Review Sony Xperia E5 F3311: not quite budget smartphone from Japan

Review Sony Xperia E5 F3311: not quite budget smartphone from Japan

Japanese company Sony recent years, not known for its affordable devices. Cases from the mobile unit corporations are not going well, so to keep afloat the Japanese put a substantial mark-up on their phones. However, this is not Apple’s, and on the background of their fellow 2016 Sony Xperia E5 F3311, released in May, looks available. Its price is 190 US dollars.

The device received a very low cost, at first glance, the characteristics, but he has a positive side. What is the difference between a smartphone from twice as cheap Chinese counterparts, are there clear advantages over them, as well as whether to buy it? It will help determine review.

Specifications Sony Xperia E5 F3311is no surprise. Chinese chipset, the standard screen – it’s all there and “noneymov” 80-100 dollars. At first glance, the smartphone does not match the price tag overvalued.

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Appearance Sony Xperia E5 F3311 can add to the list of advantages. Though he does not have a metal body parts, but looks good. Externally, the smartphone is somewhat reminiscent of a series of flagship Z5, echoes her name. smartphone Dimensions – 14,4h6,9 cm, thickness – 8.2 mm, and the device weighs 147 grams. Typical values for the five-inch device, if not one “but”: no buttons below the screen. Given this “chin” it looks fact unnecessarily wide.

Review Sony Xperia E5 F3311: not quite budget smartphone from Japan

Making the rear panel (non-removable) differs brevity. It is flat, slightly rounded at the edges, the middle – not very noticeable logo of the manufacturer. Material – plastic, gray or white. At the corner place the camera with a single LED flash (like the iPhone).

On the front panel there is nothing below (Standard 3 buttons – the display). Top slot located speaker, camera and a window for the light sensor, proximity. The boxes around the screen too wide (3-4 mm).

The side edges are decorated unconventionally, for the Sony, but typical of other brands. Right – the power / lock button on her rocker sound control. Top left – slot MicroSDi NanoSIM cards. At the top end – 3.5 mm headset jack and a second microphone. At the bottom – a speaker and a MicroUSB port.

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: CPU

Sony and previously practiced installing chipsets from Taiwan, so the presence of MediaTek processor is not surprising. A little upset that it is – a quad MT6735, with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. It is a cheaper competitor American Snapdragon 410, and placed the Chinese even in the tube for 80 USD. The processor is not “brake” – he gently draws the interface, and more complex tasks normally cope, but against the more advanced models looks modestly.

For 3D processing meets GPU Mali T720. He is quite able to cope with modern toys, but the high graphics settings can only dream of. The smartphone is clearly not designed for gamers. In AnTuTu 6 smartphone is gaining about 27 thousand points.

Review Sony Xperia E5 F3311: not quite budget smartphone from Japan

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Memory

The amount of RAM in Xperia E5 F3311 looks worthy as for state employees. But for 2 hundreds of “green” 1.5 GB LPDDR3 may seem small. But what can you do: it is necessary to eliminate because the Japanese chip stocks from warehouses to 512 MB and 1.5 GB – better than 1. At the start of the system spends in the region of 800 MB 600-700 free. This is enough for normal multitasking program for no reason at all not to fly.

Built-in storage device has a capacity of 16 GB user available to 10. The memory card slot is present, it is separate. Supports MicroSD modules up to 256 GB. USB OTG, unfortunately, no.

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Battery

Sometimes Sony sin that set the batteries of small capacity, based on the fact that the Stamina (brand energy-saving mode) to save. But Sony Xperia E5 F3311 this trouble spared, its battery has a capacity of 2700 mAh. The only pity is removable. Because of this, the question arises, how do you hold in the event of wear and tear replacement, not raskurochiv monolithic plastic housing.

Indicators of autonomy of the smartphone is quite typical and not far from the average. Up to 5 hours battery stand in the games, about 7 hours – playback from YouTube, to 10-11 – the movie viewing with memory. In standby mode, you can count on two days, with a sparing use. Charger – 1 A charging him lasts 3 hours.

Review Sony Xperia E5 F3311: not quite budget smartphone from Japan

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Cameras

The main camera Sony Xperia E5 F3311 has a matrix of 13 megapixels, supports auto-focus, and is equipped with a single flash. Lens Aperture – f / 2, the matrix size – 1/3 “pixels -.. 1.12 m All standard and not noticeable during the day Picture Capture allows you to obtain an acceptable quality, the evening with the problem of quality of images, in general, is on the level. some Xiaomi Mi4c, that for this price range is acceptable, but not idealno.Sony-Xperia-E5-sample-images (2) Sony-Xperia-E5-sample-images (1) Sony-Xperia-E5-sample-images (3) Sony-Xperia-E5-sample-images

Front camera – 5 megapixel, with an aperture of f / 2.4, one should not expect a miracle from it. It is perfect for video conferencing, but a good selfie can only take off in the afternoon. In the evening – a lot of noise and artifacts, affects slightly impaired aperture.

Video recording is carried out in 1080p, 30 FPS. Video capture at a low level. Autofocus works through time. Range speakers in the video narrow white spots instead of the sky, and the shadows do not see.

Review Sony Xperia E5 F3311: not quite budget smartphone from Japan

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Display

By Sony screens usually have no complaints (they use a high-quality IPS JDI matrix), Sony Xperia E5 F3311 was no exception. Five-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels is readable in the sun at an angle, the brightness is evenly distributed, natural color reproduction. To some it may seem a little HD resolution, but on the 5 “293 PPI pixel density sufficient.

The touchscreen is made of tempered glass (manufacturer does not specify, Gorilla it or Asahi), it supports up to 4 touches. Oleophobic spraying there, the quality is quite good (better than the Meizu M2 Mini).

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Communication

In the post-Soviet region for sale a version of Sony Xperia E5 F3311 1 sim card, and it is dedicated to the review. There is also a model on the 2 cards, but find it difficult to sell enough. It supports GSM network, HSPA and LTE, with Russian operators have no problems.

Also on board are Wi-Fi, working in networks, 2.4 and 5 GHz, and Bluetooth 4,1. Navigator supports GPS satellites. The good news there is on board NFC module, which is not bad, for a relatively inexpensive smartphone.

Sony Xperia E5 F3311: Operating system

Powered Sony Xperia E5 F3311 based on the OS Android 6.1. There is the Sony branded graphical interface, but this is the shell, and not the big events (like MIUI FlymeOS or the Chinese). In general, the system is very close to stock Marshmallow. Powered operating smoothly, with no brakes. To apparent slowdown in work – or need to load the program memory, or open an overloaded various elements of the page.


There is no dedicated smartphone DAC, so from the sound should not expect fantastic quality. On the dynamics of listening to music, you can, but do not expect a wide frequency range. The headphones sound is typical for Sony (known as “music” company). He is a little better than the Chinese for $ 100-150, but weaker and poorer than that of the models with a separate sound chip. FM-radio on board there.

Pros and cons of Sony Xperia E5 F3311


  • good design;
  • Normal battery;
  • decent (for the price range) sound;
  • good screen.


  • understated (for the price of 200 $) characteristics.

Our review Sony Xperia E5 F3311

The survey revealed that the Sony Xperia E5 F3311 – a good smartphone, though not without sin. He bearable, both for its price, camera, good screen and good design. Pleases support for memory cards of almost any size (chips on the 512 GB is not produced, but they need to earn). Upset is only the fact that the price is a little bite. Still, almost $ 200 – once a bit too much for the device with cheap Chinese processor and 1.5 GB of total RAM.

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