Review Xiaomi Redmi Pro – First look

Review Xiaomi Redmi Pro - First look

Experiments with Xiaomi is designed for a long time, almost never stopping at any one scheme, even if it is obviously successful. For example, from good inexpensive plastic housings in redmi second generation Xiaomi moved to the metal in the third, but the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Pro it went even further – a new version of the metal polishing, the key under the screen and other things.

But before moving on to design, understand, what concerns Xiaomi Redmi Pro smartphone. The company Xiaomi has obvious problems with the “naming” of smartphones and positioning, as well as Meizu, in some cases, by the way. The latter became the ruler of PHABLET Pro (Pro 5 – Screen 5.7 ”) suddenly compact (Pro 6 – 5.2 “), in the apparatus of the Xiaomi Redmi series, which has traditionally been limited to models with a screen 5 ”, has become a large 5.5″. You might think that I’m just finding fault, but no. See, the company has a budget series redmi, and within the model are divided into two categories – compact with screen 5 ” (Redmi 2, redmi 3, 3S, 3 Pro and so on) and large screens 5.5 “(Redmi Note 2 , redmi Note 3, etc.). Now we presented Xiaomi Redmi Pro. It would seem, is an advanced compact smartphone, judging by the name, but no, this device with a diagonal of 5.5 ”. There unnecessary confusion, and this defect, although not too serious.

Let’s look at performance.

Review Xiaomi Redmi Pro - First look

Features Xiaomi Redmi Pro

The first interesting point regarding Xiaomi Redmi Pro – design and materials. I company’s new smartphone resembles multiple devices – from the front it’s a cross between the flagship of Samsung, Meizu and OnePlus (OnePlus 3), and with the “back” – the spitting image of HTC One M8. In favor of similarity with the latter said not only the metal is dark gray, but his characteristic treatment (grinding). It turned out interesting, albeit secondary. But to be honest, one of the mass users, owners of the machine, it will worry? Most likely, no.

On sale Xiaomi Redmi Pro will be available in three colors: silver and gold with a white front panel, as well as dark gray with a black front panel. For my taste, the latter benefits from the fact that it can not see a black border around the screen in bright black frame versions, this spoils the impression of the device.

The characteristics of the new Xiaomi Redmi Pro again is a mix of devices more expensive segment of budget models. From the mid-range devices are platform Helio X20 / X25 on MediaTek processor and desyatiyadernym with 4/32 GB of RAM, as well as the AMOLED-display. From budget smartphone – easy 13 megapixel camera (two of them to create a bokeh effect), Wi-Fi, working in the same range, and already familiar black borders around the screen (however, they are even in the flagship company Xiaomi Mi5).

Review Xiaomi Redmi Pro - First look

The screen with a diagonal of 5.5 “and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is executed on technology AMOLED and has a characteristic of many modern devices 2.5D effect.

Separately need to dwell on the versions. They are for Xiaomi Redmi Pro made three:

  • Redmi Pro Standard edition – 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal platform MediaTek Helio X20.
  • Redmi Pro High edition – 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal platform MediaTek Helio X25.
  • Redmi Pro Exclusive edition – 4 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal platform MediaTek Helio X25.

In addition, the version slightly different frequency of the GPU, other differences between them. The device has a slot for a memory card, combined with a compartment under the second SIM-card.

Now for the main chamber. More precisely, the two chambers. The company is likely to somehow identify your smartphone on the background of their own vehicles, equipped Xiaomi Redmi Pro two modules – the main 13 megapixels and an additional 5 megapixels. This was done in order to achieve the effect in images “bokeh”, but it is formed to a greater degree by two cameras and software that can be clearly seen on the photos submitted by the company examples (usually the manufacturer of handles and “Photoshop” to the ideal). If judged by the same examples, the main camera on the Xiaomi Redmi Pro models cost level – Redmi Redmi Note 3 and 3, that is not bad for a low-cost smart phone, but nothing more. Expect the new Xiaomi Redmi Pro will shoot as Xiaomi Mi5, just not worth it.

The device is equipped with a battery to 4050 mAh, there is support for fast charging, PumpExpress from MediaTek.

In terms of management, it is implemented in an apparatus similar to Mi5 way. Instead of three touch keys below the screen are now two and is located in the center of the mechanical key with inscribed in it a fingerprint scanner. The Xiaomi Mi5 this key failed: thin, with a vague way, and to use it was frankly embarrassing. Xiaomi Redmi Pro key made more rounded, and seemingly it should be easy to use.

Powered smartphone based on Android 6.0 with a proprietary shell MIUI 7, the first stable version of the firmware soon to be available from MIUI 8 for this device.

Review Xiaomi Redmi Pro - First look

On sale Xiaomi Redmi Pro must appear in the beginning of August, the first time, as usual, the waves through the official website, and then have a premium online stores. All rates are as follows:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3/32 GB, Helio X20 – 1500 yuan
  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3/64 GB, Helio X25 – 1700 yuan
  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro 4/128 GB, Helio X25 – 2000 yuan

The company has turned undeniably interesting device, it has to be fast, it definitely looks beautiful and impressive, despite the implementation of a rustic two cameras (CTRL + C one camera, CTRL + V), even if it has a secondary design. The smartphone is capacious battery, moderate size, in short, everything is in place. But for whom it was made, personally I do not understand. Imagine that I Xiaomi fan and want to buy only devices of this brand. If I need an inexpensive smartphone in the metal, I will choose 3 or Xiaomi Redmi Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, depending on what size screen do I need. If I want to buy exactly fast device with a good camera, then stop your choice on Xiaomi Mi5, 64 GB version can be easily found in 25 000 rubles. And, it turns out, in any case I think will fall to the Xiaomi Redmi Pro – it is more expensive than the rest of the line devices, but does not have compared to their obvious advantages. It should be almost like the real leader of the current (Mi5), losing his platform, the quality of basic and front cameras. All that is in the Xiaomi Redmi Pro, – two main chambers to achieve the “bokeh” effect, but when the cameras themselves are not of the highest quality, and the benefits of this effect is uncertain. As a result, to be honest, I can not imagine anyone focused on the Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

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