Test and review: EpicGear Defiant – mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

Until now, when you buy a mechanical keyboard had to be defined with the switches. But what if you later realize that you switch characteristics are not suitable? If EpicGear Defiant such problems will not arise. In this keyboard, you can easily change the switches themselves.

Companies like Cherry, produce different switch types. The same applies to EpicGear. For example, recently tested Dezimator X switches can be purchased from EG Grey, EG Orange, EG Purple. Each type characteristics differ. For example, EG Grey have a linear course without tactile feedback (as in the same Cherry MX Red). In EG Orange we receive tactile feedback at the point of operation. A EG Purple add also “click”.

With the new keyboard EpicGear Defiant buyer gets the opportunity to choose between three different types of switches, and can be ordered as a keyboard with the right type of switches and replace them later. EpicGear Defiant advantage is just a simple replacement of the switches. Later, you can replace the part or even all of the switches. And for each key, you can select those EpicGear switches that fit best. Special modular matrix structure EpicGear MMS (Modular Matrix Structure) facilitates the cleaning of the keyboard, finally, special modular switches designed for it. EpicGear Defiant keyboard provides basic functions that are required by the gaming keyboard. Despite the modular construction, it is equipped with key backlight. The software supports up to four profiles, so that the keyboard can be customized. Interestingly, the EpicGear Defiant can be equipped with additional accessories: panel for the macro keys, the multifunction module with USB and audio ports, the panel for the rest of the hands (tournament or ergonomic).

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

But these accessories have to buy separately. EpicGear called us the first price. White caps will cost 39.99 euros. A set of 24 switches (all three types / colors) will cost 15.99 euros, white protective film – 12.99 euros, the transparent protective film – 9.99 euros. Prices of other accessories will be announced later. EpicGear Defiant keyboard itself is not that expensive for a mechanical model. Despite the new EpicGear MMS technology, the recommended retail price of 99.99 euro reserves.

Before we move on to the specifications, we are sure to watch the video extract and the first acquaintance EpicGear Defiant. On it we have shown the procedure for replacing switches.

Technical Specifications – EpicGear Defiant:

  • Switches: EG Purple (replaceable)
  • The strength of the trip: 50 g
  • Proceedings before the trip: 1.5 mm
  • Service life: 70 million keystrokes.
  • Backlight single-colored white
  • Cable: Braided, 1.8 m long, gold-plated plug
  • Advantages: interchangeable mechanical switches, the aluminum top panel, the backlight keys, volume control, optional accessories
  • Dimensions: 45,5 x 16,7 x 2,6 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Price: 99.99 EUR

EpicGear Defiant in detail

The Defiant is supplied with multi-language quick start guide, a sheet of labels and a plastic tool. With the help of the keys to change the caps EpicGear Defiant mono, as well as the switches themselves.

At first glance, EpicGear Defiant keyboard looks modestly. If not colored cord connection, it could easily be mistaken for an office keyboard. Exterior decorated with brushed aluminum top panel, over which “float” caps key. Keypad main body is made of plastic.

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

The modern design caps keys “floating” above the keyboard panel. What we just got in the case EpicGear Defiant. But here, the reason lies not only in appearance. Since the switches are interchangeable, they had to be positioned slightly above for easy access.

EpicGear left a standard keyboard layout. Additional features of multimedia and backlighting are available through the combination of F-keys and Fn.

When you play multimedia volume control function can be very useful. It’s nice that the manufacturer has implemented its no buttons and scroll wheel. In practice, it is convenient to use, the wheel rotates smoothly. He has also a hidden feature – if you press the scroll wheel towards the dashboard, it mutes the sound (or include it in again).

EpicGear Defiant rests on rubber pads. At the folding legs also added a small rubber pads, so that the keyboard will not budge in any position of the legs.

Connected via the keyboard braided cable 1.8 m in length. The cable is equipped with a filter and gold-plated USB connector. It is a pity that the manufacturer has not added a Velcro cable to transport when folded.

Our test sample was equipped with switches EG Purple – to click and tactile feedback. If after purchase you will realize that the switches do not suit you, you can replace them. Or set the other switches to the selected key. You can purchase a set of 24 switches. If you want to completely replace the switches, it is necessary to order a few sets. At the keyboard, we obtain a set of 8 switches each type. Also included is a tool for replacing switches and caps. So if you lose the supplied relevant tool, included with the keyboard, no problem.

In bright orange tool has two operating end. Party C is used to remove the caps, the side S – to remove switches. Caps just gets up, but in the case of replacement of the switches have to make more efforts. With the help of a tool clamped two tiny plastic hook, hold the switch on aluminum panel EpicGear Defiant. After clamping of the switch can be easy to get up. Under the switch, you can see the white LED backlight – it shines through the switch. Setting the switch is simpler, which extract: it is enough to insert neatly into place and press until it clicks. If you adapt himself, the seconds spent on the replacement switch.

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

EpicGear Defiant: Software

If you want to make full use of all the functions of a gaming keyboard, can not do without the installation utility. It allows you to customize the key binding and USB polling rate, supported by management profiles and macros. In the original version had a problem with the work under the standard user account. The program does not start, had forced her to run as an administrator. The new version (V1.10) problem has been solved.

EpicGear Defiant: Practical tests

The main distinguishing feature of the EpicGear Defiant is a modular matrix structure EpicGear Modular Matrix Structure with replacement of switches, which we have already told above. It seems to us, a few users will completely replace the keyboard switches after purchase. EpicGear offers 24 sets of switches. It is much more convenient to use EG MMS to separate the keyboard into zones, each of which can be equipped with the required type of switches. For example, WASD has better equip key line switches EG Grey, as they are optimally suited for dynamic games such as shooters. With regard EpicGear switches, we have already discussed in detail in the review of their Dezimator X. Although the keyboard is equipped with linear switches EG Grey.

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

Switches EG Purple Defiant in our sample have different characteristics than EG Grey. EpicGear chosen for its abbreviated course switches to the resistance point 1.5 mm (Cherry MX it is usually 2 mm), the response force is 50 g, but EG Purple is used to click the carriage, the switching point is well palpable. These keys are very comfortable for typing. When replacing switches tactile sensations are already quite different. Of course, do not like to click switches all, as they are quite noisy. On the video, we have tried to show the noise of keys. The rest of the EG Purple worked fine, I feel good tactile feedback. Is that the space seemed a somewhat spongy. Because of the noise, many users will prefer to switch EG Grey or EG Orange. The combination of EG Purple switches to a different type of switches for some keys, we do not really like. We are equipped with WASD keys switches EG Grey, which are tactile sensations close to Cherry MX Red. But if during the game had to press another button to switch EG Purple, clicks sound literally frightened.

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

EpicGear Defiant: Conclusion

It’s nice that EpicGear never ceases to go through innovation. No matter what you think about the brand of switches EpicGear, the possibility of replacing them is very interesting. But how many users will want to replace the keyboard switches? Good question. In any case, the keyboard makes it easy to replace not only the key caps, and mechanical switches.

Many users a simple design EpicGear Defiant will surely enjoy. The keyboard has a modern look with an aluminum plate on which “float” caps key. Although the design is not as playful as most gaming keyboards. You will receive a number of additional features such as scroll wheel volume control, media keys through the appointment of additional F-keys, backlighting, adjustable in several levels. Gamers like the Windows key lock, support for macros and profiles (via Defiant utility). If you do not have enough panels to rest the hands or additional interfaces, EpicGear here prepared a surprise: you can purchase a variety of accessories to the keyboard.

Test and review: EpicGear Defiant - mechanical keyboard with replaceable switch

If you need a keyboard with replaceable switch, the EpicGear Defiant is no alternative today. In any case, before you buy a mechanical keyboard, we recommend to try out the different types of switches to choose from. Still EpicGear Defiant complete replacement of switches require additional efforts, and have to buy a few sets of 24 switches. The price of the keyboard EpicGear Defiant quite reasonable, given the opportunity to replace the switch. Of course, price increases, if you decide to add a couple of accessories keyboard. With a budget of 100 euros on the market you can find several alternatives EpicGear Defiant, it is also very decent. Including on the best switches Cherry MX. We recently tested Ozone Strike Pro with a similar price. Ultimately, the type of switches is determined by the user’s preferences and work scenarios. EG Purple Complete switches are not very well suited for playing games, but they like to those users who have a lot of gains.

EpicGear Defiant keyboard looks modest, but hides an interesting innovation. Therefore, we award our award keyboard “new idea”. While most people are likely to buy the keyboard determined by what switches they need.

Benefits EpicGear DeFiant:

  • Replacement switches, you can choose from three options EpicGear switches
  • Aluminium panel
  • Adjustable key illumination
  • Advanced features macros and profiles, multimedia keys through the second appointment of the F-keys
  • Wheel volume / mute adjustments
  • Available optional accessories

Disadvantages EpicGear DeFiant:

  • The switches are mounted brittle plastic hooks, yet are only 24 sets of switches
  • By EG Purple switches have to get used, they are quite loud “click through”

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