Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

The line of gaming peripherals Zalman recently expanded keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M, aimed at a wide audience of fans to play. Differences from the keyboard youngest in the line of ZM-K600M quite a lot, so they are worth to talk in detail.

 Zalman ZM-K700M: Characteristics

  • keyboard type: manual
  • Switch Type: Cherry MX Red
  • Number of Keys: 112
  • Media keys: yes
  • Additional keys: 9
  • Port Sampling frequency: 1000 Hz
  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Interface: USB / PS / 2
  • Cord length: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 1230 grams
  • Dimensions: 475 x 145 x 45 mm
  • Recommended retail price: 140 USD

Zalman ZM-K700M: Equipment

Keyboard Zalman ZM-K706 comes in a typical cardboard box, decorated in black and blue colors. On either side of the packaging bo ttom small print shows a summary of the key features of the keyboard in 10 languages, including Russian. Inside the box, the keyboard is covered with a transparent blister.

Package Included:

  • Keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M
  • User’s Manual
  • Adapter with USB to PS / 2
  • Two replacement adjustable feet

Zalman ZM-K700M: Design, lighting and recording macros

Design Zalman ZM-K700M can be characterized as strict classical. Do not interfere or distract, all simple and functional. The left edge of the keyboard are five separate macro keys that can be used to create macros, and save the desired combination. To do this, select the desired key and press the key combination FN + MK (MacroKey). Then in the top right corner of the key with the symbol Z will be an indicator of macro recording. The maximum macro length – 140 characters, and the duration of not more than 65 seconds. To complete the record you have to press the FN key again. All your settings and macros etc. They will be saved directly into the keyboard. So when connecting to another PC all settings will remain. This is useful if you want to use the usual macro sets are not on the computer keyboard of the owner, for example, kiberturnire.

Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

The keyboard has two conditional state operation: standard mode and Z-mode. In the second macro keys to activate special features, for example, the M5 button will execute the macro series and M4 – cyclical.

In the upper left corner of the indicator is: NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock, WinLock. All the keys are small cylindrical cavity under the finger pads without bevel in any direction. The entire keyboard is made of plastic, painted black. The Enter key is one-storey. Above the arrow on the right side is located Zalman logo – Z-Machine Gaming Gear. The symbols on the keys are made of laser engraving. Cyrillic characters are made slightly smaller font than the Latin, and are offset in the lower right corner. Font reads well.

Part of the key to purchase additional functions when combined with the modifier FN, for example, FN + 1 launches the browser, FN + F3 starts the mail client, FN + ~ includes LED backlighting, FN + 6 includes the backlight “wave” mode, etc. All alternate functions marked in red and intuitive. Some key combinations, several variants of functions activated by pressing, for example, light “wave” can be five types.

Note that the height of the keys is 15 mm and the response to – 2 mm and total stroke by pressing – 4.5 mm.

On the right edge of the keyboard located LED Z, which when you tap the keys for more than six completed and shows the evaluation of your typing speed on a scale. The LED under the letter Z on the indicator in the standard keyboard works “breathing” mode, changing color.

Keyboard Wire protected hard textile coating that will prevent chafing, bent. Sam plug is standard.

Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

In the upper right corner of the keyboard are four unique keys are located. The first three are responsible for managing the volume level and the key with the letter Z toggles the keyboard mode.

At the bottom of the keyboard in front of the channel is located, where you can lay the interface cable and bring it with convenient side for the rational organization of the space on the table. Retracting plastic feet to help lift the keyboard above the table and change the angle. Four rubber feet at the corners to prevent slipping on the surface of the keyboard.

Keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M has a function of rapid repeat character entered with an acceleration of 50, 75 and 100 times. Similar opportunities have the youngest model line – ZM-K600S. The keyboard review Zalman ZM-K600S we thoroughly understand why we need this functionality. In China, a very popular championships in Starcraft II game, so there, for example, when you have already developed their economies and have cost 10 plants for the production of siege tanks idle, then the allocation of all the plants of the order for the production of military units, the task allocated to all 10 plants. Each queue has a plant for the production and thus, for example, to account for each plant by five teams. Multiply and get the 50 teams with the mouse or keyboard. The faster you give the command, the more you will have time to manipulate workers or the economy.

To use the keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M does not require installation of proprietary software.

The backlight in the keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M has only one color and multiple operating modes: touch, wave (five choices), static key illumination, mask, demo, breathing and EQ.

Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

The keyboard uses Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. A feature of these switches is that LED lighting is offset from the center to the top, so Cyrillic poorly illuminated. Note that the package is referred to the possibility of using the keyboard Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, but no markings exactly what switches are used – not on the box.

Zalman ZM-K700M: Practice

Using the keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M, we played games such as Dead by Daylight, Rust, CS: GO, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Dota 2, Smite, World of Tanks, Warframe, Doom, Rainbow Six: Siege, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In general, the keyboard does not cause any discomfort in any of the games of all the genres listed. Feelings were expected when you press the keys. Own use Cherry MX Red switches are focused on the game. By clicking on the button the user does not feel any slight resistance and hear additional sounds. The effort for the key operation required minimum – 45 cN, and free lift to operation – 2 mm.

Keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M is suitable for a wide range of gamers, but taking into account that does not require the flexibility to manage macros. Yet only in the presence of proprietary software can provide the greatest flexibility and most importantly visualization settings. On the other hand, most users will be enough embedded in the keyboard ZM-K700M ability to manage macros, but the retail price is lower than that of competitors.

Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

The same applies to the color backlighting – yes, there is a full-color mode, but again and Zalman is cheaper keyboard.

Keyboard ZM-K700M copes with typing and one-color backlight facilitates set in low light. You can only complain to the dim illumination of Cyrillic characters. To improve the situation, it would be possible to change font size and move the Cyrillic characters closer to the top.

Review Zalman ZM-K700M: Mechanical keyboard

Zalman ZM-K700M: Conclusion

In general, the keyboard Zalman ZM-K700M we liked the classic look, and the game switches reasonable cost in retail. At the time of writing in the Moscow retail keyboard costs about 8,500 rubles. If you look for a gaming keyboard, and you do not need the flexibility to macros and full color lighting control, the Zalman ZM-K700M should be in the list of candidates for purchase.


  • Reasonable price
  • The ability to record macros without using proprietary software
  • Convenient channel for the output of the interface cable with the right hand


  • Dim lights Cyrillic characters

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