Rivet Networks introduced new Ethernet Controller Killer E2500

Rivet Networks introduced new Ethernet Controller Killer E2500

Company Rivet Networks develops gaming network controllers for notebooks and motherboards. Last year we tested the E2400 controllers and Wireless AC 1535 and reviewed Killer DoubleShot Pro feature. Meanwhile Rivet Networks working on new features and further improvements, as a result, it was released a completely new LAN-Controller Killer E2500, below we look at the changes.

Of course, Rivet Networks focuses on optimizing network packets passing game, but the company does not forget about the other network applications.

Killer E2500 Features

Killer Network Controller through drivers and software can control any network application – is responsible for this function Advanced Stream Detect 2.0, which examines each network packet. A Killer Control Center program can be set six priority levels. Of course, the highest priority is given to the network packets of online games. Thus, the user has complete control over how and consumes the available internet connection.

Rivet Networks introduced new Ethernet Controller Killer E2500

From the Killer E2500 network controller innovations can be called the recognition of web-sites. The program recognizes the user’s address to one of the top 500 sites, then optimized access. Of course, Killer E2500 controller still supports the Double Shot Pro feature that allows you to combine two Killer controller.

Rivet Networks conducted internal testing comparing other network controllers Killer E2500. Measurements were made of TCP and UDP packets per second. UDP protocol (User Datagram Protocol) processed at a speed of about 1,100 packets per second, which exceeds the 300 pps competitors. The same applies to the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). E2500 controller was able to give the performance of more than 1,200 packets per second, while a competitor managed only 400 packets per second. In general, we have a three-fold advantage E2500 performance.

It has been demonstrated and the work of E2500 for simultaneous loads. Namely, in parallel with downloading the file executed Skype video call. The screen displays the delay (RTT) in the transmission of audio and video, as well as the number of lost packets. Without E2500 we got audio delay of 135 ms, and the E2500 with them was reduced to 73 ms. As for the video, then there is a delay of 188 ms or 89 ms, respectively. Also, the E2500 was observed very little packet loss just 0.000392%, albeit without the Killer E2500, this value was not so great – 0.136281%. However, if you compare the numbers, the difference will be noticeable.

Rivet Networks introduced new Ethernet Controller Killer E2500

More impressive results we obtain for video resolution. No Killer E2500 is made up of 320 x 180 pixels, the controller E2500 resolution was significantly higher – 960 x 540 pixels.

Another example relates to simultaneous file download and play YouTube 1080p video. The new controller Rivet Networks E2500 reproduced video without friezes, buffering three-minute YouTube video was enough. Another controller reproduce the same video five minutes with ten buffering pauses. As for the connection to the Internet, Rivet Networks indicates 15 Mbit / s for download and 4 Mbit / s per injection. Of course, any information given Killer E2500 controller provided by the manufacturer, so it should be treated with skepticism.

The changes affected not only the hardware but also the software side. Utility, formerly called Killer Network Manager, has been renamed to Killer Control Center. Rivet Networks expanded software capabilities. Now, on the Overview tab, you can see the used bandwidth in real time. Below are running network applications. Here we can immediately block the application or set the priority.

Rivet Networks introduced new Ethernet Controller Killer E2500

Tab “Apps” was also expanded. Here is a list of network applications, you can perform the same steps as above. But they added bandwidth management. After you specify the connection speed to the Internet, you can individually set the bandwidth for each application. In addition, if you use the Double Shot Pro, utility displays, through a network adapter application accesses the Internet.

Killer E2500 Review

From MSI we received a new motherboard Z170A Gaming M6, equipped with a network controller E2500. Besides motherboard review, we plan to publish and Killer E2500 tests.

Source: anandtech

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