Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch – the extension line (IFA 2016)

Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch - the extension line (IFA 2016)

Special intrigue Samsung in a presentation at the IFA was not. That watch Gear S3, it was clear both in the invitation and the various leaks. But will look like this watch, no one knows, even a few hours of “leak” design showed more imaginary than real.

From what was known exactly – watches are built almost on the same basis as the previous Gear S2, are more massive body. Many waited AlwaysOn Display function, the clock for the time, but do not turn off to conserve power. In principle, all these items with Gear S3 happened, but to understand the position of those hours in the line, let’s focus on their positioning, it is important and comes first in history compared to what hours they can.

On the mobile device market opened since ancient times to change the old model to the new, that is, beyond the smart phone in 2016, and the previous model is losing value and gradually disappear from the shelves. A very short time they are sold at the same time. Such a change of generations accustomed to electronics as filling rapidly aging, as well as software and new chips that are on the old iron difficult to implement.

But the clock is an accessory, and in Gear S2 has reached the ceiling in order that such a watch can do. Come up with new scenarios is very difficult, they are all within a few generations hours Gear implemented and tested in practice. The same Apple to its clock reached WatchOS third version and copy most of the features of the Gear, which is fine, because they are catching up in this area. With the Gear S3 can be expected that the Apple pereymut and proper business strategy.

Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch - the extension line (IFA 2016)

So, Gear nowhere S2 / S2 Classic disappear from the market, they remain in the line of Samsung devices. That is, the company will continue to produce them, sell, and it is planned that they will coexist with Gear S3. Will the change prices for “old” model is unknown, the Samsung there is disagreement on how to best position and the remaining Gear S3 S2. Some conservative audience Managers argues that it is necessary to reduce the price of S2, thereby increasing their sales and Gear S3 to sell a little more expensive than the S2 at the time of withdrawal. Another part of the management called for the preservation of the price of the S2, S3 but most of the cost, that is, for the creation of product lines, divided not by the release dates of the models and their cost. What converge all unconditionally, because it is positioned Gear S3 that is higher than any previous clock from Samsung.

At the presentation in Berlin, these disputes spared, evasively, saying that the clock face in the 4th quarter of this year, without specifying the month. Equally no one was talking about the price of the S3, mentioning only that they will be announced separately in each market. I would venture to suggest the following prices – 449 euros for the S3 Classic, 499 euros for the S3 Frontier. Let me remind you that S2 out at a price of 349 and 399 euros respectively. But this is only a guess, no price is officially no one claimed. And at the moment the price of S2 has been reduced, so it is hoped that the new S3 still put a little cheaper.Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch - the extension line (IFA 2016)

But, in any case, we see Samsung’s approach of watch companies, a new watch in the updated design does not replace the previous, but complement the line and there with them at the same time. This approach is not typical for electronics manufacturers.

Samsung Gear S3: Design, materials and hardware stuffing

The first thing you notice, watches have become heavier, the body size in both models is identical – 46h46h12.9 mm, strap on a standard 22 mm, you can use any straps watch manufacturers. If its latch used in S2, then there is nothing like this. In the photo you can see the old lock.

A looks like this new strap which can be made of any material – rubber, silicone, leather and so on. Choosing a huge straps on their presentations were made to the long rows.

It uses exactly the same steel 316L, housing became more massive, and on the hand watch look much better.Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch - the extension line (IFA 2016)

Left turning bezel (bezel), it serves as a control, while its ribbed done that well. Both versions support hours protection standard IP68, but Frontier models also added protection against temperature, shock, vibration, and all this at the level of military standards. That is, if the Classic – a typical hours, the Frontier made neubivaykoy. Separately, they stressed that the clock is protected from impact by stones and other objects, suitable for active sports.

Weight hours – 57 or 62 grams (without the strap, Frontier heavier), that in comparison with the usual mechanics a little, but his hand felt the clock, and their weight is pleasant, a sort of middle ground. Clasp comfortable, no complaints there.

If the previous generation, the screen was 1.2 inches, 1.3 inches here, but the resolution for the Application Compatibility left the same – 360h360 points. Supports function AlwaysOn Display, that is, the screen may not work all the time! According to preliminary data, this function will work for about 2 hours a day. The screen is covered with Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR +. Glass is resistant to everyday scratches, it is difficult to damage. Of the additional chip – can be on the menu include increased sensitivity of the screen, then it will keep pressing the gloves.

The larger the size of the body allowed to increase the size of the battery, now it is 380 mAh, as before, is supported by a wireless charging cradle, which is included in the kit. Charging time – from one hour to one and a half, depending on the ambient temperature.Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch - the extension line (IFA 2016)

On average, these watches work 4-5 days, depending on what kind of notification and how often you get what functions use.

As before, use dual-core processor with a maximum frequency of 1 GHz, but the amount of RAM increased from 512 to 768 MB (Tizen 2.3.2). If the Classic has support for Bluetooth® 4.2, Wi-Fi b / g / n, NFC, MST, GPS / Glonass, it is also added in the Frontier 3G / 4G-module (eSIM, support depends on the operator).

The updated clock pulse sensor used by another module, it is located under the glass on the inside. In words, argue that the new sensor is less sensitive to shaking, you can use it during training and racing.

Separately, I note the return of hardware GPS / GLONASS, respectively, there is a complete navigation straight hours without a smartphone companion. Maps, as before, Here.

Of the new features, I note that there are two side buttons that can be configured to call the necessary functions. Also, most of the menu redrawn by use of the rim, for example, answer a call, hang up, and the like. But the most important, in my view, important is that now again, as in the Gear 2, you can talk for hours. This is especially interesting in the Frontier, which de facto transformed into the phone while operating ESIM-map. Many users Gear 2 not changed their clocks on the S2 Gear due to missing GPS, inability to make voice notes, and talk on the phone, now this disadvantage is eliminated.

Support Samsung Pay works only with the corresponding smartphone, anyway, you first need to transfer the data to the watch of your cards, you are entering a phone. For added safety during the hours of KNOX, that is, all information is protected by encryption, and it will be difficult to steal. Even losing a watch, you will not lose money on the cards.

SOS function allows you to transfer the specified numbers (Frontier) your location and message, it was not on previous models.

Another interesting point – besides the hardware GPS, this watch has a hardware as a barometer, altimeter, which are used in sports applications (slope, distance traveled up the hill), and can predict the weather locally. The speedometer shows your current speed.

For those who do not want to create a reminder to take the phone, there is a possibility of the hand write a memo on the screen, it will be recognized and converted into text.

Most of the applications and features hours remained exactly the same as in Gear S2, so I refer you to the appropriate review.Review Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch - the extension line (IFA 2016)

Samsung Gear S3: Personal experience

Formally, both versions Gear S3 – a return to the sources, adding those features that were already in the Gear 2, but they were removed for Gear S2. But most importantly, it’s a different design of the watch, which is the main value. Watches have become nicer, well-shaped, and they look good in the hand. But I am personally pleased that they can continually work screen and charge them at the same time do not more often than once in a couple of days.

Not clear there is the question of cost, but it will clear up by October. I would expect the emergence of hours in December in Russia, the price for our market remains an issue unknown, waiting for the start of pre-orders. In terms of technology add to the hours that someone else is difficult, they have everything in order to realize any custom script. And this means that there will be large enough lifecycle. I was somewhat reminded of this watch model from Tag Heuer, but the cost of the past – about one hundred thousand.

Expect the model Gear S3 in both variations will sell better than the S2 / S Classic, you can not, the cost of these watches are too different. But this is a great extension of the model range, and they just increase the audience of smart watches, which the Samsung and achieve. Again, the life cycle of these hours will be at least two years, a lot of electronics. A clock will be bought to use them for at least five years, especially if the battery will be replaced over time, while time and is not limited. For the first time there were smart watch that personally I would like to wear. Our regulars know that I am very picky about smart watches and do not wear them all the time, but in the case of Gear S3 Frontier my opinion exactly the opposite, the model was interesting. It remains to wait for the cost of the ad. How do you like this news?

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