Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

The subsidiary of Motorola Mobility, which in 2014 was absorbed by Lenovo, in the fall of 2016 presented a new line to the public. The first smartphone, which happened to start, was Moto M (XT1663) – a typical middle peasant with a good design and medium “stuffing”. The model, having received a price tag of $ 300, was doomed to fight for a place in the market, which already had already been strewn with devices in this price segment. And yet the buyer has found his own, and not just one. Let’s get acquainted with Moto M (XT1663) closer.

Specifications Moto M (XT1663)

Our review begins with main technical specs of Moto M, so that everyone could understand what kind of animal it is.

  • Android 6.0.1
  • Display: 5.5 “, FullHD
  • Cameras: 16 + 8 Mp
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio P10
  • Graphics: Mali T860 MP2
  • Memory: 3 + 32 GB
  • Battery: 3050

Moto M: Packaging

By tradition, we will first consider the delivery kit. A comes Motorola Moto M (XT1663) in the most ordinary cardboard box, which is somewhat surprising – it feels like there is not a middle-class device from a well-known manufacturer, but some kind of unknown ultra-budget. In general, Lenovo has saved a little on the box, but it can not be considered a huge drawback.

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

Inside, we have a fairly standard set: the smartphone itself, the power adapter, the USB Type-C cable, the documentation kit, and the headset. True, why put the manufacturer of headphones is not clear – the price of them is …, and then for the Motorola logo. Although they will not be superfluous, the more the majority of companies today do not put such.

Moto M: Design

There are no frills in the design, but something hints that we have a Motorola device. And it’s not just the Moto logo on the front. Model XT1663 is similar to the G4 lineup, which is liked by many users. True, those were plastic, and the guest of our review is completely enclosed in a metal case. Colors are represented by a standard set, which is already starting to get bored – dark gray, gold and silver. Festive looks smartphone in gold color, more impressive – in silver. In general, Moto M (XT1663) turned out neat, this is the word I want to describe its design. The corners are rounded, the back side is sloped. This looks good, and in use it is convenient – in the hand lies like a poured.

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

With the arrangement of the elements, the manufacturer did not become wise, not taking them to unusual places for the user, as many Chinese companies like to do. On the front panel we have a large display, but it can not boast of an ideal ratio to the case – it has a decent chin at the bottom. The controls are onscreen, so only the Moto logo flaunts below. At the top of the smartphone is also standard: the hole of the speaker, the sensors, the front camera and the event indicator.

Let’s walk on the sides. On the upper side, which looks slightly recessed, we have a standard 3.5 mm jack under the headphones, and a microphone hole.

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

Below the USB Type-C port is surrounded by two grids (the right one is the speaker, the left one for the symmetry).

On the right side there is a power button (made grooved to feel better with your finger) and a volume swing.

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

Left – a combined tray for two nanoSIM, or 1 SIM and microSD.

Well, we finish the review of the design of the brainchild of Motorola rear panel. From below and from above we see the usual plastic strips, which do not try to disguise themselves – they have a different shade. There is also a camera with a dual LED flash. The module and the flash are slightly protruding above the frame, framed by a metal edging. A bit further down the already familiar fingerprint scanner is located. Well, the picture is complemented by the logo of Motorola, which is handed down to the very bottom.

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

Moto M, got on the review, is not a compact smartphone. With its 5.5-inch diagonal screen, it can be compared with some solutions at 5.7 inches. It is not easy – 163 grams, dimensions – 151.35 x 75.35 x 7.85 mm. However, in the hand lies perfectly, in many respects thanks to the bevelled sides on the back side. A quality metal is felt.

Moto M: CPU

So, as for the “iron” Motorola Moto M. The basis is the chipset from MediaTek Helio P10, not the most optimal option for the middle peper, but the device does not experience any performance problems unless, of course, trying to launch new games on the maximum graphics settings. It’s 8-core, it works at 1.8 GHz, an alternative to Snapdragon is the 617 or 615 solution. The Mali T860 MP2 is used as the graphics core.

And overall the performance is not bad. In AnTuTu Motorola Moto M (XT1663) is gaining about 50,000 points. In games it behaves well, even new releases are mostly on the maximum graphics settings. Heating is uncritical, throttling is not noticed, which indicates a good optimization of the system. And yet, with such a price tag, the manufacturer could offer something more powerful, if compared with other Chinese brands.

Moto M: Memory

RAM in the device is 3 GB, if you do not particularly stress the smartphone, then about 1-1.5 GB is available. Permanent stated 32 GB, but the user is available about 22 GB, do not forget that you can additionally install a memory card – a maximum of 128 GB. This is quite enough for the vast majority of users.

Moto M: Battery

The smartphone received a battery with a capacity of 3050 mAh. It seems that the capacity is not bad either, but let’s not forget about the diagonal and screen resolution, and the processor is not the most economical. With average usage (medium brightness level, included data transmission, social network) the device will work a little more than a day, that is, in the evening it will be necessary to put it on charge in order to not search for the outlet during the day. If, to use as a “dialer”, you get to squeeze out a full two days. In general, the performance is good, despite the fact that most smartphones with similar batteries and hardware are unlikely to show themselves better. In addition, the smartphone supports the fast charging function – Motorola Turbo Power.

Moto M: Cameras

Let’s see what the smartphone can do. The main module is quite good on paper. Here and 16 megapixels, and phase autofocus, and even a professional shooting mode, as well as aperture f / 2.0. The camera interface has been removed from Lenovo smartphones. Many modes and various settings are presented – there is where to turn around, although they are not necessary for everyone. Video can be written maximum in FullHD with 30 frames per second. As for the actual quality of the photo, we have a solid average level. Motorola Moto M, which is not surprising, removes better than most budget employees, but in its class has a lot of competitors. In the afternoon, excellent shots are obtained, without noise and blur, at night worse, of course, but not very bad.

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

Review Motorola Moto M (XT1663): Good Middle-Class smartphone

The front camera with 8 megapixels received a viewing angle of 85 degrees. With her task (selfie, video calls), she does well. True, it will be necessary to adapt a little, so that the pictures are not smeared. For the title “Selfiphone”, which is popular with some users today, Motorola Moto M does not pretend, but it will be able to make an avatar into the social network.

Moto M: Display

The model supports a modern trend – the diagonal of the screen is 5.5 inches. The resolution is FullHD. How convenient is this diagonal, the question is very subjective. Some users do not even look in their direction, others are already 5.5 inches short. Around the screen, in the golden version, a thin black strip is visible, which in general does not spoil the species. The quality of IPS-matrix no complaints. Here and juicy, contrasting colors, and wide viewing angles, and normal temperature. Of course, there is a solution from Motorola protective glass, resistant to scratches, but not newfangled 2.5D, and in the old manner – flat. It is supplemented by an excellent oleophobic coating: the tracks remain, but they are erased very simply.

There are no complaints about the margin of brightness, of course, that on a very sunny day the readability is deteriorating, but it is possible to disassemble everything. Auto-brightness works well, without which today it is difficult to manage. Well, the sensor is good – it works from every touch. Frustrated by the lack of such a useful feature as the Active Display, which was in previous Moto models. She displayed time and notifications enough only to move the device, while consuming a minimum of energy.

Moto M: Connectivity

The quality of communication does not have to complain about the quality of communication. The device is equipped with a hybrid slot, which allows you to install 2 SIM-cards, which is very important for many users. From communications we have everything that a modern user needs. Here we have a fresh version of Bluetooth 4.1, of course, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE support. Everything is good and with satellite navigation. Supports smartphone and American GPS (A-GPS), and domestic GLONASS, and even Chinese BeiDou. Satellites are looking for quickly.

Moto M: Sound

With the sound of the brainchild of Motorola full order, though from the main dynamics, even from the conversational. The manufacturer claims support for the CirrusLogic codec, as well as Dolby Atmos, which provides surround sound in all directions. The sound is also good in headphones (of course, not those that come with the delivery). If you dig into the settings of the equalizer, you can get a completely different sound, which will satisfy even the music lover.

Moto M: Software

Motorola Moto M, which came to our review, can boast of “purest” Android 6.0 – a kind of achievement among smartphones, clogged with inappropriate shells and a bunch of useless software. We have only the most necessary: ​​Google services and a couple of useful applications from Microsoft. What can I say about the smooth operation of the interface? Yes, everything is perfect, but the smaller one and you do not expect it from a smartphone, which is positioned as a middle class. What’s frustrating is the lack of gestures for a quick launch of a camera or flashlight, of course, the function is not the most obligatory, but still. But there is a possibility to start the camera by double pressing the power button. The manufacturer promises to upgrade to Nougat in the near future, which is expected, given the prevalence of the smartphone.

Moto M: Features

Motorola Moto M did not bring something special. Rather, on the contrary, I lost it. Not unnecessary, there was an Active Display function. But the indicator of missing events appeared, but the exchange is clearly not equivalent. The popular fingerprint scanner has not disappeared anywhere, it works exactly, but not lightning fast. The set of sensors is standard: illumination, approximation, gyro, compass.

Pros and Cons of Moto M


  • Pleasant appearance and easy-to-use body;
  • Quality screen;
  • Support for two SIM;
  • Possibility of installing a memory card;
  • Good for their camera price;
  • “Pure” Android;
  • Normal autonomy.


  • Performance, though not bad, but obviously not for $ 300;

Moto M: Alternatives

So, Moto M (XT1663) Rcosts around $300-350. What can we choose in this segment? First, Meizu M3 Note, which in version 3 + 32 GB will cost about $320. Similar characteristics, but a more capacious battery (4100 mAh). If you consider the proposals of Chinese Internet sites, you can buy the device is half as cheap. Secondly, the mass of offers from Xiaomi, for example Xiaomi Mi5, which is much more interesting characteristics, and the price around $320. For the same amount can be considered ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S, which boasts Snapdragon 625, as well as a bunch of memory 4 + 64 GB. And in general, there are lots of alternatives, given the pace at which new products are produced by Chinese manufacturers.

Our review Motorola Moto M (XT1663)

Motorola Moto M is quite popular in Europe, China, the UAE, as well as excellent sales. However, users from the CIS prefer other solutions. The fault is the processor, which scares off the buyers, given the cost. If you do not look at the price tag and the chip, the fresh solution from Motorola is a good option, which tries to match the company’s logo. Here we get a neat body of quality materials, and a bare operating system, and smooth work. If the smartphone at least a little off in the price, it will necessarily become massive.


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