Review Gigabyte XM300 – balanced universal gaming mouse

Review Gigabyte XM300 - balanced universal gaming mouse

Announced in January 2016 Gaming Mouse Gigabyte XM300 was the first in a series of Xtreme Gaming, whose name is used, particularly in the most technologically advanced graphics cards companies. So it could be assumed that this is the most functional device of the upper price range. However, the announced price of $ 40 is probably a sign of a budget model, and the technical characteristics of the device can hardly be called typical for this price range.

Gigabyte XM300: Contents of delivery

Gigabyte XM300 comes in a black box with a picture of a mouse. Decorative cover to “Velcro” allows you to see and evaluate the dimensions of the mouse without unpacking. The main characteristics are listed in English, localized only to the inscription on the inside of the lid, notifying the use of the sensor with a resolution of 6400 DPI and the presence of anti-slip rubber inserts.

In addition to direct your mouse in the box you can find two sets of Teflon feet – the usual black and light gray, which, of course, commendable.

Software traditionally for modern gaming peripherals are invited to download from the official site.

Review Gigabyte XM300 - balanced universal gaming mouse

Gigabyte XM300: Design and specifications

The manufacturer Gigabyte XM300 following specifications stated:

  • Pixart optical sensor 3988 with a maximum resolution of 6400 dpi (Dots Per Inch, DPI),
  • adjustable lighting with 16.8 million colors,
  • Xtreme ergonomic design,
  • Omron switches, designed for 20 million presses, key buttons,
  • resolution switching “on the fly”
  • Teflon feet,
  • Xtreme macro system,
  • interface cable with gold plated connectors 1.8 m long,
  • weight 101 g (± 3%) without cable,
  • dimensions of 130 × 60 × 43 mm, the width between the specified rubberized side inserts.

Cable insulated with PVC and ferrite near the gold-plated connector interface has no tissue sheath, the status attribute of gaming peripherals. The thickness and stiffness of the cable to provide sufficient mechanical strength without a significant impact on the use of comfort.

While manufacturers are segmented gaming mouse, providing a lightweight compact models such as the Cougar 600M, as well as complete opposites with an additional weight gain, like Redragon FOXBAT, Gigabyte decided to offer a universal model, suitable for most users, as they say, out of the box, and both in size and in the type of grips – it means the item “ergonomic design Xtreme» in the specifications.

As for the exterior, in the case of the Gigabyte XM300 have done without the invention of the bicycle. Mouse has a classic ergonomic shape under the right arm with a characteristic ledge on the right side, once became one of the reasons Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer popularity and subsequently Razer DeathAdder.

Key buttons are integral with the upper part of the housing made of opaque plastic smooth. Extensions to the front of the buttons are used to stop when pressed.

Plastic side panels and the central part of the body to the wheel has a rough texture that prevents slipping. At the bottom of the mouse are provided on both sides of the rubberized insert.

Besides the basic buttons and button Gigabyte XM300 wheel is equipped with four additional keys – two on the left side and two in the upper part of the wheel, the default resolution switching. The corresponding four-LED is located near the side buttons.

Rubberized plastic wheels styled tread tires.

Review Gigabyte XM300 - balanced universal gaming mouse

The wheel is not illuminated, the backlight is left for a logo at the rear.

In Gigabyte XM300 installed gaming sensor Pixart SDNS-3988 with a physical resolution of 6400 DPI, located closer to the front of the device. The main buttons are used switches Omron DCFC-F-7n with a resource of 20 million keystrokes. Support provides additional features Texas Instruments MSP430F5510 controller is equipped with 32 KB of internal memory.

Gigabyte XM300: Test system configuration

  • Processor Intel Core i7-970
  • The motherboard Gigabyte X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0)
  • The GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  • RAM 24GB (4 × 4096 DDR3 Samsung M378B5273DH0-CH9, 2×4096 Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)
  • Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCIe
  • SSD 64GB OCZ Vertex 4
  • SSD 120 GB Corsair Neutron
  • SSD 256GB Samsung 840 EVO
  • SSD 512GB OCZ Octane
  • Hard Drive 2TB Toshiba (DT01ACA200)
  • Hard Drive 2TB Seagate Barracuda LP (ST32000542AS)
  • Hard Drive 2TB Seagate Enterprise Capacity (ST2000NM0033)
  • Hard Drive 2TB Seagate Enterprise Capacity (ST2000NM0033)
  • Hard Drive 4TB Seagate Enterprise Capacity (ST4000NM0033)
  • DVD ReWriter ASUS DRW-24B1ST
  • Operating Systems Windows XP Professional (SP3) RUS, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (SP1) RUS, Windows 8.1 Pro x64 RUS, Windows 10 Pro x64 RUS

Gigabyte XM300: Connecting and Configuring

Somehow missing in the specifications of the internal memory Gigabyte XM300 does not require additional drivers for the mouse settings are rather standard installation program Xtreme Macro Engine.

The application icon in the system tray allows you to configure the startup applications, including minimized.

Home program alludes to compatibility with other gaming peripherals company.

Review Gigabyte XM300 - balanced universal gaming mouse

corporate application interface is designed in black and orange colors. Used when testing version 1.06 has an English interface. However, large icons do not require translation, the settings are rather informative.

Editor features include delay setting by pressing, move the cursor to the specified location, perform a single, repeated execution, execution with a stop at the touch of a button, the macro saved in the file and upload the file.

Memory device supports five profiles without reference to specific programs, any of the buttons can be adjusted for cyclical switching.

The standard for modern gaming mice reduce resolution when pressed further button (m. N. “Sniper” mode) added simultaneous emulation of any of the three basic mouse buttons and switches to an arbitrary resolution and back in the range of 50 to 5050 DPI, wherein the horizontal and vertical resolution can be set separately.

In the advanced settings available to configure each of the four supported resolutions in the range of 50 to 6400 DPI increments of 50 DPI with an independent set values horizontally and vertically, the vertical scroll speed and USB sample rate, and are supported as standard 125 Hz, 250 Hz , 500 Hz and 1000 Hz, and the untypical 142 Hz, 166 Hz and 333 Hz.

Permits are switched independently of the switching profiles.

Review Gigabyte XM300 - balanced universal gaming mouse

You can also check the firmware update and mouse program Xtreme Macro Engine. When testing the device firmware is updated to version F20.

Multicolor lights with logo can be customized according to RGB channels for all profiles and for each profile separately, facilitating the visual definition of the active profile. The following effects: Brightness setting to turn off the backlight, ripple effect, and sequential switching between the primary colors.

White LED resolution is not configurable.

Review Gigabyte XM300 - balanced universal gaming mouse

Gigabyte XM300: Impressions from the use

The rate on universality Gigabyte XM300 was justified, the mouse can be really comfortable to use with different types of grips. The sympathies of the author to the light compact mice also found a favorable response due to optimally selected height and width between the rubber inserts and relatively low weight.

Pressing the basic and additional informative buttons, the buttons have a tangible progress and clearly audible sound alarm.

Access to the side buttons arranged conveniently. Subjectively, for users with middle-sized palms side buttons are shifted forward by a few millimeters, but appreciable discomfort it causes.

Wheel Cover provides a good grip, pushing the average stress, depression and switching products also informative. Noise is minimal scrolling.

Testing was carried out on carpets A4Tech 600MP, Corsair MM200, SteelSeries QcK mini, NOVA Winner 3 and Razer Goliathus Speed.

Sensor used up to its positioning as a game upper level sensor with infrared illumination, demonstrating the absence of precise positioning and pronounced dependence of the surface.

Build quality can be assessed as good, backlash and extraneous sounds are not detected during testing. Matte plastic can count on a neat appearance with prolonged use.

It is worth mentioning willfulness staffing software, calling, for example, the failure of the profiles settings when adjusting the backlight when setting the buttons or the touch of a button assignment-wheel spontaneous combination of pressing the scroll when selecting from the list of pressing, which is why you may need to reset to the default setting. However, the opportunity to correct setting compensates for these effects, which also can be corrected in software updates.

Gigabyte XM300: Working with mobile devices

When you connect to the tablet ASUS Nexus July 2013 (version of Android 6.0.1) through OTG cable model Gigabyte XM300 is defined as the Texas Instruments MSP430-USB Mouse.

Noticeable delay when such use is not detected, switching profiles and permissions works correctly.

Gigabyte XM300: Diagnosis

Gigabyte XM300 is a fairly rare example of a well-balanced mouse with virtually no drawbacks. It can confidently recommend to most potential buyers, except that users who prefer a more weighty device. In this class, the mouse is released universal shape and weight, a resource used by switches – 20 million instead of 10 million competing models, functionality, in particular the five profiles, and more than competitive price, so that the appearance on the domestic market, Gigabyte XM300 clearly deserves attention.


  • Universal shape and size;
  • light weight;
  • sensor Pixart SDNS-3988;
  • the existence of internal memory with support for 5 user profiles;
  • Omron switches in the main button with a resource of 20 million clicks;
  • customizable buttons;
  • multicolor logo lights;
  • functional staffing software;
  • original settings “sniper” mode;
  • additional legs in the kit.


  • form only under the right arm;
  • lack of staffing profiles binding software applications.
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