Test and review: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma – the new generation of the popular mechanical keyboards from the RGB-backlit

Test and review: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma - the new generation of the popular mechanical keyboards from the RGB-backlit

Keyboard Razer BlackWidow X is the latest addition to its line BlackWidow. It is enclosed in an aluminum housing, “floating” keys look stylish and modern. But what about the functionality and convenience? All the details you will find out in our review.

Since 2010, Razer offers a mechanical keyboard BlackWidow family. While the gaming market was dominated by the keyboard with membrane switches, keyboards mechanical boom has not yet begun. Razer is not even ashamed to be called the world’s first BlackWidow gaming keyboard with mechanical switches. mechanical gaming keyboard you can buy today the situation has changed in the market from different manufacturers, but BlackWidow family laid the foundation of these models, so expect a lot of new products from Razer.

Razer BlackWidow line continues to develop. With proprietary switches it has been proposed and RGB backlighting. New Keyboard Razer BlackWidow X adds gamers can choose between switches Razer and Cherry. Namely BlackWidow X Chroma is available with a tactile switch and click Razer Green with RGB backlit keyboard so we tested. In the US, Razer keyboard is also available with tactile switches Razer of Orange without clicks. You can purchase BlackWidow X Ultimate with tactile and click Cherry MX Blue, but with a monochrome lighting. Add to this option without digital panel Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma, which is available only with the switches Razer Green. All models of the X BlackWidow differ from previous keyboards BlackWidow aluminum body and “soaring” keys.

But for a tested BlackWidow X Chroma will have to pay a round sum. In Russia, the keyboard has not yet appeared, but in Europe for a mechanical keyboard with backlight RGB will have to pay 189.99 euros. The cheapest model in the top three – BlackWidow X Ultimate and costs 109.99 euros. Finally, the compact version of the Tournament Edition Chroma will cost 159.99 euros.

Test and review: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma - the new generation of the popular mechanical keyboards from the RGB-backlit

Technical Specifications – Razer BlackWidow X Chroma:

  • Switches: Razer Green, and tactile clicks
  • The strength of the trip: 50 g
  • Proceedings before the trip: 1.9 mm
  • Service life: 80 million keystrokes.
  • Backlight:. RGB to 16.8 million colors
  • Cable: in tissue sheath
  • Advantages: RGB lights, metal housing
  • Dimensions: 47,5 x 17,1 x 3,0 cm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Price: 189.99 EUR

Usually we give a description supplied, but if BlackWidow X Chroma this section can be omitted. In the box you will get only the keyboard. If you look, in the box there is also a manual. Unfortunately, there is no bar for the rest of the hands or the alternative key caps. Keyboard design is simple and austere. But it can not be considered a disadvantage, BlackWidow X Chroma looks quite modern.

Brushed aluminum plate at an angle, from behind the keyboard, it is tapered, and the same goes for the front. Other design refinements have BlackWidow X Chroma no. Straight lines, “floating” keys and aluminum look great together. For such a keyboard is not a pity to pay a fairly high price. Caps keys, use a Phillips mounting, they can be replaced by other caps for keyboards Cherry MX.

The bottom panel has a plastic keyboard, here focuses on functionality. If you use the keyboard without folding legs, it will rely on the corners of soft rubber. The folding legs fitted with rubber pads, so that with them BlackWidow X Chroma will not slip on the table surface. The USB cable can be laid in the sheath through the gutters system that will bring him from behind the keyboard, right or left.

One reason for the high cost is covered in the RGB backlight. Is highlighted not only the individual keys, but Razer logo in front of the keyboard. Highlighting emphasizes labeling keys. The light also reflects off the aluminum panel, which gives a greater intensity of illumination effects. But RGB LED located above the micro-switch, therefore marking the secondary key functions is illuminated is not so good. Indicators on the numeric keypad we liked least – marking difficult to discern under certain viewing angles.

Not all users like to install special software for your keyboard software. Especially since the Razer Synapse – a controversial utility. Razer turned it into a cloud-based solution that requires user registration with a valid e-mail address. Razer Synapse stores settings in the cloud that can be easily read out – but in the presence of the profile. In principle, no one bothers to use the keyboard and without tools, but in this case you do not get a full set of features. In the end, through the Synapse utility you can configure and manage a variety of products Razer. Synapse utility allows you to configure bind keys to adjust the RGB-illumination edit macros, the program also collects statistics. The application interface is simple, although not all features, you can quickly understand. This applies, for example, the Chroma configurator, which can be flexibly adjust lighting effects.

Test and review: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma - the new generation of the popular mechanical keyboards from the RGB-backlit

If you want to use ready-made effects help Chroma Workshop. This platform allows you to download Razer gaming profiles and profiles for lighting products Chroma. If you install Razer Synapse, it can immediately take advantage of Chroma in with the official support of the games. For example, such support is available in Unreal Tournament Alpha, which we confirmed in our tests. Synapse automatically detects the launch of supported games, and then, instead of the default settings, loads the appropriate gamer profile. In Unreal Tournament menu static lights changed to slow the effect of breathing. In the game are highlighted WASD keys and the arrows. In addition, the backlight dynamically responds to what weapon gamer selects and actively uses, highlighting the appropriate keys. In particular, the UT picks weapons play an important role – if you are strapped keys to different types of weapons, at first glance will be able to determine what is at your disposal. Visually similar dynamic profile also looks good. Another question – if you have enough time to be in a dynamic shooter, to look at the keyboard?

Test and review: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma - the new generation of the popular mechanical keyboards from the RGB-backlit

Practical tests

The Razer, apparently confident that gamers prefer the tactile clicks and switches. That these are the Razer Green keyboard BlackWidow X Chroma. The user receives tactile feedback when the switch is activated and loud “click”. These switches allow comfortable typing without errors, because you can always understand the feelings and the sound, the key worked or not. But many gamers prefer the keys to linear switches without tactile feedback – especially in dynamic shooters. Also loud “clicks” switch Razer Green and Blue MX in keyboard BlackWidow X Ultimate like not all. For example, open office space clicks the keyboard is hardly suitable. In any case, the preferred switches – a matter of taste.

Test and review: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma - the new generation of the popular mechanical keyboards from the RGB-backlit


Razer introduced a highly compelling update BlackWidow line. BlackWidow X Keyboard looks fresh thanks to the “floating” keys and an aluminum panel. The design is modern and minimalist, and manufacturer focused on the basics. At the keyboard is no additional ports, separate multimedia keys or panel for rest of hands. But supporters of mechanical keyboards have to put up with restrictions on the choice of switches – equipment BlackWidow X is limited to a few options.

It’s a shame, because a lot of the strengths of the keyboard. But if the characteristics of Razer Green switch (or MX Blue in non-RGB version BlackWidow X Ultimate) you like, you will get an excellent quality instrument. Multicolor lights not only supports multiple modes of operation, but also individually adjusted to the game or application through the profiles. Pretty handy when at the start of the game will automatically load the appropriate profile backlighting. However, it is not supported by so many games. In addition, not all users will like that requires mandatory registration for utility Razer Synapse.

Alternatively, we can recommend K70 RGB line from the Corsair, in particular, have recently tested K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE. This keyboard is available for a similar price with different switches Cherry MX, including the Cherry MX Speed, which had previously been the exclusive prerogative of the Corsair. In addition, equipment and a little better, we can note the panel to rest the hands, and some multimedia keys. But supporters of the Razer minimalism surely enjoy more.

If you like a mechanical keyboard with modern design, equipped to click and tactile switches, then BlackWidow X line should pay attention. Keyboard BlackWidow X Chroma pleased with powerful lighting system, which receives additional functions through Chroma Workshop.

Benefits Razer BlackWidow X Chroma:

  • Beautiful aluminum panel, modern design with a “soaring” keys
  • Backlight RGB, customization and support of key profiles / applications
  • Three chutes for cable
  • Multimedia keys as an optional feature

Disadvantages Razer BlackWidow X Chroma:

  • Due to the good location of the LED lights up only the primary marking keys
  • The program requires registration

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