Review SSD SK hynix CANVAS SC300A 128GB

Review SSD SK hynix CANVAS SC300A 128GB

Refresh this information can seem like a more balanced consideration of our guest – SSD-drive SK hynix CANVAS SC300A (HFS128G32MND). We have already met with a 500-gigabyte model more affordable series SK hynix CANVAS SL308, which is based on the TLC-memory. Regarded as the novelty is characterized by a 16-nm chips, the MLC. She herself is presented in 2.5-inch format, although the series SK hynix CANVAS SC300 also includes mSATA and M.2 options.

Curiously, on the market since «HFS128G32MND» label can still be found model series SK hynix CANVAS SC300, which has a lower speed. In order not to confuse the two versions together, it is possible to focus on their appearance: SK hynix CANVAS SC300A has plastic inserts in red only in the corners of the body, while SK hynix CANVAS SC300 – along the perimeter. Now let’s take a look at the detailed specs.

Review SSD SK hynix CANVAS SC300A 128GB

SK hynix CANVAS SC300A: Packaging equipment

New buyer falls into the hands of an unexpectedly large as for solid state drive, a cardboard box, to the design of which the manufacturer put a lot of effort. Plenty of useful information on it there, but do not worry for the safety during the transportation of the SSD.

Included with the drive comes only a brief user’s guide. Therefore, the need to find an adapter for installation in a 3.5 “drive bay you have to do yourself.

SK hynix CANVAS SC300A: Appearance and features

Traditionally, aluminum is used as the basic material body, in this case polished and unpainted. Also on the front of a company logo can be noted SK hynix.

On the back side of the case is a sticker with the additional technical data: serial number, warranty code, a warning about the correct handling, and passed certification logos. Along the edges of the four mounting holes located to install the drive in an adapter for 3.5-inch drive bay.

Body thickness of only 7 mm. This allows to easily install it even in the ultra-thin notebook. Sideways openings are necessary for fixing the drive in the appropriate compartment.

Review SSD SK hynix CANVAS SC300A 128GB

SK hynix CANVAS SC300A features a SATA 6 Gb / s for optimum throughput. Of course, it is compatible with previous versions of this interface, but in this case, high-speed performance will be lower.

An original touch to the design of the drive are plastic inserts in red at the corners of the body.

As discussed earlier SK hynix CANVAS SL308 as a controller chip acts SK hynix SH87820BB, which is a re-mark model Link A Media (LAMD) LM87800AA. In this case, the controller uses SK hynix SH87810AA, which includes two ARM Cortex-R4 cores operating at a frequency of 333 MHz. Also, the manufacturer declares support for the following technologies:

  • NCQ (native command queuing) – Command Queuing, which optimizes the productivity drive;
  • M.A.R.T. (Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology) – a monitoring system that monitors the state of the drive, so you can predict the time of its failure;
  • TRIM – lets you directly delete stored in the flash memory data and to release immediately unactuated position (free blocks), to use it to record information system.

Applicable four 16-nm-the MLC memory chips marked «SK hynix H27QEG8UDB8R» are placed on one side of the PCB. In the catalog the manufacturer to get more information: the amount of each of them is 256 Gbps and use interface – Toggle Mode 2.0.

As a buffer acts RAM chip SK hynix H9TCNNN4GDAL LPDDR2 standard.

SSD-drive comes formatted for NTFS file system. Its effective capacity is 128 GB or 119 GiB.

Review SSD SK hynix CANVAS SC300A 128GB

SK hynix CANVAS SC300A: Testing

After recording a stress test drive heated up to 41.5 ° C (according to the testimony of the built-in sensor). body temperature thus reached 36.3 ° C, which is a good result.

The manufacturer claims performance read and write speeds in the program ATTO Disk Benchmark (550/200 MB / s) are achieved when using a 512-Kbyte data. At this level, they are held for more capacious amounts of data. As for CrystalDiskMark, in it we got similar results: 557 and 209 MB / s for reading and writing, respectively.

Benchmark AS SSD Benchmark, as CrystalDiskMark, evaluates the work with incompressible data. He showed 523.65 and 193.70 MB / s, which is only slightly below the stated characteristics. Also, select a good speed data access in reading and writing, which is 0.040 and 0.107 ms, respectively.

HD Tune Pro 5.60 Program for Data Transmission Mode «File Benchmark» also confirms the claimed performance for sequential read and write information (531 and 199 MB / s, respectively). In «Benchmark» mode averages were slightly more modest – 389.9 and 143.8 MB / s, respectively.

Most benchmarks SK hynix CANVAS SC300A loses to competitors. But keep in mind one important detail: traditionally in each line of SSD with the minimum volume has a lower speed performance than other versions. For example, a 256- and 512-gigabyte version SK hynix CANVAS SC300A recording rate is already at a level of 390 and 480 MB / s, respectively. We were also in the test lab version with the least amount of fall is rare, so the comparison is more capacious the SSD, whose speed performance peak for his series. Therefore, the most important aspect of the text block is the fact that the new product really meets the stated speed indicators.

Review SSD SK hynix CANVAS SC300A 128GB

SK hynix CANVAS SC300A: Conclusions

In should be noted that to his strengths include stylish design, colorful and secure packaging that will prevent drive damage during transport, the extended five-year warranty (or 72 TB when recording), use the 16 test results SK hynix CANVAS SC300A (HFS128G32MND) nm MLC NAND memory chips instead of less reliable TLC, as well as an affordable price of around $ 65 for the modification of 128 GB. And, of course, do not forget about the high reputation of the manufacturer, which also inspires confidence in the reliability of the new items.

As for the level of performance, the sequential read speed of up to 550 MB / s, and the recording – 200 MB / s. These figures are higher than the hard drives, so the transition from the HDD to SK hynix CANVAS SC300A provide a significant increase in performance of the disk subsystem and the entire computer. If you need a high-speed recording, you can turn its attention to 256-GB or 512-GB versions of the SSD, for which this figure reaches 390 and 480 MB / s, respectively.

Thus, the modification of 128 GB can be recommended as a replacement for the hard disk to install the operating system and frequently used applications. It is in this scenario, use the most popular indicators are read speed of information, rather than recording. The very same series SK hynix CANVAS SC300A can be called a strong middle peasants in the market.

Advantages SK hynix CANVAS SC300A:

  • nice design;
  • Aluminium case;
  • good read speed;
  • 16-nm memory MLC NAND;
  • five-year warranty;
  • support for a number of useful technologies (TRIM, S.M.A.R.T., NCQ, Superior Wear Leveling, Power Failure Protection, Intelligent Read Disturb Management).

Features SK hynix CANVAS SC300A:

  • not the highest reading speed in modification of 128 GB.

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