Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

At the end of 2016, our markets began to arrive Galaxy J line c prefix Prime.This budget series, and how you can understand the logic of the manufacturer, the former budget smartphone Grand Prime 2014 was updated in the face of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime 2016 in our markets. The second title of the smartphone Grand Prime Plus.

Price smartphone at the start of sales is equal to $ 130. At the same price as the Galaxy Grand Prime G531H, released almost two years ago, Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, at first glance, it was almost the same characteristics.

It looks like ultrabudget new smartphone device, and some things even affect its backwardness. This conduct can afford only to the market leader, and it seems that Samsung are just doing surcharge x2, just skim and budget segment due to the brand. But at first glance, and most likely in the sleeve in store some trump card that we will attempt to reveal the review. At the end we define who will approach the smartphone, its pros and cons, and whether it is worth the money in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

Features Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)

If the smartphone was able to speak, Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, raised his nose at the meeting would have said: “I have an older brother S7 recognized around the world, the second burned in the Korean-American conflict. We never gave way, and we will not give in to your wallet! ”

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

The smartphone is fully made of plastic, painted face under the metal.

The design is fully consistent with the smartphone Grand Prime 2014, not including the back cover, which is now not glossy and pearl, and fine ribs. The front panel is covered with a protective glass without oleophobic coating.

Bottom physical button “Home” (do not play), and on both sides of her touch buttons open applications and “Back”, which have no backlight, but have a chrome gleam.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

Above the display is the earpiece, the right of the two windows of the Proximity Sensor. Why two – is unclear. The ambient light sensor in Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime none. To the left of the dynamics of the flash, and this is another difference from the Core Prime in design and functionality.

Display takes only 66% of the front of the smartphone space. How not cool – large frame.

On the right side on / lock button.

The left side is the volume rocker, which is play.

On top of the headphone jack.

At the lower end of the microphone and spoken MicroUSB connector.

Rear panel – removable cover, which has a textured coating a fine woven fabric.

At the top of the rear panel: odnodiodnaya flash, the camera in a metal frame and an audio speaker.

Build good torsional smartphone does not creak, but put 4 out of 5 for being backlash volume rocker.

The height of the device 14.5 cm, width 7.2 cm thickness -. 9 mm, in the chamber – the smartphone 1 cm weighs 160 grams.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Chipset

Earlier, before the writing of the review, it became known about the Samsung partnership and Mediatek, and now began to appear smartphones with Chinese processors MTK. The chipset in the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime MT6737T built on the platform. In mid-2016 the company released Mediatek ultrabudgetary modern chipset, which seems to be a popular budget-productive Snapdragon 410, which is the more expensive Samsung Galaxy J5 (beginning of 2016), and many other low and the average person smartphones.

MT6737T has a quad-core Cortex-A53 running at maximum frequency of 1.5 GHz, is worth MT6735 CPU but on the new platform.MT6737T able to work more quickly with RAM (733 MHz LPDDR3; support for up to 3GB). CPU core steel is 15% faster. It is made not by the most delicate process technology – 28 nm, but it is more energy-efficient due to new software algorithms and advanced SoC designs.

For comparison, the popular and more expensive Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) on the SD410 chipset, the test results in the table.

Caramba, Samsung! You know how to surprise. If the AnTuTu benchmark, Mediatek processor victory can justify a lower screen resolution in J2 compared to the more expensive J5, then the result Geekbench is no longer applicable. The performance of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) matches, and in some cases exceeds the cost of competitors.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

The video chip in Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime – Mali T720, the same as the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) for $ 400. One of the most demanding games World of Tanks Blitz runs at maximum settings and outputs of 25-50 frames per second in the action game, even with herbs display in the sniper scope. This is the level of the average person (and above) smartphones and the result is impressive. Certainly not the last role in this played a display with a lower resolution, but of him below.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Memory

RAM in Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime – 1,5 GB. That is not very much at first glance, but the company has repeatedly stated this year that is going to optimize software and powerful hardware will not longer chase. To check if enough memory, I opened the WoT game, launched 10 tabs in the browser, and freely befall between tabs. Then he launched the video on youtube app, looked at it for 5 minutes and then was able to easily return to the game. Only after that the tabs in the browser started to reboot when switching between them. Initially available for the user 800 MB, the rest of the memory occupied by the system.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

But the non-volatile memory in the smartphone is very small – only 8 GB. This amount does not suffice completely. To set a pretty hard game WoT Blitz Megogo required to remove pre-installed applications and a couple of minor. In fact you can install on your smartphone a great game, a couple of small social networks or required applications (Facebook pre-installed). It is sad, especially when you consider that the memory card is not possible to install the application, there can only store pictures, audio and video files.There is a separate slot for MicroSD memory cards.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Autonomy

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is 2600 mAh battery is on. The charger has a complete set of all power 1A. It is charged from a smartphone from 0 to 100% over 3 h. Nothing special, for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) Review smartphone

I tested the autonomy, and to view videos from Youtube applications, using Wi-Fi, at the maximum available brightness and resolution, Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime worked without a break 6 hours 30 minutes. Over 13 hours of inactivity in standby smart phone has spent only 5% charge. Charge enough for about 4.5 hours a resursotrebovatelnoy game. After 10 minutes the active game, smart SM-G532F began to heat up, but within the comfort.

In other words, the phone will work day human biology without any problems at a load higher than the average. And in the extreme power saving mode, which is present in uniform firmware will work all three days at least, but you will be limited in scope.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Cameras

The main camera shoots at a resolution of 8 megapixels. There is an automatic auto-focus, which does not always work correctly. Also Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime camera focuses on the subject by clicking on the display. There is face detection function, with which the camera is trying to focus on the face before shooting. True person only recognizes strictly from the front.

Photo on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)

Photo on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)

The module is well focused only on the distance of 12 cm to the subject, there is no closer.

The camera starts quickly at a locked state by double-clicking the Home button. Camera app has the following modes:

  • Auto
  • PRO: the light filters (white balance); ISO; Metering (Multi, Spot, Center); contrast
  • Panorama
  • Continuous shooting
  • Night
  • Sport
  • Stock Sound

In addition to the modes have different interesting effects with color correction. You can also select the resolution, turn on / off the flash and there is beauty selfie mode, in which you can do more eyes or skin matt.

The front camera takes pictures at a resolution of 5 megapixels. This module from Samsung, S5K5E3 model, which is set for a selfie in the Galaxy A (2016). It is evident that the manufacturer tried to focus on the Self, because as a good module is accompanied by a flash. But in reality it was not important. As time was at hand Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) with the same front module, and you can compare the two selfie picture. It can be seen that the photograph taken on the A5 is much better. Whether this is due to the lens, or because of a software implementation, or chipset, but the result on the face.

Photo on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)

Photo on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)

All anything, like how to remove some, but call me on Skype absolutely nebylo seen in room light from one paws, while the A5 2016 visibility was excellent. There is not even the fault of a bad camera, bad ISP chip responsible for handling video and its driver. With the camera MediaTek chipsets work had not yet learned.

Video is recorded in HD resolution, 30 frames per second in mp4 format:

Summing up of the chambers, I note that they correspond to the average level of the shooting in 2016. We were pleased with the opportunity to take a picture at night using night presets, and multiple settings, too personal.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Display

And here we get to the bottom of the device. The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F) mounted 5-inch TFT display resolution 960h540 (qHD), and it’s not even HD. The display has an air layer between the outer glass and the matrix, and significant external pressure-sensitive glass bends slightly and then remain such stains as if you now click on your monitor. pixel density of 220 dpi, it is at least very little, feel the lack, but I was able to see the pixels only with a magnifying glass.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime matrix is not AMOLED from Samsung, but simply IPS (or PLS, as they call it in the Samsung). The colors are not distorted by tilting, the brightness decreases, but very little and hardly noticeable when the acute viewing angle.

A detailed survey of the active frame to the outer extreme of the pixel point on the side edge is already 5 mm. But do not let the bad.See the display demonstration in the video below.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Communications

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime supports two SIM-card Micro-SIM format. It supports the LTE-network, respectively, and the earlier data transmission methods.

Wi-Fi support 802.11 B / G / N standards, is a function of a mobile hotspot, the phone can distribute 4G Internet via Wi-Fi to other gadgets. Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime supports Wi-Fi Direct, through which can communicate with other devices without the help of third-party routers.

Present and GPS with support for A-GPS. Good GPS unit for 10 seconds established contact with 11 satellites in space. On the street for 4 seconds smartphone establish a stable relationship with 10 satellites.
MicroUSB connector supports OTG, ie you can move files to a flash drive directly from your phone and vice versa.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Sound

The sound is played back standard volume, which is enough to hear the call. There is a headphone jack, and you can listen to audio recordings, but expect some quality is not necessary. There is a radio.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime: Operating system

Operating system installed relatively fresh – Android version 6. On top of the Android operating system is a new proprietary firmware with some chips from the flagship Note 7, in which lies, in my opinion, the main advantage of the software.

Firstly, the design has changed, all the icons have become equally rounded. There was a search string on the applications with the capabilities of voice search.

Secondly, there was a firm Samsung Notes application. A handy tool for note-taking. It is possible to create reminders, notes blocked, which will be available only with a password, add notes in the “Favorites” or categorize them into folders. Possible to create audio notes, pen to write, draw, paint, which are mixed as true, and if prilovchilis, you get good pictures. Possibilities of application I photographed for you in a visual form:

Third, the protected folder. An interesting application in the firmware, which allows you to create a folder and keep it password protected files: applications, photos, and video, audio and any other files. You can set this folder the second a Skype, for example, and be logged on to a single device in the two accounts, access to one password-protected. How it works, see the video.

The fourth feature – a Smart Tutor. This technical support Samsung’s smartphone app. Thanks to him for your request expert remotely connect to your device, remove any faults or optimizes device. Before using this application you consent to access Samsung’s specialist to all of your personal files that are in memory, as well as to the use, processing and transfer to third parties your personal data.

The main feature of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, in my opinion, are the new proprietary applications listed in the previous section. The new budget processor from Mediatek is also interesting in comparison with the Snapdragon 410 in some moments, but for the average user this is not a big deal. Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime – this is the first smartphone from Samsung with a Chinese processor MediaTek.

To fit the smartphone

Review Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime shown that it is quite capable smartphone games. Those who are more important than the number of frames per second, rather than the number of pixels per inch in games -Can be satisfied.

The device is suitable for people who screen resolution, quality of materials and the camera – are not important, and they are willing to overpay a few dozen dollars for a brand in return received reliable software, with interesting new features.

J2 Prime perfect for hiding undetected in a separate password for social networking applications folder, mail and any other personal information.

Pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime


  • good GPS
  • relative performance chipset
  • proprietary applications pre-installed
  • a good optimization for autonomy
  • Good gaming performance
  • a separate slot for MicroSD
  • good main camera


  • air gap between the display and protective glass
  • very low screen resolution
  • Plastic Case
  • very few permanent memory
  • no light sensor +
  • a bit overpriced compared to Chinese brands
  • poor quality of video

Source: gsmarena

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