Review Neffos X1 and X1 Max smartphones (IFA 2016)

Review Neffos X1 and X1 Max smartphones (IFA 2016)

TP-Link company is well known to us for networking equipment, but not at the hearing with their smartphones Neffos line. Like managing risk, the direction of smartphones in the TP-Link isolated separately and not made part of the company. Since TP-Link does not trade its shares on the stock exchange, the company private, they can not afford any investment in this area, nor does it respond to uncomfortable questions – what is happening to him and why since last year, this division has been slower than market. When Neffos appeared in Russia, I tested the C5 model, which was the most interesting of the few, my impressions were that it was a very expensive device without any special and unique features. Many competitors, vague positioning, overpriced.

Even after the review came out at a meeting with representatives of the company told me that it is the first attempt at writing, and the company plans to launch its own R & D, has plans to open a factory that will produce phones in a word, until the end of the year to accelerate and fully run this direction. He noted that at the IFA will try to get to the presentation of the company and see what they did, how these plans can be realized in life.

And here it is necessary digression. At IFA time journalists it is very expensive, as many presentations, meetings, and they often overlap each other. I shoot at a presentation – mchishsya to another and at a pace you live a few days. Invitation from the company was at 2 o’clock, the door to the room opened only at 2.30, and the presentation itself began at three o’clock! That is, one hour of time at present just stole that shows the ignorance of the realities of the exhibition. It hurts.

But even more offensive is that the first half hour presentation of a single word about the smartphones has not been told, the company told why TP-Link – the leader of the networking market, what proportion it takes and how arranged inside.

Review Neffos X1 and X1 Max smartphones (IFA 2016)

At the thirty-first minute came the dancers, who took away another ten minutes. They dance show that this new slogan Neffos – “Closer to you”.

Each company must have a slogan, it is no worse than any other, but why hold dances? And that’s just on the fortieth minute we started to talk about a new line of X, which consists of two units – Neffos X1 and X1 Max. In a press release, which is handed out before the start of the presentation, there was a lot of big words, but the main thing I’ve found in the section about the prices: “With a series of X buyers get more for their money.” Sensing this phrase as a figure difficult to me, well, that at the end of the presentation of the figures yet been named.

Now about the presentation. It was built on a template, which is taken in large, renowned companies. Typically, during a presentation isolated unique features not found in other brands and products emphasize them. In Neffos X1 is a risk of side thickness of 2.75 mm.

The side face has a bevel, bevel size – 2.75 mm. This is not the thickness of the phone, and a risk to the side face! It can be done even less to proudly say that it is the smallest of all of the world. For what? I do not know. But unlike.

Neffos X1 and X1 Max: Specifications

The screen is traditionally covered by Corning Gorilla Glass with the effect of 2.5D in entry-level 5-inch matrix with HD-resolution, in the older 5.5-inch FullHD. The front camera of 5 megapixels, the main 13-megapixel (phase detection autofocus), a fast start, f / 2.0, Sony module.

Review Neffos X1 and X1 Max smartphones (IFA 2016)

Fingerprint sensor located on the back side, the body molded, metal. The sensor is activated for 0.2 seconds, which is also framed as a kind of achievement, but this time equal to that which is in the top products of other companies. Yes, and all the sensors on the more or less advanced, it is a chipset.

Chipset Mediatek Helio P10, there is a memory card fast charge the battery. The older model is 3000 mAh. And, of course, Android 6, in which the company has made more than 3,000 patches. Twisting in the hands of phones, I can safely say that most of the corrections made in the style of Microsoft – a different font, other icons and so on.

Review Neffos X1 and X1 Max smartphones (IFA 2016)

Neffos X1 and X1 Max: Price

With a price of 199 and 249 euros respectively, these machines do not look cheap or competitors to existing models with similar characteristics. Even if we assume that in the fourth quarter (approximately the second half of October – beginning of November) is not a wave analogs appear, today’s market offers a variety of alternatives, such as Neffos X1 can be called the ZTE Blade V7 competitor that is already in Euroset 11,000 rubles, while the price Neffos X1 will be around 13 thousand, no less.

The same applies to the older model, in which the competitors have more than enough. To analyze them in detail not see the point, as Neffos very modestly represented in the federal retail, do not spend money on advertising, as a result, it has a modest sales in Russia. It is possible that with the release of the X-Series that will change. But the same Alcatel Shine Lite looks much more interesting than Neffos X1, and appears in the same time frame.

I asked the owner of the company, why Neffos manufactured at third-party plants, the company is not trying to make it on its own factories. The answer was as follows: in companies see the value in their own R & D, and who makes phones, is not important. I’m not sure that R & D in the case of the previous model and this put a lot of effort, since I know similar devices with Chinese factories at lower prices. It turns strange R & D, which copies what others do, though perhaps it is they who are responsible for those changes in 3000 Android 6.

Review Neffos X1 and X1 Max smartphones (IFA 2016)

The presentation and after and did not answer, as the concept of smart home is associated with smartphones Neffos, although it several times spoken of as a unique chip companies. Apparently, this understanding does not exist. And strange as it is possible to produce accessories for the smart home, if they will only work with their smartphones. The same outlet from TP-Link works perfectly with iOS / Android, which means that their smartphones are not needed for this and give any special privileges can not.

Neffos X1 and X1 Max: Impressions

I Neffos of negative impressions, too expensive, too little of something unique and unusual, they are deep secondary. From the company that in the other region has become a leader and has the opportunity to invest hundreds of millions of dollars products, waiting for a completely different approach, and when you see this, it is deeply sad. This is not the level of TP-Link is the usual Chinese smartphones with battened down the price. What we used to call the “second” hand, when the original is replaced by its manufacturer nameplates and the product sold at exorbitant prices. We look forward to the fourth attempt by Neffos, the first three were not very successful, the company could not convince me that they are able to take market share and have a product that can provide it. Sorry, but that’s it.

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