Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

Together with four covers, which I described in the last article, Nillkin also sent to test its new multifunctional speaker Cozy MC1 and USB-hub with the support of fast and wireless charges.

Nillkin Cozy MC1

Now it is difficult to surprise someone wired or wireless speakers, in their myriad market. As a result, companies are doing two things: beat design of speakers and added to their different functionality, in addition to audio playback. In Nillkin used both reception.

All features great speakers are shown in a short video company official.

Speaker comes in a nice white packaging. Included in addition to the device itself, are power supply, AUX-cable and battery.

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

Let’s start with the design. and would like to use the word “futuristic” In his description. Speaker does look very unusual. It is clear that no accounting for tastes, but I like her appearance. The main material used – white frosted plastic is made out of it a large part of the body other than rubberized rim top.

On the front side established a large clock display, the brightness can be adjusted via the buttons on the back cover.

Behind the four buttons: ‘On / OK “button, set the clock or alarm clock, up and down keys. Below you can see the AUX-in, socket for power supply and USB-port. With the latter, you can charge your smartphone or tablet, but to listen to music from a flash drive you do not get. Short press the “Power” button to enable / disable Bluetooth, and long – activates / deactivates the alarm clock. Adjust the alarm button Third Set. Snooze feature allows you to put off an alarm clock at five minutes to activate it during the alarm need to briefly press on it.

Above are a platform for wireless charging, the four touch buttons and NFC-module. Last need to quickly connect the smartphone to the speaker. As you can see, each key (except Snooze) two icons to switch tracks by briefly pressing, and call acceptance and volume change – long.

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

In the lower right corner is a hole-in microphone, it is necessary to say, if you took the call from the speaker. To be honest, I did not like the voice quality, callers also complained about the poor sound. If desired, you can turn off your smartphone settings “garniturnaja” speaker function and use it solely for its intended purpose.

The lower part of the speaker is made of a special rubberized material that the gadget is not “driving” on the table. A small white circle – it is a complete cover of the battery. The battery is used to store the settings of time in case of sudden blackout.

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

Go to the sound. To be honest, I assumed that this speaker is a typical flat sound, like in cheap magnitolkah for 1 500 rubles, so when for the first time included it, I was pleasantly surprised. In a nice soft sound speakers and a large volume reserve. Speaker copes with both classic and with vocals. But best of all she was given the tracks with a lot of bass. If you listen to this song, the emphasis will be exactly on bass rather than the voice of the musician. I have little experience in testing these gadgets, I find it hard with something to compare them, but in the case of Cozy MC1 can say that it sounds like at least better than my iMac (which are very good dynamics for the unsophisticated user). Connect your smartphone as you can with the help of Bluetooth (supported aptX codec) or via the supplied AUX-cable.

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

Wireless charging works by Qi-standard, current – 1A. In the wired – 2.1A.

On AliExpress speaker price starts from 6200 rubles. For the money you get a good wire speaker supporting both wired and wireless charging, fast connection using the NFC, the presence of the port and AUX-unusual appearance. And it sounds great. I would like to underline that iPhone owners will be a little insulting to use this gadget, because neither in NFC connectivity or wireless charging they receive. The only drawback I think the inability to play music from a flash drive.

Who can be interested in this gadget? I see the standard usage scenario like this: you come into the kitchen and cook your own breakfast / lunch / dinner, during cooking turn the speaker, and the smartphone at this time on the wireless charging pad. There can also be music, for example, I’m doing. Sami Nillkin promote the use of the gadget as a bedside unit, which is also a good option, especially if you have a bed is not the same place where a computer or main speakers.

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

Questions cause the price to me 6200 rubles seem still a tall price to pay for such a device, although it is good, but typically Russian consumers buy on Ali cheap gadgets. On the other hand, I have a speaker on the left a positive experience, and I can easily recommend it to those who really need this functionality.

I do not know about you, but I’m always on the table a different number of cables Behold Lightning for charging, that’s microUSB for PC connection, and here’s another Type C for smartphones with the new connector, etc. Of course, when it comes to charging, then all that needs some outlet, which is not always there. In general, about the USB-hub / Charging Hub I thought for a long time, and now just brought Nillkin suitable for the needs of the model. Included with the hub are the power supply and USB 3.0 cable

Hermes is a small drive with 4hUSB 3.0 ports, a port for connection to a PC (it is highlighted in red) and power supply. It is noteworthy that without the power supply hub simply will not work. A nice feature was the top panel for wireless charging.

All ports are covered with plugs, everything looks neat. The main material used – matte plastic, it is made of almost the entire body, except the rim on the top and on the bottom panel. They are made of a gray rubberized plastic, the first that it does not slide smartphone, and the second – to the hub itself is not “driving” on the table.

The current in all four USB-ports – 2.1A and 1A on the wireless charger.

Review speaker Nillkin Cozy MC1 and USB-hub Nillkin Hermit

For such an accessory in Nillkin want 3000 rubles, and I have serious doubts about his popularity in the market. If we talk about the key shortcomings, they, in my opinion, three. First – you need to connect the power supply to use Hermit as a USB-hub. The second – a white LED. For example, I – very grumpy man and a white hot light in the darkness I was frankly exasperated. Yes, even at work, he is also angry.

Generally, it is a common problem manufacturers of hubs, much as I tried them for the iMac, and strive to shove that stupid light, which is not needed in such things.

The third drawback – the location of USB-ports. Of course, such a “karuselkah” looks nice, but in fact more practical linear arrangement of ports.

Nillkin Magic Tag

At the beginning of this article, I lamented that my hands only the iPhone and a couple of gadgets that do not support wireless charging, but, fortunately, Nillkin brought to the test one more small accessory – Magic Tag. This widget connects via Lightning-connector to your iPhone, and the module is mounted on the lid. A module has velcro, so that nothing will fall off. Of course, with such an accessory is more rational to use a cover.


At the end of the survey I decided to ask you, dear readers. And you use accessories Nillkin, if so, what? Are you pleased? I have long been interested in their glass with oleophobic coating, planned to take a test, may be among you already have happy owners? I will be glad to read your comments.

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