October, around the same time frame held restart Note 7 after stopping sales. Everything indicates that the two models will be sold in comparable volumes in first quarter sales, and then, as in the past, the Note ruler go up. Unfortunately, all models of Apple Plus is not in great demand, in the past, this was the case, and there are no preconditions to ensure that this year something will change.

In the line of Samsung’s direct competitor to Note 7 acts released six months ago S7 EDGE. The price of this model is 60 thousand rubles (official retail), on the gray market – 48-50 thousand rubles. Almost the same stuffing, screen with large rounding at the edges, a little more compact body. The screen is great, but inferior to Note 7, the camera does not differ so much, they are the same level. The amount of memory in the S7 EDGE – only 32 GB versus 64 GB in Note 7.

Many people, not counting essential for S Pen itself and choosing a slightly smaller size, after the announcement Note 7 began to acquire S7 EDGE, considering it more convenient. As a user, and that, and other smartphones can say that at first sight it is. But in fact, I prefer to Note 7, better grip, the screen is not much, but more and behaves much better with the sun and outdoors. Hours roughly comparable, if not to use some tricks and settings, and use the forehead. If you configure the phone correctly, you gain about 15-20% in the Note 7, but is it necessary? I think that is not necessary.

Most people compare the flagships of the Chinese at the price at two or even three times. Do not deceive yourself, every product has its price, and buying even eminent Chinese, you do not always get one or the other possibility. Choose a worse screen, lack the same protection from water and much more. On the market today there are two high-end devices – iPhone 7 Plus and Note 7 to choose can and should be one of them. Models of other companies behind them in many ways, and most importantly, on the perception, the image of them a little bit.

At the end of the review just need to make a remark about combustible batteries, despite the fact that we have talked about this above. Since the beginning of October all over the world go on sale Note 7 with another battery design, so they can safely buy their different markings and corresponding pictures later I’ll post here. Should you buy the device now? In principle, this can be done, if you can find where to buy it, as Samsung have suspended sales worldwide. But just not worth the risk and take the devices from the United States and Asia. Media history around the “explosions” greatly exaggerated and greatly distorts the real situation. Not sure what the rush when selecting a leader is beneficial, it is better to wait for a new wave of Note 7 and take the machine out of it already. At the moment I am more than a month with Note 7 and I can say that it is my main apparatus. The device turned out very licked, works well balanced. However, it can be understood from the review.

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