First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

Sony Xperia X Compact is designed in the style of Sony Xperia XZ, has USB Type-C, new body colors, camera with a laser focus, Qualcomm’s chipset Snapdragon 650. Sony Xperia X Compact will appear later this month – get to know your smartphone.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Design, construction

Before proceeding to the Sony Xperia X Compact, let me spend a little excursion into the history of the “compact» Sony company. First was the Z1 Compact, and many (rightly) consider it to be the best – from the flagship went to design, quality materials, camera, smartphone and liked young lovers smartphones and girls. I did a long walk with your smartphone is yellow, the second this simply was not on the market.

First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

Then came the Z3 Compact, where instead of the metal ends of the plastic used, which caused outrage among many. Nevertheless, many appreciated the compact body and characteristics as the leader – was the same processor as that of the Z3.

So we got to Z5 Compact, it is still relevant. Again returned the body is yellow, the tradition was to use plastic, well, and features – like the flagship Z5 with its characteristic “compact” differences.

I think that even without any preparation every advanced student will predict everything as accurately as possible. Alas, the metal “back” is not here – used plastic. But still here futuristic design, the smartphone looks like a sort of one-piece bar – if we talk about the black color, the prints can be seen immediately in the light smartphones are not as noticeable. Do not love the footprints – choose white or smoky-blue. Naturally, the choice of colors certainly count on the girls, it is the weaker sex – the main consumers of the device (I think so, life will judge). I do not like the pale blue? Well, there is an interesting shade of black and snow-white Sony Xperia X Compact. Sizes are small, smartphone literally fits in the palm of your hand, invisible pocket. Is beautiful – definitely. The ends of the flat, the device can be put on the bottom – connector USB Type-C, above – 3.5 mm, left – a slot for a memory card or SIM-card, right – volume control buttons, camera, incorporating a built-in fingerprint sensor. Housing licked up to the limit, look at these joints, various design details, get rid of all the excess, leaving only right. I design XZ / Sony Xperia X Compact really like most simple form, about the I waited.First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016Of course, there are those who do not like it, but it always happens.

Unlike the XZ, is only one version of the SIM-card, a memory of 32 GB, the slot is easy to install, and a microSD memory card.

Protection of water here.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Display

IPS-display diagonal of 4.6 inches, HD resolution – it is quite normal for a vehicle of this size (and the battery too). There is support firmennyx TRILUMINOS technology when viewing a photo or video color pictures look better, X-Reality Engine, «uluchshayzer” video.

Display Protection slightly curved, all in the spirit of modern trends.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Features

First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

Initially supported FLAC, ALAC, DSD, there LDAC codec for Bluetooth, LDAC line of accessories with support for Sony diligently expand. Finally visible synchronization between the units – Laser Focus now have cameras, and smartphones, you can use the device as a screen for the PS4, records, translated into a figure with turntable PS-HX500, can be played on Sony Xperia X Compact. I know this is very conditional benefits, but nowadays outright boredom in the electronics market approach is a matter of respect – I wonder how much more at Sony will be able to go through so unpopular? I hope that is still very, very long time.

Used pyatipinovy 3.5 mm jack, and supports noise-canceling headsets, and microphones, and other accessories.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Working hours

First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

The battery capacity of 2700 mAh, which has proprietary technologies and STAMINA UltraSTAMINA, probably in Sony Xperia X Compact will be the best performance on the working time than the XZ, but it all depends on how you are using smartphones in their daily activities.

About connector USB Type-C I have already said, you will need to get used to. Supported Qnovo AdaptiveCharging technology, allowing to extend the life of the battery, there are quick charge using a special charger can reduce the charging time in half.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Performance

First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

Used chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 rather fresh, interesting, here the schedule meets the Adreno 510, which of course is good. View specifications can be here. RAM 3 GB, 32 GB of memory for user data is available, of course, a little less. Those machines that could try to behave quite well – probably the problem with modern games will not.

As in the XZ, will have its own program tips for the user, tips for using the machine. The smartphone comes to Android 6.0, an upgrade to “Seven” will be held on a mandatory basis.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Cameras

First Review Sony Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016

The main camera is 23 megapixels, 4K is no record, but the rest is similar to the Sony Xperia XZ. Added laser autofocus – so in general, this phone has all the focusing system from normal to predictive. How this will affect the images, see. Use a sensor with a resolution of 23 MP main camera, optics G-lens 24 mm, BIONZ image processing process. The chamber, according to the company, this is one of the main advantages of the device.

Let’s try to list the features, most new to Xperia general:

  • Laser autofocus will help to create a clear, high-quality images even in low light conditions.
  • In addition to the laser, there is a predictive auto focus – it will help make clear pictures of moving objects.
  • The stabilization when shooting, tried to shoot video and move your hands, the system visible to the naked eye. This, incidentally, was a very interesting experience.
  • Now you can specify the area to focus on by touching the screen.
  • The sensor then RGBC-IR, say, the colors are natural in various shooting conditions.
  • When shooting video, sound is recorded in stereo, two in the smartphone microphone and noise reduction.
  • There are manual focus system, but then you will need some support in order to achieve a good result.
  • It is possible to adjust both shutter speed (!) From 1/8 to 1/4000 c. Again I remind you about the tripod.
  • The front camera of 5 megapixels, wide-angle optics.


Like other “compact” is the best of the flagship Sony Xperia XZ (design, camera, LDAC, etc.), as amended by the size – smaller display, the resolution is smaller chipset another disappointing that there is no version with two SIM-cards. Sales unit will be available in September, probably will replace Z5 Compact. We can assume that the price will be at 35 000. Interestingly, and in fact, and Z5 is still interested in buying – can be divorced for the price? We will see.

As you are smart? Interested in your opinion – would like to buy? What would change in Sony Xperia X Compact? Your opinion is very interesting and useful – especially curious to hear the former owners “compacts.”

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