Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Categories tablet, which acts Samsung Galaxy View, does not yet exist, because is difficult to name the two devices, the second category of Alcatel. Their positioning is very simple, it is home tablet on Android, designed for watching video, communication in a Skype, other tasks. A sort of home plate television, which can be easily moved from room to room or take with you on a trip into the countryside. No one except the Samsung Alcatel and, trying not to create such a device, although the idea is on the surface. Company discourages that such plates can not be niche, and the tablet market is going through hard times.

In the US Samsung Galaxy View appeared at the end of 2015. Already we can say that this device has appeared aimed at a very narrow niche of buyers, who, on the one hand, does not consider the money, but on the other hand, for some reason, watching a video on tablets and through online services, denying the opportunity to use smart TVs or HDMI-sticks that extend the capabilities of conventional TV.  Sales proved that this individual buyers, their incomprehensibility discourages scenarios using the device, as well as the cost of which exceeds the price of most tablets, and when compared with the same diagonal TVs, they can buy 2-3 pieces. Let’s see what has not been done in the Samsung, and will compare the tablet with Alcatel Xess, since the other analogs had not.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Samsung Galaxy View: Design, size, controls

When you open the bag with the tablet, the first feeling that he giant. The Samsung Galaxy View on the back of the leg is made, which allows you to put it in exactly the same position, no adjustment of the angle of inclination is not.

It’s embarrassing, so how is it that you need to watch a bit of an angle, if you put the plate on the table. A feeling that was supposed to put a plate on the floor and watch it from the bed, then the angle is convenient. Near picture it is that look unpleasant, so this is not a tablet, in which it is necessary to look in the face. When comparing this tablet with Alcatel Xess strikes me that it did not make an adjustable angle of inclination, it is so simple and obvious that it seems, needs no explanation. But then it is not there.

The second position – it is a small slope on his knees, so convenient to type on a tablet keyboard is large and comfortable. But then again consider the tablet device, with which you will be sitting on the Internet, it is impossible. Most of the time I just did not consider it as such, I have always used the phone to search for the right information and ignore the Samsung Galaxy View. So for me it is a device for watching videos, and just for that.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Unfortunately, there is no Samsung Galaxy View full size USB-connector, which is surprising, in the same Xess two of them. This means that it is easy and simple to connect to the View keyboard, external hard drive or USB-stick will not work. Through an adapter, you can connect an external memory, but this board is inconvenient, just beyond words.

It is clear that there is a slot for memory cards but carry so files on the device – things torment, it is not a good option.

By the way, why slot for SIM-card nanosim, a mystery to me, there can and should be applied more widely microSIM, the place is full.

Built-in foot handle makes it easy to transfer the plate from room to room. It weighs 2.6 kilograms, as most home laptops with a diagonal of 15 inches. Dimensions – 451.8h275.8h11.9 mm, it is not a comfortable to carry, the bag is big enough. The tablet is available in black and white.

there is nothing but the front camera of low resolution on the front panel, from such a device waiting for something better. Location of keys on the top left (power button, volume control) is not very convenient, there has to reach. No Tablet control from other devices, for example, the Samsung phone is not provided (in any case, a special where you can turn your phone into a remote control).

According to the special assembly no complaints, although due to the size of the structure, it can sometimes creak when pressed.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Samsung Galaxy View: Display

Screen size – 18.4 inches, but the resolution – FullHD all, that makes the picture near the loose and granular. Do not pay attention, if the plate is at a distance of half a meter and more, there is the same effect as when watching TV. According to the screen resolution of the tablet as close to the TV. Since the TFT screen, no special settings there, you can adjust the font size, as everywhere in Android, but it is not necessary, all comfortable and so. Automatic brightness control works well, although the maximum brightness is inferior to most tablets, and TVs today. Dim screen, regardless of the selected backlight level. When viewing online video image quality is not ideal. On the one hand, it is better small plates, on the other hand, benefit from TVs and View. Therefore, in this aspect, everything was very, very ambiguous.

Viewing angles for the screen are different, there is no problem when viewing from the side. But what is the IPS screen, resulting in the fact that you see on the side illumination when displaying black color. When looking at the screen head-on, it is not. Another point outside the screen starts blikovat, and remembering that the angle is not adjusted, recognize that this is a problem.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Oleophobic coating have no screen, as a result, all the fingerprints are collected on it instantly. Wipe the screen will often often make it impossible to qualitatively, fingerprints still visible. In the off state it makes the tablet a “dirty”, I do not know about you, but I was this time frankly annoying.

Samsung Galaxy View: Battery

Built-in Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 5700 mAh, while charging for it requires a separate adapter. No fast charging is not provided, the full charging time – a little more than 4 hours. Given that in most situations the tablet is connected to a live AC power is not a problem. But most of the other sad, if you carry it from room to room, and then you want to go somewhere, it is not certain that he will be charged. Fast as it is practically impossible to charge.

Powered by a battery plate long enough to turn the video can be about 8 hours, no matter what – whether it’s a movie that is stored in memory, or download via Wi-Fi / LTE. It is long enough for such a device, you can watch 6-8 episodes of a TV series.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Samsung Galaxy View: Chipset, performance, memory

Chipset Exynos 7580, 8 cores up to 1.6 GHz, MALI T720 MP2. Not the weak, but also far from the title of the most productive, by modern standards, a very simple, therefore, expect that you can turn View into a gaming platform, it is not necessary. However, you do not want to do it, as will have to suffer with adapters.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

RAM 2 GB, it will be enough for most tasks, you will want to decide on this device. The internal memory of 32 GB, a little, but there is a memory card, you can set them up to 128 GB.

Performance solutions typical, there is no any peculiarities.

Samsung Galaxy View: Communications

The model SM-T677 has a 3G / 4G-module. In my view, no need for 3G / 4G-module device in the home is not why there is such an option, to me, quite frankly, it is not clear. The microUSB connector via an adapter, you can connect a USB-stick and other peripherals, but it is inconvenient. Availability of GPS you just do not need, assume that you use the tablet for navigation, it is not necessary.

Software – standard Android 5.1.1

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

The only difference from the standard Samsung smartphones and tablets based on Android 5.1.1 with TouchWiz is an additional screen in which collected various video services. You choose the service, and then download the app. For all services have a trial period, and then will need to buy a subscription. No adaptation of the services are not under the device.

There is an application Family Square, which allows you to use the tablet as a photo frame, share content with other smartphones, where it is the same.

Usual settings for memory management utility.

However, no specific application or something that would set off the tablet to other devices. All ordinary, and it is frustrating in the same Xess created variants of games for two, kitchen mode when the tablet shows recipes – in a word, it is clear that much work to do to change the usual Android, Samsung Galaxy View in anything that is done.

Review tablet-TV Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T670 / SM-T677)

Samsung Galaxy View: Impression

Samsung Galaxy View Price in the US starts at $ 499 (version without LTE), about 600 euros it costs in Europe. The device can be found on sale only in the original retail, and even then not in every store, it brought very little, however, sales only confirmed the correctness of this approach.

For comparable money can take the 15-inch laptop with a good filling a 17-inch model is simpler. Direct competitor Alcatel Xess costs $ 500. Price is a limitation for Samsung Samsung Galaxy View sales, such a device should cost about half as much.

On the other hand, having before our eyes Xess, I understand that Samsung Galaxy View turned out not too good and interesting, the home plate TV has too many disadvantages, so it can be recommended for purchase. And its use cases are limited only by watching videos. For comparison, look at the video about Xess, you will understand the differences between these tablets so much and why View fails.

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