Samsung CFG70 curved monitor with minimum response time

Samsung CFG70 curved monitor with minimum response time

Samsung has unveiled at IFA in Berlin Samsung CFG70 monitor – the first curved monitor with a minimum response time, created especially for the “fast” shooters and sports games.

New manufactured with diagonals of 23.5 and 27 inches, the screen has a curvature of 1800R, which creates the illusion of the environment and reduces eye fatigue. Special Eye Saver Mode mode further improves visual comfort by reducing dangerous to view a blue light, and remove flicker function protects the eyes from fatigue Player.

Features Samsung CFG70

Monitor Samsung CFG70 uses Quantum Dot technology and has a response time of just 1 ms. This was achieved thanks to an improved image scanning technology, which synchronizes the LED backlight of the monitor to display the image frames that virtually eliminates blurring of moving images on the entire screen. Image refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Samsung CFG70 provides users with all the benefits of technology FreeSync from AMD, which dynamically synchronizes the frame refresh rate of the monitor with the output video signal. As a result, users can enjoy games with a smooth and uniform display of frames, without gaps and “sticking”.

SamsungCFG70 provides a display of the rich color palette corresponding to 125% sRGB spectrum. Thanks to VA-panel CFG70 monitor has a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 and minimizes light leakage, so that dark scenes look more uniform in low light conditions.

Samsung CFG70 curved monitor with minimum response time

To fine-tune SamsungCFG70 monitors are equipped with detailed and user-friendly interface Gaming UX. Players may at any time bring up the intuitive panel to gain access to all important parameters – from response time to the screen refresh rate. Change display settings the game scenes, you can use keyboard shortcuts to the icons located on the front and the back of the monitor.

Samsung CFG70 Monitors also have a function Arena Lighting, which has agreed to an interactive LED backlighting at the bottom of the screen, with the sound of the game. This light becomes brighter when the sounds of the game is at its maximum.

Additionally Samsung CFG70 monitors are equipped with a support with two ball joints, which allows you to adjust the screen position vertically and horizontally. The mechanism allows for smooth tilt, turn and rotate the monitor without moving the base of the stand. Stand very compatible with the VESA bracket and equipped with a connector DispayPort and two HDMI.

Samsung CFG70 Price

Samsung CFG70 will cost $ 399 (23.5 inch) and $ 499 (27 inches). Novelty will appear before the end of 2016.

Source: pcmag

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