Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

Fans of Roccat products might recognize the signature style of their keyboards — big, boxy, quirky design and lots of extra features and buttons. However, the model that we will consider today, is not like that. Mechanical keyboard Roccat Suora looks surprisingly restrained and concise, especially on the background of all the other products from the lineup of the company. On the other hand, this style is called boring. Quite the contrary — it looks very elegant and modern. But let’s deal with everything in order.

Roccat Suora: Specifications

Device type/modelSuora
InterfaceUSB 1.1
Polling frequency, Hz1000
The number of keys104
Additional buttons4
Resource keystrokes, million50
Type keysMechanical
Type switchesTTC MX Brown
Changing the angle of body tilt+
Built-in memory, KB+
The ability to record macros+
Processing simultaneous keystrokes30KRO
BacklightYes (Blue)
USB cord length, m1,85
Braid materialNylon braid
The built-in display
MaterialPlastic / Metal
SoftwareYes (Roccat Swarm)
Removable stand for hands
External interfaces
Dimensions (l x W x h), mm436 x 127 x 35
Weight, g800
OS compatibilityWindows 7, 8, 10
Average cost, $105

Roccat Suora: The package

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

The packaging looks beautiful. Color printing three-dimensional images of the keyboard, a description of its merits in nine languages and a short indication of the technical characteristics, clearly able to attract the customer’s attention to its shelf. Inside is not observed special protection from damage — only a few cardboard inserts Yes plastic bag.

The package is missing — in the box there are only two brochures. The first provides information about the features of product disposal and the second is the short instructions on the use of the product.

Roccat Suora: Appearance and design

Roccat Suora now made in growing the popularity of the style “skeleton” minimum in size and flat body without a frame, on which hang keys. In addition to the purely aesthetic merits of such designs, it is also convenient to clean the dust, if you remove the caps buttons. Special charm and solidity to this keyboard makes that the upper part of the body is a solid metal sheet.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

The key layout is fairly standard and it’s great. The left Shift key is a long, button Win is in its rightful place (though instead of a logo in the view window, Roccat has decided to paint his signature, like the head of a predatory cat). F1 is located exactly over the number “2” as it should be. No more time to get used to touch typing is not required. Cyrillic and Latin engraved near the top of the buttons, by burning opaque coating key caps, because without the backlight it can be seen slightly. But, when the backlight is enabled, all characters are read well.

Function keys F5–F12 in combination with the Fn button perform functions such as start menu, My computer, a call to the browser application, email client or the calculator, player control (rewind, stop, play/pause, forward). Print Screen in combination with the Fn cyclically toggles and the brightness of the backlight. The Enter key is single.

Above the number pad buttons are four additional buttons which take the place of the usual Lock-indicators. The first three of them are responsible for volume control (Mute, decrease and increase volume). And a fourth, Game mode, activates the gaming profile mode. In game mode, use alternative key assignment (if assigned), the Win key is blocked from actuation, button, Ins, Home, Del, End, PgUp and PgDn can play back macros M1–M6. The logo and name Roccat flaunts over a block of arrows.

Surprise waiting for me under a removable key caps. As mechanical switches can be used here are not Cherry MX and not even their common variations from Kailh. Here with tan mechanisms of TTC. They are similar to their more famous counterparts for almost everything except the led backlight. It has a cylindrical shape and gives narrowly focused up the light. For comparison, conventional diodes spherical form give quite a lot of light to the sides. Tactile sensations TTC resemble Cherry MX Brown, but with a softer touch and impact. In addition, they tend to publish the sound of the spring during the return stroke, which for Cherry I don’t remember.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

If you look at the keyboard in the front view, cause the light delight of its thickness. The case itself is no more than 10 mm in height, the remaining 25 mm reach due to the size of caps and clearance under them. By the way, please note that all the printed keys have a bend in the middle, while modifiers such as the spacebar or Shift — smooth.

Fold-out feet to change tilt angle of the housing and raise the rear section by 12 mm upwards. In profile it is seen as a series of buttons differ in height and inclination, which facilitates the ingress to the touch.

Additional external ports and connectors back there. But at the back edge is engraved the full name of the device and the driver name for him. The cord enters the keyboard case behind and exactly in the center. In the connection there is a rubber bend protection.

USB cable is enclosed in a nylon braid and is quite tough and good memory foam. Near the connector there is a ferrite magnet to eliminate interference and signal interference. Overall length — 1.85 m.

The bottom housing is made of matte plastic. Screws are not observed. Along the front face pasted four good rubber feet. Rear rubber labels, but without them, the sliding table is missing.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

But the folding legs are rubber bumps, slip. The legs only have one position fixation.

The blue backlighting on the keyboard looks great. All fonts are read normally, and no glare in the eyes can not see. Eleven levels of brightness allow you to adjust lighting for every user. Although even at maximum brightness it is not blinding. In addition there are light and breathing effect. The only, quite unusual at first — the diodes are so bright that Bouncing off the back of the caps buttons, creating a perimeter around the Roccat Suora a kind of blue aura. By the way, instead of Lock-iluminate the buttons Caps, Scroll, Num Lock, and Game Mode, denoting their activity, even if the backlight is off.

If you look at back with peek-a-Boo from under the buttons the LEDs — they give a soft glow and not blind, as it does in most other similar solutions “skeleton”.

Consider the software.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

Roccat Suora: Proprietary software

As a software Roccat Suora uses universal game driver Roccat Swarm version 1.90 (the current keyboard firmware 1.10). Immediately after connecting the keyboard to the PC, we were asked to upgrade the firmware. The nice thing is that this driver allows you to restore the last working version of the device firmware, if something went wrong. The initial screen that greets the user when starting, it looks empty, but actually, it can make all the necessary settings, attaching them here by clicking on the icon of the studs. In the upper part is ribbon select the device you want to configure. The bottom is five setting profiles to choose from. Changes can be applied both manually and automatically, which has a corresponding switch.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

The profile Manager allows you to import and export them, link to start certain programs, rename or delete.

In the macro Manager there is a wide selection of ready-made commands, grouped by the most popular modern games. But of course you can record your own version of the team. When recording is perceived only keyboard shortcuts with the delays and repeats, pressing the mouse buttons are not registered.

In the settings section of the keyboard the first thing that caught my eye is setting the “sound of impact”. If, for some reason, the user does not have the warm tube sound of his newly acquired keyboard Roccat, he can Supplement it with sounds like clicks, keystrokes typed, laser and neon. that will be displayed directly into his headphones and the stereo. Fortunately, this option is disabled by default and has an adjustable sound level. Another useful panel is there — reset all parameters to the factory default settings. In regard to directly input them is governed by the delay time, repeat rate, and blink rate of the cursor. Just below there is a window where you can check these settings by typing anything.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

The button mapping is implemented is a bit strange. To change teams is unavailable the entire top row of keys and the left/right button Fn. Six macros can be recorded only on the buttons M1–M6. And the rest of the keys, you can assign the execution of any available character from the keyboard. Why and where this setting can be useful in practice — I do not understand. By the way each key has two choices of teams to work in normal mode and in game.

The lighting also has three options for operation: always on with 11 levels of brightness to choose from, in the “breathing” — uniform extinction with a subsequent set of brightness, and backlight off mode. All too modestly.

In the General settings you can adjust the automatic update settings IN the product and select one of 16 available languages.

In the update center you can see the current device firmware and the list of changes in it. There is also a tool available to restore the firmware.

Monitoring section allows you to adjust the flow of information to be displayed on the screen of the paired mobile device.

In the help section has a built-in form for contacting the customer service Department and the list of common user questions.

We move on to testing the keyboard.

Roccat Suora Review gaming mechanical keyboard

Roccat Suora: Ergonomics and testing

Ergonomics have Roccat Suora was pretty strange. Despite the fact that the case itself is low, in combination with the keys, its height is 35 mm (with unfolded legs and all 47 mm). As a result, palm has to deviate at a decent angle back that can provoke fatigue of the joints of the wrist. During long gaming sessions or during long periods of typing there is strong desire to add here the Palmar of the stand. But in terms of tactile sensations all pretty good. A completely standard layout, pleasant to the touch keys with a depressed center caps, good move buttons (the average power of the press) with measurable impact do the daily work for this keyboard more enjoyable. Separately, I note that long keys will not warp when you click on edges, as well as wire stabilizers, equipped with guides and spacers. There is however criticism on the sharp bottom edge of the key caps on which you can scratch the hands (especially the left Ctrl and the right-Enter). Well, the only thing that causes mild irritation I have is the chime spring switches TTC during the return stroke of the button, which was not observed in analogues in Cherry MX Brown. Because of this, the keyboard sounds pretty loud during intense typing, approaching the noise the MX Blue switches. Blue illumination looks great, Latin and Cyrillic characters are read equally easily as in the light and in the dark. Software is beautiful, but poorly functional. Because if you don’t plan to write macros much sense to install it there. Although the keyboard is claimed to support full antihistime (NKRO) USB connection, in fact it is unable to handle more than 30 simultaneous keystrokes. This is hardly a disadvantage, since this amount is non-blocking buttons is more than enough for any player. And then three at once.

Roccat Suora: Results

Roccat Suora is a stylish mechanical gaming keyboard from a known brand. She looks beautiful, well made, fairly easy to use and has a wonderful blue backlight. Among the advantages of Roccat Suora it is worth noting a relatively small price, in comparison with other Roccat products, and with its closest competitors on the market.

However, the TTC switches in Brown set here and almost never used in the keypads supplied in our region and still remain a “dark horse”, about the reliability of which is to say practically nothing. Will the wear and failure faster, than analogues from Cherry, or Vice versa switches will work smoothly all the declared resource, will show only time and experience.

Features of Roccat Suora makes it quite a versatile keyboard and it will be equally comfortable in any genre of games, and for typing large amounts of text.

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