RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

Meet with a pair of headphones RHA – simple RHA S500i perfectly suited to replace EarPods any other model complete, well T10i arrived directly from the future – here you and replacement filters, and “custom” speaker, and so much more.

RHA has long been known in the world, the headphones can be found on sale in the Apple Store, which already says a lot – to get only the best accessories in different categories, and you can not doubt it for certain interesting things. In the case of all interesting RHA. Mark from Scotland, in the range of several headphones for all budgets, some models have removable filters, some are created using various advanced technologies such as Metal Injection Moulding, even the most basic headphones can be safely recommend to the widest possible audience. For acquaintance with the brand, I just chose such, RHA S500i, and talk about the middle segment, T10i. Anticipating the story, if you are looking for good earbuds primarily for mobile equipment, be sure to pay attention to the RHA.

RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

RHA S500i

This is the simplest model in the line, but, meanwhile, it perfectly demonstrates the possibilities – and still I would strongly recommend to buy RHA S500i to replace any earphones, whether EarPods or something else. However, there is one limitation, tested the headphones feature a remote control for Apple devices, like other headphones RHA – paired with devices based on Android, not all buttons work (or not work at all).

If we talk about the design, then $62 a lot fishechek, ultra-light aluminum body, only 14 grams, fabric braid, comfortable three-button remote control, well-made plug, there is also the metal notches and loved me. In the life of the cable is not very confused, unlike EarPods, headphones instantly can lead to combat readiness. On the cable there is a jumper, with the help of easy to adjust the length. Complete three sets of conventional nozzles and nozzle-one pair of “Christmas trees”, I was approached by the maximum size of attachments, advise all owners to experiment. With the optimum size of attachments reached a good level of passive noise isolation – people do not hear what you are listening to your ambient noise also disappears. By the way, about the microphone, the voice quality is good, then the microphone is quite good, if the wind outside, you can just bring the microphone closer.

RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

Features here are, in the company for each model indicate the model established by the speaker, the information to us about what does not speak, but simply to note:

  • Driver Type: Micro dynamic (model 140.1)
  • Frequency response: 16 – 22,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Cord Length: 1.35 m.

RHA S500i primarily intended for use with smartphones, and, of course, with the iPhone of all stripes, I listened to the iPhone 6S Plus – use streaming services, downloaded music and VOX player with FLAC. It is evident that the dynamics of the sound is very long and hard to set up, in general, this applies to all models of the RHA, paired with the iPhone, they immediately felt like something comfortable, cozy, familiar, without trolling – EQ can not be customized. From games and movies headphones also showed himself well.

The price I have voiced, $62 for the owner of Apple technology is very, very, very good offer on all parameters – from design, materials and ending with the sound. Especially I advise those who want a good set of headphones without any problems.

Well, if you do not have “iPhone”, it is possible to buy a simple S500 without the remote control and microphone for use with Android or any other technique.

In short, just know it’s four thousand “Masthev”. And if you find cheaper, then all is well.

RHA T10i

Headphone has replacement filters, faced with such a first time, a total of, respectively, six, a pair of “top”, “bottom” and midway, particularly artful users in the same channel screw bass filter in the other – filter to increase the average frequency spectrum . However, I do not know whether there is in this sense. Now imagine what you have is a constructor. First, the T10 are available in the version as in the photo, with remote and mic, or just as headphones – if you have a lot of different Apple technology, it makes sense to take the version of i, if not, then buy headphones without the cable makeweight. Secondly, in the end, using different filters, different equalizer settings, different files to different music, you can achieve almost any result. For example, with the default filters (called Reference), player Fiio X5 and FLAC files I created the perfect designer to listen to jazz in the road. It is clear that for themselves – all subjective, but such vivid emotions of the music in the mobile version has not experienced for a long time – amazing detail and the overall impression that I’m somewhere in a small bar with a small stage, and that the musicians play in the center He sings in a husky voice actor, left saxophone, bass right all along just great. You can sit on a bench on Vorobiev embankment, watching the river and listening to music. In this case there is no color “mugs” Headphones over compact, but more on that below.

RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

Or you can put the bass filters, including SoundCloud to iPhone and run away from home in a taxi – too good! Then headphones show their best side, lots of bass, heard all sorts of Circuits – those EarPods passed – in general, RHA T10i and not the most advanced source reveal themselves very well.

If you listen to pop music or classical, change filters, try, experiment. In this mechanics is something attractive, personal, individual.

As I said, good results were obtained with the iPhone, and with the player Fiio, well, still listening to headphones with a laptop and even an iMac consistently good results – resistance can especially do not watch, the company is clearly counting on various mobile technology, but and with computers is also good. I have even suggested RHA T10i safely use in the office, on the one hand, it is more convenient to monitor, on the other hand, complete with RHA ten pairs of nozzles, silicone, “foam”, “Christmas trees” – choose the flavor. If you choose correctly, it provides a very good passive noise isolation. And comfortable, you can sit and work for hours, and can not hear anyone, and do not open your mouth periodically, when the ears laid. The set, by the way, there is a case to carry filters, nozzles and T10.

The design of such a right in order, at the bottom of the plug 3.5 mm with a massive metal leg, engraving, spring, the cable is not torn, all right. Oxygen-free copper cable is encased in a thick braid, not confused, the jumper made of metal with familiar notches. The remote control is also made of metal, three buttons, two volume buttons, a feature-rich, the steps are the same as on the remote control EarPods: one click, you can start playback or answer a call two or three clicks – fast. The microphone is good to talk comfortably. Land near the headphone memorize shaped to work as a headband, the correct position when wearing here is.

RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

Headphones, even if strongly shake your head, do not jump out. Wearing them is very comfortable during the day, the only metal cup COLD ears in late autumn or in November, T10 can be hidden under a cap.

Speaking of cups. Stainless steel was created by Metal Injection Moulding technology (MIM), you can read more here (https://www.rha-audio.com/ph/articles/an-introduction-to-metal-injection-moulding/).

As I understand it, stainless steel powder and a resin are mixed in a certain proportion, and heated under high pressure is fed into the mold. The process difficult, because you need to determine the right pressure and the right amount of raw material, to get the desired wall thickness. Then clean the polymer, and then kept the shape at 1300 degrees to the metal to fill the void where there was a polymer – in short, if there are experts, it is better to tell us in the comments ignorant people, and for me, too, a link to a full description of the above process. The photos have to T10 and polishing to create a thread for filters. And, of course, all these difficult actions serve one goal – excellent sound quality is achieved thanks to this (building, speaker, filters work in unison).

RHA S500i and T10i review headphones

The price RHA T10i is $225. I highly recommend listening to.

By the way, all RHA headphones provided guarantee for three years, I think it is also interesting. I hope that more will return to the company’s products, just recently appeared headphone amplifier Dacamp L1 (pay attention to the design), and interesting ceramic CL1.

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