Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Review Meizu Pro 6 can help to find out whether the device worthy competitor products of these companies, or has significant disadvantages.

According to the characteristics of paper to Meizu Pro 6, no claim can not be. All specifications are looked dignified and more than matched by the price tag.

Meizu Pro 6: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Appearance smartphone shows belonging to the upper segment. It is made in metal housing made of aluminum, is very reminiscent of that of the iPhone 6 series. Dimensions Meizu Pro 6 – 14.8 x 7.1 cm, a thickness of 7.3 mm, and weighs 160 grams apparatus. From the same iPhone 6 Plus device is much smaller: 1 cm shorter and almost 8 mm narrower. But a smart apple and size of the screen on the third of an inch bigger.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Comparisons with the iPhone is not in vain: the front is almost Meizu Pro 6 copies Apple’s flagship, is that the button is stretched into an oval. It includes a fingerprint scanner, but a bit more functional than ayfon and can replace the functions of all 3 major functional Android keys.

The second difference – an opening sensor is not located above the speaker, and beside him, symmetrical lens selfie-kamery.

Behind the differences from the iPhone 6 is already more visible: Plastic dividers antennas are arc-shaped and shifted closer to the ends. There already seems to be that Apple copied the Chinese: this design is the new iPhone 7.

The camera is not placed in a corner, and in the middle. She sticks out slightly and is framed by a chrome rim. Interestingly implemented flash: it consists of ten LEDs set along the perimeter of the window of the laser dalnomera.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

The upper end of the apparatus in an almost empty, only the opening of the second microphone can be seen on it.

Right – to control the sound rocker and the power button on the right – a slot for the SIM cards of the Nano, traditionally opened shpilkoy.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Meizu Pro 6: CPU

Meizu Pro 6 is the first smartphone based on desyatiyadernym MediaTek Helio X25 chipset. This overclocked X20 model. It also consists of 3 switched clusters. 2 core A72 2,5 GHz are designed for heavy tasks, and 4 cores A53 2 GHz – optimized for demanding multi-threaded programs. The same number of cores Cortex A53, 1,4 GHz allocated for daily exercise.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

For graphics accelerator in the smartphone meets Mali T880 MP4, both flagship – is not the most ideal solution. For example, in the midrange Snapdragon 650 is used by 10-20% faster GPU Adreno 510. However, that does not stop to run any game on improved graphics settings. The chip is the third force in the market of Android-devices (after the Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890), and is gaining in AnTuTu about 100 thousand “parrots”.

Meizu Pro 6: Memory

Meizu Pro 6 has 4 GB RAM. It dialed LPDDR3 chips to 2 GB. At the start, the system consumes a little more than 1.5 GB, for the application is a lot of free space. Sudden departures at 3-4 running programs – it’s definitely not about the review of the hero.

Built-in memory is decent, but not a record 32 or 64 GB. Given the lack of a memory card slot, many would like to see in the line version with 128 GB. But since it is not – it is necessary to expand the space by clouds or use OTG USB flash drive.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Meizu Pro 6: Battery

The smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery 2650 mAh battery, which is a bit on the background of budget models Maze (from M3 Note, for example, on the 4100 mAh battery). The manufacturer declares support for fast charging to 100% for 1 hour. Complete storage provides this opportunity.

The fastest way to eat up the charge of the game: 3-4 hours – and have to go to the outlet. Watch a movie of the memory allows the device to stretch up to 9-10 hours. In the mode of moderate use smartphone stand day, but early the next day will have to find an outlet. Therefore, to put it every night to recharge exactly necessary. It grieves when one considers that the said stretch M3 2 days.

Meizu Pro 6: Cameras

The smartphone uses a 21-megapixel camera on the Sony sensor IMX230. Its size – 1 / 2.4 “, pixels are standard 1.12 micron Optics shestilinzovaya with f / 2,2 aperture supported phase and laser focus, but no flash stabilization of ten LEDs is more on the” wow-effects… “than really useful options. It is brighter than many of its competitors, but not 10 times, to the xenon lamp in the cameras it too far.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Image quality is high, but from the flagship Samsung smartphone in the plan falls short.

During the day everything is fine, but in low light conditions, even a three-year iPhone 5s takes a little bit better. Video recording is carried out in 4K resolution, at 30 FPS, or FullHD and 60 FPS.

Front-end module has a resolution of 5 megapixels, with a pixel size of 1.4 microns and a luminosity f / 2. Frontalka very, very good for video, as well as it allows you to make high-quality selfie. A little “soap” is present in the pictures, but generally at the level of quality. Budget Chinese phones are often the primary module is removed worse.

Review Meizu Pro 6: dual-core flagship smartphone from China

Meizu Pro 6: Display

The smartphone uses a 5.2-dymovy AMOLED display with FullHD resolution. He has excellent viewing angles and contrast ratio. Color rendering close to natural, but a little worse than the Samsung. The matrix has PenTile structure, but in normal use it is not visible. Notable subpixels become a VR headset such as Google CardBoard.

Touchscreen Meizu Pro 6 is covered by tempered glass Gorilla Glass 4 generations, with good oleophobic coating. Chip is a function of the sensor 3D Press, analogue to that of Apple. Depending on the pressing force, the smartphone in any way respond to gestures. However it works mainly in standard applications.

Meizu Pro 6: Communication

In the smartphone has a 2 Nano SIM slot located in the already classic drawer. Supports GSM and 3G networks, common in Europe. With LTE, too, there is no problem, in countries where the device is sold officially, have to work all the operators.

On board there is Wi-Fi, working with all the standards in the 2.4 and 5 GHz. Version Bluetooth – 4.2, stereo sound and energy saving are available. Navigator is designed to receive signals from GPS satellites, the BDS, and GLONASS, it works quickly. On the open area is more than 20 satellites in 20 seconds. NFC No Infrared port is also available.

Meizu Pro 6: Operating system

Powered smartphone based on Android OS 6, but it is not clean OS, and corporate events FlymeOS 5. The system works smoothly and quickly, the interface can be called beautiful, but it is subjective. Characteristic for Chinese bugs with iOS devices, after a couple of updates, almost none. Updates come not so often, but they are still there.

Meizu Pro 6: Sound

Maisie began with the production of media players, so now try to do high-quality sound. The Meizu Pro 6 has a 32-bit DAC Cirrus Logic CS43L36, support sound sampled at 192 kHz. On the dynamics of the result of its activity is not particularly impressive, but the machine sounds good headphones with dignity. To listen to LOSELESS amiss (the difference with MP3 felt), but memory albums in uncompressed format can be enough.

Pros and cons of Meizu Pro 6


  • powerful processor;
  • good camera;
  • high-quality sound;
  • good screen.


  • rather weak graphics accelerator;
  • no memory card slot;
  • mediocre battery;
  • no NFC.

The Chinese Meizu Pro 6 is positioned as an iPhone competitor. This loudly declares smartphone looks, and the popularity in China confirms the correctness of rates. The device is aimed at those who want a beautiful and powerful smartphone with a good camera and a clear sound. Easier to say who he will not approach: a “hunter of parrots”, gamers and connoisseurs of autonomy. Lovers store a whole audio library scare limited amount of memory that can not be expanded.

Bet on an intermediate screen size of 5.2 “, in theory, have been made to attract the widest possible audience, however, at this point there is a downside: PHABLET lovers may find it a smartphone too small and compact fans – is too great.

Our review Meizu Pro 6

Review MeizuPro 6 shows that the device is really interesting for the money. However, to call it can not be perfect. The camera is good, but inferior to Samsung and Apple’s, a powerful chipset, but the graphics a little bit weak, and the level of autonomy of many seem insufficient. Disappointing lack of NFC, which many expect from the flagship.

The absence of slots for memory cards and even has become a tradition, but that does not help. Correct the situation would have output version with 128 GB of memory, but it decided not to do. Besides, not everyone will like that the headphone jack is located at the bottom. Listen to music on the go by connecting the external battery pack (and he Meizu Pro 6 does not hurt, if you take the smartphone in the trip), is not very convenient.

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