Samsung Galaxy C5 Review thin metal smartphone

Samsung Galaxy C5 Review thin metal smartphone

Lineup Samsung has never been modest. The company produces devices in all price categories and regularly expands the range of smartphones. In May 2016 I saw the light of ultra clone Meizu M3 Note the device in a slim metal body Samsung Galaxy C5. This device is an image of the middle class with modern hardware. Its price ranges from $ 330 for the version with 32 GB and 370 dollars – with 64 GB of memory.

Samsung Galaxy C5, in addition to a thin body, also differs selfie camera 8 MP with a good aperture, SuperAMOLED screen with FullHD resolution. Should you buy it – will help determine our review.

In terms of performance Galaxy C5 corresponds to the middle class. The Chinese put a hardware and devices are cheaper, but as for the Samsung – stuffing quite sane.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Review thin metal smartphone

Samsung Galaxy C5: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

The smartphone is made in the typical for the 2016 design, which is found everywhere. Because of this apparatus is similar to some Meizu, the design of which, in turn, borrowed from the iPhone 6. But Samsung characterized in that the casing has a smaller thickness – only 6.7 mm. The dimensions of the smartphone make 146h72 mm and weighs 143 grams. Assembled machine is quite good, no squeaks, but when you put it in your pocket – the first time, there is sometimes the fear that because of the small thickness of the Galaxy C5 may bend.

The front panel contains, in addition to the screen, click “home” with a finger scanner frontalki lens, speaker and sensors. If not for the inscription Samsung – front unit is easy to confuse with other brands (the same Meizu M3 Note) .

The back rest is made of aluminum, from above and below it are located on plastic strips, a thickness of about 2.1 mm. Another bar is the camera lens: so his reference to HTC models. The camera lens is framed by a chrome frame and slightly bulging. Near the camera to the right – double flash, the bottom – logo maker.

Smartphone marginalia have a standard for Samsung configuration elements. The power button is on the right. On the right, below the power button, the embedded tray cards, opened pin.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Review thin metal smartphone

Samsung Galaxy C5: CPU

Smartphone Processor – eight core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617. It is clocked at 1.5 GHz, with the schedule meets the accelerator Adreno 405. Why not use the same the Exynos, which is set to Galaxy J7 – the big question. As a result, energy efficiency is not impressive chipset. Although in terms of its performance is sufficient for everyday tasks. With games at medium settings, the chip also handles very well. AnTuTu test result is about 40 thousand points.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Review thin metal smartphone

Samsung Galaxy C5: Memory

RAM does not hurt your smartphone: Samsung Galaxy C5 contains 4 GB of memory LPDDR3. At the start, the system takes a little more than 1.5 GB, the remaining space available games and applications. RAM is really a lot (and even for the modest vosmiyadernika), so you can not worry about the departures programs.

Embedded memory for your smartphone 32 or 64 GB, of which is available for about 25 or 55, respectively. The memory card slot is available, but it is aligned with the socket of the second SIM cards.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Review thin metal smartphone

Samsung Galaxy C5: Battery

Capacity Galaxy C5 battery is 2600 mAh, which is not very much, but forgivable considering the thin case. Autonomous vehicle is not particularly happy, but there is no reason to be upset: day of moderate use it survives. Games discharged battery for 3-4 hours, watch a movie or read the web sites can be about 6-7 hours. Complete storage capacity adds up to 100% a little more than 2 hours.

Samsung Galaxy C5: Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy C5 S5K3P3 installed camera module, which has a resolution of 16 MP. It is notable for being the first in the world matrix with pixels on a 1 micron (marketers Samsung presented this as a plus, in the form of reduced thickness, but we all know). From the same matrix in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro camera is characterized in that it has better optics with f / 1,9 maximum aperture. Therefore, improvement of light transmission on a background of the above, though there Xiaomei, but it does not save the situation greatly evening. Happy to get bright and clear picture is simple, but at night the noise becomes very much.

Object shooting Samsung Galaxy C5

Object shooting Samsung Galaxy C5



Day shot Samsung Galaxy C5

Day shot Samsung Galaxy C5

Night photo Samsung Galaxy C5

Night photo Samsung Galaxy C5

The front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels, its aperture – f / 1,9. It is good for Self, but no more. Smartphone Video recording at 1080p resolution at 30 FPS frame.

Samsung Galaxy C5: Screen

The smartphone features a 5.2-inch SuperAMOLED display with FullHD resolution. He is very bright (625 nits up on a white background), a clear matrix PenTile absolutely invisible to the naked eye. Color reproduction is normal shades may appear slightly oversaturated, but it is not acidic tone, cutting the eye. By viewing angles, too, no complaints. The screen is covered with tempered glass with normal oleophobic coating.

Samsung Galaxy C5: Communications

In the smartphone has two slots for simok, but the second is combined with a memory card slot. Smarfton supports GSM network, 3G and 4G LTE. Officially imported machines to European countries without any problems working with local networks, but ordered from China tube may have problems with the infamous 20-m band (800 MHz), which in China is simply no.

Wi-Fi operates at frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz, but the high-speed mode “ac” does not support (chipset limitations). Bluetooth refers to a generation 4.2, the navigator works with GPS and GLONASS satellites. Traditionally for Samsung on board it has NFC module.

Samsung Galaxy C5: Sound

The sound of the Samsung Galaxy C5 can not be called very loud, but the speaker is on the bottom, without missing incoming, accidentally closing it. The purity of the sound is decent, but frankly not enough bass, the sound is harsh. All this – for very thin body, which does not allow to build a large speaker. The headphones sound much richer and juicier, you can listen to music for a long time. On board a FM-radio.

Samsung Galaxy C5: Operating system

Samsung Galaxy C5 is powered by Android OS 6, the most relevant in the smartphone exit point. The system interface is changed to its original shell of Samsung, but it is not the same gluttonous the TouchWiz, a couple of years ago. Brakes when navigating the built-in functions are virtually eliminated, which contributes to a large amount of RAM.

Features Samsung Galaxy C5

The main feature of the smartphone is a small thickness of the shell, but it is – not the thinnest in the model range of the Korean company (that title belongs to the A8 model 2015).

Pros and cons Samsung Galaxy C5


  • thin body;
  • good screen;
  • a large amount of RAM.


  • not the most energy-efficient processor;
  • camera shoots obscenities with a deficit of light;
  • non-unique design.

To fit the smartphone

Samsung Galaxy C5 is suitable for users who are not important in an advanced component of the gland, but important thickness of the device and its dimensions. For a screen of 5.2 “smartphone balanced and compact, its thickness will please many. Not satisfied with the apparatus of those who have already become boring of the same type design aluminum backs, as well as lovers of autonomy. Fans take pictures in the evening will not be thrilled with the camera for their unit in a series of A (A5 and A7) will be preferred. Even more than the budget J7 with a lack of light fotkaet better.

Our review Samsung Galaxy C5

Samsung Galaxy C5 – Smartphone slim, good-looking. If it were not faceless design with bored many stripes on the back – it could even be called stylish, but now such “trendy” made to all windows. In such conditions it is not easy to understand what is worse: the same type, but recognizable “remnants” (which is similar to the Samsung conveyors 2-3 years ago), or the lack of corporate identity.

However, that chicanery: iPhone time is considered beautiful, and the Samsung Galaxy C5 should be beautiful to the same extent. The review did not reveal any defects in the machine, it is objectively criticize except that you can not for the very high-aperture camera. Snapdragon 615 for this price category not look backward, it is enough. But amid the Snapdragon 625 (which is 1.5 times more economical and just as productive), set in a little more expensive Galaxy C7 – he does not seem the best solution.

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