Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

Today we tested the new product came from the company SilverStone, namely housing Primera PM01. His release of the manufacturer has not turned the idea of a full-size ATX-case, but laid down a number of interesting decisions, the sum of which makes the model Primera PM01 interesting to consider.

Design SilverStone Primera PM01

If you’re familiar with a series of buildings SilverStone Raven, in terms Primera PM01 can find familiar points. Of course I’m talking about a diametrical dividing the top and front face of the body. Further notes plumage tail portion and a plurality of horizontal lines is not that create interesting transitions and volumes.

Overall dimensions SilverStone Primera PM01 make no small even for ATX-cases 220x571x560 millimeters (large side – height). The model is available in three colors: white SST-PM01WA-W, Black SST-PM01BR-W and black-matt SST-PM01CR-W. As you can see, we got to it first. The body has two lighting zones, for the white model is blue, red to black.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

Then take a look at each part carefully. The front face of the big monolithic made of a metal alloy mesh, plastic base. Its shape is a bit like nose icebreaker, well, it’s me as a sailor :). Seatings for 5.25 “devices available.

In the face of the housing and the grid there is a small shift, but rather drowning.

The panel is attached to the body frame with four bolts and small plastic guides. Without bolts holding it, but not very well. After removing the panel, we can see three preset fan APA1425M12 their mark – a turntable 140mm LED-backlit, the fan speed can be in the range of 390-1050, with the other sounds are not observed. The frame also has slots for 120’tok. For air filtration provided Mighty dust filter on the plastic frame.

If we talk about support for water cooling radiators, the manufacturer claims the following dimensions: 240mm, 280mm, 360mm. Because of the partitions in the power supply for the 360mm version of the opening for the installation of 46x142mm, but there do not forget to set the reserve at a slight angle. an opening covered with a plastic guide if necessary.

The right wall has not a small viewing window that offers a view of almost the entire inner area of the body. And due to its shape, combined with the shape of the top cover creates an effect forward direction.

By the way, the top cover from the Primera PM01 quite simple. Visually, it has a small bias towards the front of the chassis, on the sides there is the likeness of automobile “intakes”. Functionally cover directs the air flow to the tail section.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

On two sides of the “cap” are the connectors and controls. On the one hand, four USB-connector, two of each generation, two audio output, the key change backlight mode (full brightness, Breathing, Off). On the other hand: turn the key and drive the LED display. All the keys are not very large, but well-pressed.

This form of “cap” obviously increases the height of the housing and does not allow her to put anything :). On the reverse side you can see the design of the air intakes in the best traditions.

The top panel is arranged by the type of face, but with their points. Of course, there is a massive net area, as the air flow is directed to the rear. Further, it may be noted that the top cover is easily removed, and the base remains in place, but the reasons for its dismantling in the normal case of use I did not imagined.

Area air intakes on the upper side has a light – this is the first area with illumination. It is being implemented in two modules of LEDs.

On the upper face of the housing you can install two or three 140’ki 120’ki. In both cases, the suspension has a power reserve and allows you to adjust the exact landing place. For radiator water cooling systems have the following dimensions: 240mm, 280mm and 360mm. In the instructions the manufacturer says about the maximum width of the radiator + ventliyatora to 72.9mm. This figure is expected when installing ligament inside the body. Theoretically vane can be installed between the frame and the cover, but in the case of air blowing out direction, the efficiency may decrease.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

The rear panel of the case, excluding the duct top cover, unremarkable. It is that, unlike some members, it continues to color the main color region of the body.

As you can see the power supply is at the bottom, 7 expansion slots available in the area where there are ventilation perforations. To install the fan has one seat, it is possible to spin one or 140’ku 120, with attachment points have a small reserve. Here it is possible to set the same size for the radiator CBO. The default setting is one marked 140’ka c APA1425M12, unlike facial turntables she has no backlight, speed work in similar conditions.

The lower part of the body is formed by a pair of plastic podiums with small rubberized legs. Do vent power supply available dust filter with a plastic base. On the bottom there are a few drillings, they seem laid for fixing another drive, but in the official specifications and instructions about them forgotten, and a full-size unit, they will be blocked.

Next, we turn to the internal inspection and assembly.

Internal look SilverStone Primera PM01

Removing a sidewall SilverStone Primera PM01, in the eye catches the basic chip design: fully enclosed area power supply and drives. Further it is possible to note the absence of the usual racks for storage or 5.25 units (which are not supported by the body).

The empty housing, the availability of housing does not seem very functional look, what will happen after the assembly of the system.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

In the visible area of the viewing window has the manufacturer’s logo, chamfer side casing make a smooth transition.

Between the cover and the housing space has six point blocks LEDs. They provide illumination bottom of the case, there are similar and at the top – this is the second illumination area.

Primera PM01 is designed for the installation of ATX motherboard form factors and Micro-ATX. If you choose air cooling for the processor, the maximum height of the radiator can make 180mm – a lot. So, it was not so great at the test assembly Noctua NH-D15S.

To install the CPU cooling in the frame has a large viewing window. It must provide the functionality and approach for a number of motherboards, as we know sometimes the window is not very large, and created more than for show.

Front panel Two fans blow the air into the main volume of the shell, but the third, the bottom, the fan is divided roughly into three parts, and the same blows separated compartment housing.

The back side of the motherboard tray for at least looks neat. All staff wires initially laid using soft ties. Here, the user gets access to a separate part of the housing.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

Primera PM01 is perfect for installing drives. There are five permanent seats for installing 2.5 “variations:. Two with removable hangers, the rest directly to the enclosure frame Next at the bottom there are four seats, in which you can install 2.5” or 3.5 “drives As for me, set with a margin..

Seats in the cabinet frame is targeted for installation on the rear side. Between the guiding disc has a hole, which are ideally suited for securing the expansion tanks of water cooling.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

If we talk about the bottom, then the maximum length of the power supply unit is 240mm. For wiring cables have a number of special connectors are the main rubber guides.

Here we notice the regular “computer fan control”, but rather a splitter to connect the 3-pin fans. With a single Molex connector allows you to connect this handkerchief ten turntables 3-pin. All is good, but the ability to adjust the speed is completely absent.

ASSEMBLY SilverStone Primera PM01

Before assembly, we obtain from the package body. It included a small guide with medium detail, a set of screws and a pair of extension cords to plug in fans.

The disk 2.5 “fixed in the carriage and the frame body by conventional bolts. But 3.5” is set in the variation plastic guide and through the elongate guide bolts and rubberized implements antivibration suspension.

The manufacturer recommends that you lay the cable, and then install the power supply. But in this case Corsair CX750M not the use of all the available length, so you can simply connect the desired cable and install the power supply in place. Note that the subsequent laying of cables is very easy, even without nylon cable ties, only with complete soft and can be carried out very carefully and build quickly. Incidentally, only the power supply area could be measured wall thickness based on color, it was 0.9 mm. All other faces had metal gateways.

Staff have a good supply of wire length and the usual rubber sheath. It should be noted a good cabling of the same illumination and regular fans, they simply do not need to be changed and does not interfere with the assembly.

Review SilverStone Primera PM01: Winged case

To build the system used by the motherboard ASUS Maximus VIII Formula, cooler Noctua NH-D15 and the block Corsair CX750M power. Due to the small not sostykovok decent graphics card at the time the assembly was absent, and put the plug in the hand of this representative did not turn. As a result, whether the presence of the housing on the motherboard, maybe because of the lack of a video card, the assembled system is almost no different from an empty shell.

To the upper side of the casing from the motherboard edges remained about 32mm, that even with the cooler it possible to connect the 8-pin CPU power cable.

The backlight housing without the cover installed looks very interesting, with small areas.

But after installing the cap becomes uniform. Of course, the motherboard ROG from the segment would be better option came with red illumination :).

As the main lights and lights the front panel fans are not so intrusive. It does not hit directly in the eye, but only gives a small bit of visual color casing.


At the time of publication Primera PM01 material is not lit in the metropolitan retail. If you bring the cost to the foreign markets, we can navigate around 7000-8000 rubles for our retailers. In my opinion, this price level is justified in the absence of housing in retail in general can cause some user “zamorochitsya” with his delivery.

Deliver body, not always fun, but it is possible. That’s why. As for me, SilverStone Primera PM01 has a very interesting design. It is clearly different from the usual “flat” boxes and can come to taste lovers Reaven line, plus the availability of uniform illumination.

Further, the manufacture of materials and the overall reasonableness of the design. The system turns deaf, you can carry out the assembly without collision, and the final system looks very neat. Complete turntable work at adequate speeds and do not emit unnecessary sounds, using the air they can safely leave.

Concerning paragraphs quibbles include the lack of adjustment of the system for full-time splitter fans. It could, and do a few modes with the addition of a single button on the top panel. Perhaps the realization of RGB-lighting allowed to expand the visual variations of ready-made systems. User Guide also be able to be more informative, especially in terms of the water cooling system.

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