Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

Thermaltake SMART power supply line includes several series. With representative Thermaltake SMART SE we have already had the opportunity to meet in the past. The next consideration is even more interesting series – Thermaltake SMART DPS G Bronze for the model Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze. Its solutions have decent efficiency, good consumer qualities and worthy features.

But perhaps the main advantage of their support acts Smart Power Management Platform (SPM), because it is the most affordable power supplies in the model number of the manufacturer, which can boast of such functionality. This platform is based on a special integrated microcontroller and sells the ability to monitor key indicators of the CPU, graphics card and power supply (line status, power consumption, internal temperature, and other).

Well, let’s see how good a test power supply itself, and deserves attention whether SPM platform by the users.

PSU Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze is delivered in a cardboard box with a presentable and informative quality color printing. On its side lists all the key features of the model and its specifications, the graphs denotes the efficiency and configuration of output cables, and identifies the main SPM platform.

Package also appreciate the presence of not only the necessary basic components, but also useful additional accessories. It consists of:

  • AC power cord;
  • a set of detachable cables for connection components;
  • A special cable for SPM platform capabilities;
  • screws to secure the power supply inside the case;
  • set disposable ties;
  • bag for storing unused cables;
  • set of paper documentation.

Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze: Appearance

The design of the power supply unit Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze is made in a single package with a black and red color scheme. Body dimensions make up the usual 150 x 140 x 86 mm, so it fits easily into all housing provided with a seat ATX PS / 2 format. The quality of its assembly and performance is also at altitude: all panels fit well, no sharp edges and used an extra layer of black paint.

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

Location of key elements of the case is very standard: on the bottom panel mounted type grill grate, allowing the fan to capture cold air, and on the back wall is perforated area for the output of hot air.

Information sticker with key technical indicators occupies the top panel. The front is given over cabling.

The Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze is used partially modular cabling configuration: collapsible 20 + 4-pin ATX and 4 + 4-pin ATX12V derived directly from the body, and the rest are made detachable. six slots available for them to connect: four black 6-pin designed for storage and peripherals, and two red 8-pin – for graphics adapters. There is one 4-pin connector with the designation «USB». It connects to the USB header on the motherboard for the implementation of monitoring with SPM platform.

All wires are presented in the form of flexible cables with which to work with. Affordable same number of cables is enough for the gaming PC with very capacious disk subsystem and a few case fans. Full specifications of the output cables of the system is as follows:

Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze: Internal part

Traditionally, the consideration of the internal power supply unit will start its cooling system. Active component performs its 7-bladed 120mm Fan Hong Hua TT-1225 (HA1225H12SA-Z) capacity of 6.96 W (12 V at 0.58 A). Thermaltake has indicated that it is based on a reliable dual ball bearing. The use of a conventional 4-pin connector to connect it greatly simplifies the process of replacing.

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

The passive part is represented by three radiators, which provide heat removal from the important load-bearing elements. On the question of the efficiency of the cooling system of work we will be back a little later, but for now let us consider the other structural units.

The first element of the high-voltage acts EMI-filter. It is mandated function of smoothing the high-frequency noise emitted by the network power supply. He also is responsible for lightning protection. In its structure can be seen four two Y- and X-capacitor, three reels and a varistor, so you can not worry about its safe operation.

Diode assembly, which was unable to consider labeling used for the rectification of the input voltage. It is planted in its own heat sink for better heat dissipation of excess.

Inductor active power factor correction module is securely isolated from other components, and its keys are fixed on the radiator high-voltage circuit. The main capacitor acts as a decision by the renowned company Nippon Chemi-Con capacity 390 uF. Japanese origin inspires confidence in its reliability. Fault can only to its maximum operating temperature which was 85 ° C instead of 105 ° C.

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

The Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze is used CWT company platform. Most likely, CWT GPM, which is the version we have already met in the power supply Thermaltake SMART SE SPS-630M. Its central component performs forward converter – is quite simple to implement and efficient circuit design, often found in more affordable models.

TNY177PN chip controller performs the duty power supply.

In turn, the low-voltage part of the group is organized in principle. The unit output voltage filtering used mainly electrolytic capacitors Taiwanese brand TEAPO series of high-temperature (105 ° C). Their quality is good, but not the ideal level.

Official site power supply Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze is silent on the integrated protection. On the board we see the supervisor chip Sitronix (Infinno) ST9S313-DAG. Usually implemented based on it:

  • Overvoltage protection (OVP);
  • undervoltage protection (UVP);
  • short-circuit protection (SCP);
  • over-power protection (OPP).
  • Smart Power Management Platform (SPM)

As we already mentioned, SPM platform acts as one of the key advantages of power supply series Thermaltake SMART DPS G Bronze. It includes three software products: Thermaltake DPS G PC App 2.0 for PC, cloud service Thermaltake DPS G Smart Power Management (SPM) Cloud 1.0 and mobile application Thermaltake DPS G Mobile App 1.0. This allows you to monitor the status of key components through a variety of devices.

Functionality consider the example of Thermaltake DPS G PC App 2.0 software. Since the Russian interface supports localization, even novice users can easily master its capabilities. The main window is divided into three parts: the scale of monitoring is displayed at the top, in the middle, you can select to monitor, and at the bottom of a transition for the main functions.

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

Thermaltake DPS G PC App 2.0 allows you to real-time monitor the change of the following parameters: efficiency power supply, the voltage on the three key channels, power consumption, fan speed, internal temperature, as well as indicators of the video card (power consumption, amperage, voltage, temperature) and the processor (power consumption and temperature). In the more expensive power supplies series Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold used Fan with LED-backlit, which parameters can also be adjusted in this utility. And if you specify the cost of electricity, the Thermaltake DPS G PC App 2.0 You considers cash cost performance of your PC.

After every 6 hours program loads the data into a cloud service Thermaltake DPS G Smart Power Management (SPM) Cloud 1.0. It will be particularly useful to engineers, who service a large machine park. If you have any source of any problems with the temperature or fan operation, the SPM immediately gives an alarm signal.

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze

In short, a very informative and useful product, especially for fans of overclocking experiments and system administrators. Such a decision (Corsair Link) actively uses in his company Corsair power supplies.

Review Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze


It’s time to bring the results of the review of the power supply Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze. It is sold in colorful packaging informative with good delivery. The exterior design and the quality of housing version also does not indicate any savings on the part of the manufacturer. Very pleased with the platform used by the company CWT, which is paired with a good-quality element base has shown efficacy in almost 80 PLUS Silver level and has demonstrated a good power supply (21%). Yes, testing laboratory bench pointed out its weaknesses at specific loads, but a real powerful configuration no significant problems are discovered.

Positive reviews merit and other consumer characteristics Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze: the use of a single channel + 12V with a large load capacity, the availability of part of a modular system output cables with flexible flat cable and secure 120-mm fan on the basis of a double ball bearing. Of particular note is the support platform Smart Power Management (SPM), which allows real-time monitor the main indicators of not only power supply but also the processor to the graphics card and receive notification in the event of fan failure or reaching the critical temperature. It will be very useful for fans of overclocking experiments or system administrators.

Among the negative aspects only heat the main transformer can be isolated and radiator of low-voltage circuit during prolonged load. As a result, the issue of acquisition Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze will depend solely on your list of priorities. If you are interested only in the quality of components and the effectiveness of your platform, you can look in the direction of the “golden» Seasonic SSP-750RT. However, he is deprived of the supplied, interesting design, modular cabling system, easy-to-work loops and functional software. On the other hand, the market is and the more accessible “bronze” model, but to save, they can use less qualitative element base, is not the most durable fan plain, lower warranty service and a number of other simplifications. And certainly they do not have access to convenient monitoring with the help of the software component. That is, the choice is wide, but the PSU Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze does not seem an outsider, because he has plenty of their strengths for a successful struggle in the market.

Advantages Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze:

  • compliance with the standard 80 PLUS Bronze with a large margin (only a little bit has not held up to 80 PLUS Silver);
  • large supply of power (up to + 21%);
  • worthy element base;
  • the use of a dedicated channel + 12V with load capacity up to 54 A;
  • ability to work in a wide range of mains voltage;
  • partially modular cabling system;
  • All cables are made in the form of a flexible flat ribbon cables, which is convenient to operate;
  • the presence of four 6 + 2-pin connectors PCIe;
  • Use a reliable dual ball bearing in the fan base;
  • support SPM platform for the monitoring of key parameters of the system;
  • good delivery;
  • 7-year warranty.

Features Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze:

  • It used mainly Taiwanese capacitors and group method of stabilizing a low-voltage part.

Disadvantages Thermaltake SMART DPS G 700W Bronze:

  • at long maximum load there is a high temperature of some nodes.

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