Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) – premium power supply with a record efficiency

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

Seasonic has recently behaved not very active, except that a small update Snow Silent was presented last year. But at CES and Computex followed, the company introduced a new line of PRIME. In line PRIME present several series of power supplies, but high-end models “PRIME Titanium” certification 80PLUS Titanium most interesting. It is possible that, after long preparations Seasonic’s “shoot” a potential hit. Will the new line PRIME Titanium become the benchmark in the segment of power supply? This you will find out in our review of PRIME 750W Titanium.

Immediately say, that the power supply PRIME 750W Titanium really has become a benchmark in this market segment. Seasonic similar position gained with the first X-Series models, nearly seven years ago, while the company was able to significantly improve the efficiency and stability of stress as a result of power units reached the leading position. Later Seasonic model could improve the X-Series, and the addition of Platinum power units could strengthen the company’s position. Finally, the recently introduced Power Supplies Snow Silent in appearance and noise levels are optimized versions of the Platinum range, they also belong to the high-end segment, but absolute leader of possible positions is still not enough. Fortunately, a new line is fully capable to recover PRIME Seasonic first.

What is interesting line PRIME Titanium? In addition to the record of efficiency and improved voltage regulation (0.5%) may be noted warranty decade, optimized fan controller, increased to 30 ms hold time and many internal improvements.

PRIME new line is divided into three sub-species, depending on the efficiency. PRIME Platinum and Gold cover the power range of 850-1200 watts. Power supplies PRIME Titanium close the initial power level between 650 and 850 watts, but by year-end 600W Fanless model will be added to them. Mentioned more and Titanium to 1,000 watts, but the specific launch date is unknown.

In July, the Seasonic model introduced Titanium capacity of 650 and 750 watts. In August, it will be added to the 850-watt power supply PRIME Titanium. Available power supplies have not yet appeared in Europe, the price of 650-watt model will be 179.99 euros per 850-watt version will have to pay up to 229.99 euros. Our test capacity of 750 watts will be available for a suggested price of 199.99 euros.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium: In detail

Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium comes in a box made of glossy cardboard, printed front and back main characteristics, the power supply itself is packed securely in foam.

Supply Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium is quite extensive. In addition to the power cable from the mains power cables and modular components, you get the four screws fixing the cable a few puffs of disposable and reusable “sticky”, two stickers on the case, a bag for storage of unnecessary cables, user guide. In a multilingual manual contains the power supply function, describes the installation and warranty claims. Finally, on the last two pages of the printed specification BP and layout interfaces.

In addition to the technical changes in the Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium changed appearance. For example, compared with the previous generation models of Platinum similarities are not so much. These include matte anthracite color casing and Seasonic logo under the power connection socket. The rest we get a fresh design. The body slightly larger than the average of the class power supply, instead of 160 mm we get the length of 170 mm.

Top panel with ventilation grille is divided into two parts: a dark mesh framed with a V-shaped white bars. In the center of a dark mesh Prime logo located directly above the fan. Hexagonal holes are not perfect, they are slightly stretched.

The cover looks very nice and is made on the conscience, it is a pity that in the assembly in a typical system, it will be the bottom, close to the bottom of the housing. But Seasonic added to PRIME 750W Titanium and other interesting details. Note the holes in the two side walls, which resemble the air intake of sports cars. But in the case of PRIME they are more than decorative. On the sidewall Seasonic added silver logos PRIME.

body Workmanship is excellent. 750-watt power supply PRIME 750W Titanium weighs pretty well, which may be due to the thickness of the steel sheets.

fan mode switch at the power PRIME units was transferred to the outer panel, close to the power switch. We can not say that this switch so needed on a daily basis, but now you can switch the fan operation without opening the computer case.

As befits its class, PRIME 750W Titanium is based on a fully modular cabling. Compared to Platinum Seasonic models changed the layout interface panel. Now they are more evenly distributed over the entire surface of the panel, and not merely reduced in two rows in the lower half. The power connectors are grouped by type, and signed a 6-pin connectors are intended for the periphery, and the 8-pin – Cable PCI Express power supply and CPU. 24-pin cable connector is divided into two.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

Outside, we have a standard power cable connection socket IEC with the power switch, button to select the fan mode.

According to the specifications of Seasonic power changed in PRIME 750W Titanium is not much compared with the previous models. On lines 3.3 and 5 permitted load up to 20 A, the combined capacity of up to 100 watts. At the same Snow Silent 750W we receive current up to 22 A and a combined load of up to 120 watts. But in practice, a difference of a few amperes for secondary stress hardly matters. Voltage 12V Seasonic has remained committed to its concept of a single line of 12 V. On it permitted load up to 62 A, which corresponds to a power up to 744 watts. The power supply provides a nominal power of 750 W at relatively high ambient temperatures up to 50 ° C.

power values largely correspond to the previous models, but much has changed inside. Seasonic indicates a change in voltage adjustment circuits which provide dispersion values not higher than 0.5%. Seasonic MTLR calls this technology (Micro Tolerance Load Regulation). Seasonic still pointing to 2% tolerance on the specifications of ATX possible variation of +/- 5%, i.e. range up to 10%. Also specify the maximum ripple / noise is less than 20 mV (peak to peak), on line 12 in the speed voltage stabilization has been improved.

Seasonic significantly updated its platform, ie PRIME 750W Titanium different layout and components of the platform XP3 Snow Silent line. However, most likely, we are dealing with the same topology, LLC resonant conversion technology with Synchronous Rectification and converters DC-DC.

An interesting difference was that the converters DC-DC for secondary stresses brought to their separate daughter card, although previously they were mounted on the daughter board with interfaces on the rear of the power supply. Now the board with interfaces free from unnecessary burdens, making it possible to better distribute the connectors on the panel. Hopefully, this approach has led to a better filtering of stresses.

Seasonic power supply has increased resistance to short-term disruptions of energy supply, as evidenced by the capacity of the main capacitor. The manufacturer has installed two capacitor Nippon Chemicon, together they give 1.010 microfarads capacitance that 750-watt power supply is very important. Therefore PRIME 750W Titanium we get a longer retention time. In the secondary circuit, with one exception Rubycon, using either solid state capacitors or electrolytic capacitors Nippon Chemicon.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

Traditionally Seasonic power supply PRIME 750W Titanium perfectly equipped with protection circuits. Note the presence of overload (OPP), over the low and high voltage (UVP / OVP), overload of individual lines (OCP), short-circuit (SCP) and over temperature (OTP), which gives a complete set. The power supply is installed Weltrend WT7527V monitoring chip. In our tests the power supply was switched off when the 28 A for secondary voltage and 85 A through 12 C. The latter value is quite high, but the Seasonic model always had sufficient reserves.

Another in the line of X-Series Seasonic has used a system of direct connections soldered jumpers main and subsidiary boards (with power sockets), it also applies in the line of PRIME. The advantage lies in the greater reliability, better airflow inside the power supply and less resistance.

PRIME 750W Titanium is not inferior predecessors and leaves a very good impression. Below we describe the noise and equipment.

Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium: Noise and equipment

With power supply units Snow Silent Seasonic in the past year has demonstrated that the company can produce a very quiet model. Of course, there remains the leaders be quiet! with a new line of Dark Power Pro 11, is still a competitor for a long time been the subject of a minimum noise level. Seasonic is focused on the technical perfection on the voltage stabilization, but it does not say that Seasonic PSU produces very noisy. Due to a semi-operating mode and very quiet fan power supply is not distinguished by its noise in a typical computer, air-cooled, if only he had not seen the whistle throttles.

At PSU PRIME Seasonic paid particular attention to minimizing the noise level. Inside mounted 135-mm fan with Honghua manufacture hydrodynamic bearing (FDB), which promises quiet operation and long service life. As yields on Seasonic PRIME Titanium guarantee ten years, the manufacturer certainly sure of sufficient reliability only “mechanical” power supply component.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

Fan with the model number HA13525M12F-Z works with a maximum speed of 1,800 rev / min, the power supply is based on a semi-traditional mode of operation. Rather, the controller offers two operating modes that can be selected via a button on the outside panel of the PSU. When the button is pressed, the fan is always working actively, but the starting rate is quite low – under low load the fan runs only 430 r / min. In the second mode, it has a semi-fan under the low load / temperature is not working, and starts to unwind after heating to a certain temperature / load increase. Seasonic indicates that the temperature of the air in a room of 25 ° C passive mode will be maintained around 50 percent load, which we confirmed in our tests. This mode of operation is familiar from previous models of power supplies. In the case of line PRIME Seasonic optimized threshold region of the transition between the active and the passive fan operation to prevent a part of the cyclic promotion / stop the fan.

In practice, the unit Seasonic power showed a very quiet operation, the noise level was even lower than Snow Silent line. In active mode, the fan started at the level of 430 rev / min, we were not able to hear his work in our testbed. Low speed maintained until the load of about 60 percent, PRIME 750W Titanium with a load of up to 80 percent of the increased speeds of up to 480 rev / min. In hybrid mode, a semi-fan started at a load of about 60 percent, speed was 440 rev / min. In passive mode PRIME 750W Titanium worked silently, we did not detect the whistle throttles. In the hybrid mode, the fan characteristic is identical to the active mode. At maximum load the fan rotates at a low speed of 550 rev / min, his work was difficult to hear even if you bring your ear close.

Seasonic pleasantly surprised by the combination of excellent performance and a very low noise level. Choose between the Dark Power Pro 11 or PRIME 750W Titanium for minimum noise level is problematic, as both the power supply work too quiet. In any case, Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium is very quiet, on the level of the best models on the market.

By equipping PRIME 750W Titanium also showed their best side. We have already talked about a completely modular system connecting cables, connectors, which are distributed throughout the inner panel. At 750W Titanium Seasonic has provided the ability to connect to four PCI Express power cables and two 8-pin EPS. For data interfaces which rely only on line 12 and “earth”, six 8-pin sockets provided on the inner panel, which can take a random order.

PCI Express power cables to the 8-pin (6 + 2) plugs are made separate. Of course, this approach does not appeal to those users who prefer a minimum of cables inside the cabinet. But each pin video card power receives its own wired connection to the power supply terminals. This approach is preferable to load than the solutions in some PSUs, when six wires are provided with two 8-pin PCI Express connector. Seasonic could easily increase the number of PCI Express ports by using two blades on each power cable. On the other hand, the certification 80PLUS Titanium makes the manufacturer carefully approach the issue of connecting cables, despite the increase in the price and weight to minimize any loss of power.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

To power the peripheral features five 6-pin sockets which can be freely load the SATA and Molex cables. Seasonic for PRIME 750W Titanium offered ten SATA connectors and five Molex. Except ATX cable, all cables are made in the form of loops. ATX cable is made up of black wires that are enclosed in a black sheath.

In length and cable manufacturing quality no complaints. Cables are made relatively long, the connectors have an average mechanical resistance when connected.

The level of noise Seasonic 750W PRIME showed himself great, in front of us it is one of the quietest models on the market. By equipping we get accustomed to a high level, so there PRIME 750W Titanium gets the maximum points possible.

Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium: Test results (efficiency, voltage stability)

After the announcement of the program 80 PLUS, the last 8 years at PSU market efficiency began to play an increasingly important role. The buyer got a pretty simple criterion to select – 80 PLUS, and the manufacturers have appeared convenient opportunity to differentiate their products through the certification level of efficiency. It’s nice to PSU efficiency that customers now receive several reasons justifying the purchase of a very good power supply. Let’s start with energy saving, which is reflected in the account of electricity, and if you are worried about the environment, you can slightly reduce the amount of combustion of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Also, smaller energy conversion loss leads to less heating power supply components. Finally, a more efficient power supply means more quality components and the latest technology. In any case, we performed quality control of the output voltage as a good power supply should not only work efficiently, but also stable.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency


Thanks to our test station we can fix the power consumed by the power supply from the wall outlet and power load (imaginary) of the computer that allows you to calculate the efficiency of power supplies. First we look at the effectiveness of different loads, and then move on to assess the effectiveness of a fixed load at three levels.

We started to measure the efficiency with very little load-five per cent, corresponding to less than 40 watts of power. Power supplies are not optimized for such a small load, so the efficiency is not the highest. At Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we got a relatively high efficiency of 85.8%, a record level among the previously tested power supplies in our test lab. There Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium, for example, four percent more efficiently tested before Snow Silent 750W.

When you load ten percent, we get a very high level of efficiency of 92%, also a record. But this is still far from maximum. Efficiency curve goes to the level of 94.3% at a load of 20%: it is very good value corresponding to the peak efficiency of the best Platinum power supplies.

Maximum efficiency at Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium observed in 30 to 60 percent load range, it exceeds 95% of the bar. The highest absolute value we received at a load of 50 per cent – 95.4%. So for peak efficiency Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium AX1500i bypasses the previous leader by 0.6%. If you take the power units in the near power category, it is worth noting Corsair AX760i with an efficiency of 94.3% in second place after Seasonic’s, with a lag of 1.1%. Under full load at Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we get an impressive efficiency of 93.9%.

For Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we checked compliance with the classical 80PLUS certification, with a mains voltage of 115 V. In the case of 80PLUS Titanium score goes on four load points, not three. At four points of load (10% / 20% / 50% / 100%) power supply should provide 90% efficiency / 92% / 94% / 90%. If Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we got the value 91.3% / 93.8% / 94.0% / 91.5%, exceeding the minimum levels of the Titanium, while the third point (at 50% load), we got a match.

For comparison, we have led the other three efficiency curves Seasonic power supplies. The transition from Platinum platform (XP2 / XP3) on PRIME 750W Titanium is comparable in magnitude to the previous step, when we moved to the second version of X-Series (2012 km2) in the mentioned Platinum model (2015). In addition, clearly shows that after the first generation of Platinum 2014 lineup Snow Silent in 2015 almost no effect on the efficiency. It seems that Seasonic last year took a breather to a half or two years to prepare a major breakthrough platform PRIME Titanium. We are nearer to the physical maximum efficiency (slightly less than) 100%.

Equally interesting it is to compare the efficacy in three fixed loads, because it allows to evaluate the efficiency of power units in terms as if they are set to the same configuration. The first load of 90 W corresponds to the old office PC or a modern computer average in idle mode. At Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we received 92.5%, the power supply went in the absolute leaders in our test lab. Slightly worse result at be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 550W. On two percent of PRIME behind Seasonic Snow Silent 750W and Digifanless 550W from Enermax.

With increasing load, in this case, up to 250 watts, that is, to the level of the average power consumption of the system, Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium, too, took the lead with a level of 95.2%, ahead of the other power supplies. The nearest competitor lags by more than a half percent. The third point measurements 500W Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium again enjoyed absolute leadership with a score of 94.9%. The nearest competitors with a score of 94.1% were two models Corsair AX760i and HX1200i.

A direct comparison with other power supply units confirms the excellent efficiency Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium, at a voltage of 230 V power supply unit has shown the effectiveness of more than 95% over a wide load range. In the three control points of load power supply came to absolute leaders, especially pleases the gap to 1.5% under a load of 250 watts. And for comparison were taken not some old models and the best power supply units from previous tests.

Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium: output voltage ripple and noise

Output voltage

The quality of the output voltage is one of the most important criteria for the power supply, no less important than efficiency. The power supply must work stably, the voltage must not “jump”, otherwise it may affect your computer. So we checked the voltage levels at different loads, and evaluated whether they are within acceptable ranges ATX specifications. Recall that according to ATX specifications permitted deviation of plus / minus 5 percent of rated voltage, we just set the data threshold values on the charts as the boundary.

In addition, we evaluated the quality of the output voltage using oscilloscope. In particular, we evaluated the high frequency noise and ripple voltages that occur on the output lines of the DC. They are associated with the principle of pulse power supplies, and depending on the design and quality of power supply filters may be smoothed with varying degrees of success. ATX standard provides for a line of 12 allowable ripple 120 mV (peak to peak), and the lines for 3.3 V and 5 V – 50 mV (peak to peak).

Subject voltage stabilization was one of the key in the development of Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium. Seasonic indicates improved stabilization as the “Micro Tolerance Load Regulation”, promising to fluctuations of less than 0.5%. But Seasonic does not indicate on what stress is achieved such accuracy. In our tests, Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium showed excellent accuracy of stabilization of 0.5% through 12 at the secondary voltages of 3.3 and 5 we got a drop of 1.0% and 0.7%. Voltage is measured directly on the connectors to connect the power cables. At least on the main voltage from 12V Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium been claimed accuracy of 0.5%. However, in the secondary voltage drop is also very small, regardless of whether it works here “MTLR” technology or not

Another improvement Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium can be called low ripple / noise, which in our tests did not exceed 20 mV. According to the ATX specification allowed ripple / noise is not greater than 50 mV, and the secondary voltage of 120 mV through 12 B.

At Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we got value ripple / noise is far below the limit, no more than 20 mV. On lines 3,3 and 5 the pulsation does not exceed 8, and 13 mV, the line 12 – 11 mV.

By stabilizing the voltage and quality Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium output voltage shown excellent results.

Test and review: Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium (SSR-750TD) - premium power supply with a record efficiency

Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium: conclusion

Seasonic a new line PRIME Titanium able to raise the bar on the quality of power supply is even higher. It is unlikely that a new line of The revolution on the PSU market, but we have a solution with superb technical execution. Such a stable output voltage, we have already seen in some other power supplies, the same goes for very quiet operation and good quality in general. The real innovation PRIME 750W Titanium has been a significant increase in efficiency. In general, Seasonic has achieved excellent results in all areas of their power supplies. It can be just a unique feature called PRIME 750W Titanium, even for such “beauty” you have to pay a little less than 200 euros.

At Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium we get certified 80PLUS Titanium, which is significantly higher than the previous level 80PLUS Platinum. In our tests, the maximum efficiency was 95.4%, the conversion to the ideal lossless remains only 4.6%. Also pleased and efficiency under low-load, with a load of about 10% (75 W) we received an impressive 92% efficiency.

We also received a very low ripple / noise even Seasonic standards. We should also note the excellent stability of the voltage on the line 12, the fall did not exceed 0.5%. Present all the protection schemes. Another advantage Seasonic can be called the doubling of capacity of the main capacitor, if Snow Silent 750W she was 520 microfarads, then PRIME 750W Titanium capacity increased to 1.010 microfarads. All this should have a positive impact on the retention time, the power supply will be more resistant to short-term disruptions network.

By equipping Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium is also quite good: the subsystem cables are connected fully modular connection sockets are distributed relatively freely across the inner panel. The power supply allows you to connect two 8-pin power interface EPS, four PCI Express, SATA and five ten Molex, that the power of 750 watts is more than enough. The cables are long enough and high quality. Seasonic is confident in the durability of their power supplies, because the warranty is ten years.

Another significant advantage PRIME 750W Titanium is a very low noise level or non-existent. You can switch the fan controller in a semi mode, the fan will start to run only when the load is above 50 percent. Prior to the start of the fan power supply will run totally silent, whistle chokes, we have not noticed. But even after the start of the fan spins up to a low speed, PRIME 750W Titanium is very quiet. We could not tell the difference with our leader on the minimum level of noise Dark Power Pro 11 from be quiet!

What disadvantages have Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium? Difficult question. Price a little less than 200 euros for a 750-watt power supply is quite high, but for efficiency, productivity and functions PRIME Titanium is quite adequate. The length of 170 mm by 10 mm larger than most power supplies 750 watts through 12, we have a large supply of power – off is carried out under a load of 85 A. However, both of these factors can hardly be called handicapped. Therefore, we reserve list of deficiencies PRIME Titanium 750W blank.

Benefits Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium

  • Excellent efficiency (80PLUS Titanium)
  • Quiet and very quiet operation (a semi-fan mode)
  • Very high efficiency
  • Very good voltage regulation, very low ripple / noise
  • Good implementation of the protection schemes
  • Fully modular connection cables, a good set of power plugs (4x PCI Express, 10x SATA)
  • 10 years warranty

Disadvantages Seasonic PRIME 750W Titanium

  • The high price, though understandable

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