Samsung C27F396 review and test: 27-inch monitor with a curved panel and low price

Samsung C27F396 review and test: 27-inch monitor with a curved panel and low price

Samsung has released a new 27-inch monitor Samsung C27F396, which is interesting not only a strong bend the panel, but also an attractive price, supporting FreeSync and stylish design. However, the disadvantages of the monitor too. All the details you will find out in our review.

Monitors with a curved panel continue to gain popularity. In particular, gamers like the combination of a large diagonal and curved shape, providing a much more profound immersion in the game than the classic flat-panel monitors. Last year, the monitors are equipped with panels with a radius of curvature greater than 3 meters, but this year there were models with a radius of curvature of less than 2 meters, which is much stronger curved predecessors.

One such model – refer to the format of 21 Samsung C27F396, a diagonal of 27 inches substantially less than the same curved models LG 34UC98-W (34 inches) or Acer Predator Z35 (35 inches), both 9. Samsung curved monitors for your chosen PVA panel with a classic format of 16: 9. Gamers certainly will please support FreeSync technology, which is now provided and via HDMI.

Samsung C27F396 price can be described as very attractive in Europe, the monitor will cost from 230 euros, in Russia it has not yet appeared (see price). It is quite clear that Samsung has aimed at a different audience than the above two competitors – yet Samsung C27F396 display price is much lower.

Samsung C27F396 review and test: 27-inch monitor with a curved panel and low price

Samsung C27F396 | Design, workmanship

Visually Samsung C27F396 can be called a classic display for the consumer market. Samsung has chosen a completely black body with no accents. Yet the 27-inch monitor is not quite easy, Korean manufacturer decided to make a glossy front panel. It looks nice, but in practice such coverage is not always convenient. On the glossy surface is too clearly visible fingerprints and dust. However, after installation you will hardly touch the front panel, so this deficiency can not be called significant.

Base from Samsung C27F396 different from C27F390. If the last model we received a classical circular base, then tested the monitor stand can be called more modern. Stand perfectly copes with his work, the monitor is kept stable.

Behind Samsung decided to use a matte plastic with a texture. He looks also very good, so that the monitor can be operated not only against the wall. The Samsung will also look 27-inch monitor is the center of the room is good.

Behind can be seen stripped-down interface panel. The monitor offers only VGA inputs and HDMI. We are therefore not surprised that Samsung has advertised feature FreeSync over HDMI, as the other options simply do not have. It is a pity that the Samsung, like many other manufacturers, has decided to use an external power supply. Although such a move has led to a rather slim design display. Interfaces are not arranged at an angle perpendicular to the panel and, therefore, to lay the cables will not be as convenient.

The quality of materials and workmanship Samsung monitor does not disappoint. Of course, the plastic can be more expensive, but considering the price we did not expect more.

Samsung C27F396 review and test: 27-inch monitor with a curved panel and low price

Samsung C27F396 | Ergonomics

Features mechanical adjustment

In this section the review will have to run briefly. From Samsung economy, declined from most mechanical adjustment functions, leaving only the slope of the panel. It is a pity that there is no possibility to adjust the height of the panel, but it explains the price. If you want to change the height of the panel, you will have to choose a more expensive model, or to enclose, for example, a book.

OSD and Management

Samsung for its 27-inch monitor has chosen the proven control concept. As a competitor LG, Samsung uses a joystick with four directions and the center button. Joystick Samsung made in the lower right corner of the back, it is easy to find hand.

In general, the control system OSD proved good, but not only because of the joystick, but also because of a well-structured menu. Samsung offers a two-level menu. On the first level is available the most popular settings have full functionality is provided on the second level.

Considering the price, the Samsung approach is clear: the Korean manufacturer has left only the most basic settings, focusing on the target audience. Therefore, you do not get any color adjustment in six axes, or advanced gaming features.

For a 27-inch monitor we received an excellent level of power consumption. Namely, 20.3 W at a brightness of 150 cd / m², which allows Samsung C27F396 called one of the most cost-effective displays in our test lab. Of course, there are also more fuel-efficient models, but most 27-inch monitors still consume more energy.

Samsung C27F396 review and test: 27-inch monitor with a curved panel and low price

Samsung C27F396 | Test results

The subjective evaluation of picture quality

Samsung used for C27F396 panel PVA. Wide viewing angles are not the problem, it is possible to watch movies in the company.

Unfortunately, the Samsung has chosen resolution Full-HD, is quite understandable given the price, but in practice it has a number of drawbacks. Letters received large and rather rough, with pixelation. In addition, the desktop space is much smaller than we expected from the 27-inch model. Of course, do not always make sense to chase the resolution 4K, but for 27-inch diagonal it is better to choose a resolution of at least 2.560 x 1.080 pixels and Full-HD leave for the 24 “format. Adjust the sharpness, the Samsung menu does not help, because it leads to the bifurcation of the contours, the picture becomes unnatural.

For other qualities of Samsung panel showed themselves well. We got quite a natural color rendition and excellent contrast. Here, the display fulfills one hundred percent good value for money, it is no worse than more expensive models.

Samsung chose to C27F396 panel radius of curvature of 1.800 mm, so that we get a very strong curvature. Subjectively, with a 16: 9 it is not so noticeable, as in the larger 34-inch monitors, but still we get a deeper immersion in games and movies compared to flat panels. As in the case of other curved monitors, the first prize will have to get used to – especially in desktop and office applications. Yet in the same Excel spreadsheets flat monitors use the familiar.

Samsung C27F396 monitor is not positioned as a game model, but the owners of AMD graphics cards will be useful to support FreeSync. Usually it is available when you connect the monitor via DisplayPort, but Samsung refused this interface, FreeSync feature is only supported via the HDMI input. In any case, FreeSync makes it comfortable to play without annoying jerks and frame breaks. Unfortunately, the monitor FreeSync frequency range is limited to the Samsung, but Samsung C27F396 not positioned on hardcore gamers. Instead, the monitor provides a low response time, input lag is not felt. So the new curved monitor Samsung can safely recommend to casual gamers.

In our tests, Samsung C27F396 showed the highest level of brightness to 246 cd / m², the mean value was 238 cd / m². The monitor can not be called a very bright, but for ordinary space enough brightness. Moreover, it is recommended that the brightness of 120-150 cd / m² for the office environment. Problems can arise only if behind the user are located bright light sources. The uniformity of illumination is excellent – 93%, to the naked eye, we could not notice differences in the brightness of the panel. Contrast Ratio 2,418: 1 is also a splendid.

Staffing 27 dyumovy Samsung monitor is set as neutral. We got a white point temperature 6,691 K, it is a little colder than the neutral level of 6,500 K. In the color quality of the results are also good, the average DeltaE deviation was 1.71, maximum – 7.98.

Samsung C27F396 review and test: 27-inch monitor with a curved panel and low price

Samsung C27F396 | conclusion

Samsung monitor with C27F396 chose an excellent strategy, demonstrating what can be achieved with a budget of less than 250 euros. PVA used Samsung panel with a radius of curvature of 1.800 mm, which provides excellent contrast and uniformity of illumination. According to the brightness of the panel does not hit records, but for the standard order of 250 cd / m² level scenarios should be enough. The advantages we assign support FreeSync, from which will benefit owners of AMD graphics cards. The curved panel performing well in games and movies, although a limited range FreeSync unlikely to please gamers.

Of course, the low price of the monitor leads to his compromise. Compared with larger monitors 21: 9 immersion in the game is not so deep, in spite of considerable curvature of the panel. It affects smaller diagonal, as well as “narrow” format. Also, the resolution 1.920 x 1.080 pixels is more typical for 24-inch monitors. As a result, you will not get the best picture detail, and the space is somewhat limited on the desktop. Finally, the possibilities of ergonomic adjustment only option left tilt.

But with all faults can be tolerated, given the price of about 250 euros. For fiscal monitor Samsung has offered a very decent set of features.

Benefits Samsung C27F396:

  • Good quality / price ratio
  • Elegant appearance
  • Good picture quality thanks to VA panel
  • Panel with significant curvature
  • Low power consumption

Disadvantages Samsung C27F396:

  • Low resolution
  • Because of the small diagonal immersion in games limited

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