Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

Chinese manufacturers do not regularly cease to amaze consumers with their interesting new features. Among these are at times lower price, enviable autonomy, or hardware specifications. It is not uncommon now the quality of housing is really nice materials.

And against the background of other brands products are Elephone stands out. Her models are not just examined at the laboratory – it «2K in the middle class» Elephone Vowney, and balanced media Elephone M2, and many others.

This time we will talk about the smartphone, the main feature of which is precisely the case, and more specifically, this figure as the width of the side frames. Elephone S3 falls in the list of so-called “frameless” device, with a brief overview of where you can get acquainted recently.

In addition to its “frameless” device differs from the opponents’ balanced performance and adequate price. It only remains to find out whether it deserves our attention. And we start with the consideration of the technical characteristics Elephone S3.

On the one hand, the characteristics of the standard. On the other – there is a significant progress compared with its predecessor, Elephone S2. The only thing that remains unchanged – a balanced style.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

Note modest for the machine with screens 5.2 “dimensions of housing especially, of course, the width -. Thanks to this very narrow side frames, it is only 68.5 mm Some years ago, 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S3 was more than 70 mm And here’s the same. too big a weight, especially for such a result, the battery capacity of the smartphone seems tjazhelovatym Yes, and manufacturer, as is often the case with the Chinese, could not resist and brings a lower value -. 145 g – not good!

In general, however, given the price of Chinese online stores – a very worthy. But what actually happened?

Packing and accessories Elephone S3

Elephone Smartphone comes in a compact box made of plastic. Structurally, this “bath”, which is composed of all the contents, covered with a lid. The latter is fixed in the grooves and does not cover the ends.

Packaging made entirely in white. Its strong and rigid plastic will keep the contents safe and sound without any difficulty. Although the fall plastic can still crack, it must be taken into account.

On the front side of the logotype of the manufacturer and the name of the device model. Note that the cover is held in place by two proprietary seals – completely content to not be able to get.

On the back of the brief are the main characteristics of the gadget. Although specific information content is not worth waiting, but rather the transfer of chips such as «High Speed CPU» or «Big Storage», rather than an indication of the specific parameters.

Inside immediately find the smartphone itself, it is protected on both sides with protective films and recorded in its place a special stand. Although we can not say that tight.

Beneath it lies a traditional package delivery, supplemented by original plastic cover. Let us pay attention to it a little later.

The rest of the range of accessories are absolutely standard.

But the performance of USB-microUSB cable pleased. We do not know who came up with the idea to arrange the wire in the form of a line, but do know that its length is exactly 100 centimeters.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

Included Accessories Workmanship has not caused any complaints, all of high quality and soundly.

The package includes:

  • Power adapter;
  • USB-microUSB cable;
  • Clip tray to retrieve a card;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Plastic Case-bumper.

I am glad when the manufacturer packs inexpensive device with such care. Plastic Box, moldings under the supplied USB cable and execution show a careful approach. Special thanks for the complement proprietary equipment cover.

Now it’s time to pay attention to the review of the hero.

Appearance and design Elephone S3

Plastic Limit, released on Elephone S3 production of, apparently, was spent on packaging. As a result, the smart phone has received almost monolithic metal body. No plastic elements except inserts and piping for aerial safety glass is not observed.

The unit itself came monolithic cubes, both in terms of appearance, and in terms of design reliability. It is perfectly resists loads on the bending or twisting. This rigidity has been achieved through the use of a metal body as a kind of frame and metal of adequate thickness.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

By the way, the manufacturer offers four color modifications to your model.

The front panel is completely covered with a protective glass. Its bezel is treated in accordance with the latest fashion for 2.5D glass.

The main feature of the device – minimum side frames. Their thickness is truly about a millimeter, at most. And thanks to the curvature of the glass, creates a sense of what the image actually takes up the entire width of the hull. Thus it was possible to achieve the most efficient use of the device area.

Above the display is the earpiece, front camera lens and light / proximity sensors.

But the lower frame is completely empty – even here the onscreen keys.

The back side is made of all-metal and is the only element with the ends. In fact, it is a primary structure of the entire apparatus, this decision led to remarkable rigidity, but, on the other hand, it may be difficult, if necessary, repair. After all, any intervention would require the dismantling of the display module.

Note that it bulge provides a comfortable and secure grip. Smartphone does not try to slip out of his hands, and the matte surface did not collect fingerprints.

At the bottom of a plastic insert placed under the antenna and the manufacturer’s logo.

Such a plastic insert is present in the upper part, but here there is a second microphone. Beneath it are the main camera lens, LED flash and a fingerprint scanner.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

The chamber is made sufficiently sharp convex edges that are not too pleasant to the touch. A fingerprint scanner, on the contrary, slightly recessed into the housing.

The bottom end is decorated by all the rules of symmetry. Similarly, located in the center of the port microUSB, and the edges are made rows of holes. This is not the two stereo speakers, as it may seem. On one side is the main speaker, and the other – Elementary microphone.

On the right side are the mechanical control buttons, in the form of on / lock button and “rocker” volume. They are located conveniently, so get used to the location or every time they do not have to grope. On the reverse side is a slot for a SIM-card and memory card.

In addition to the standard package is a plastic bag. It is clear, with geometric patterns and looks very nice.

Case covers the back side of the machine and the long edge, fastened securely in place and provides good protection for the body when falling. And its thickness conceals protruding camera lens, making the back cover flat plane.

Thus, the review body hero pleased thoroughness of manufacture and materials. No complaints to the build quality is not there: in front of us monolithic smartphone. Special mention deserve the side frame of the display, which are virtually absent. This provided a compact body and a pleasant feeling on the appearance of the device as a whole. We have to admit that Elephone S3 does create a sense of a more expensive device than it actually is.

Hardware platform and performance Elephone S3

As the CPU was selected inexpensive eight-chip MediaTek MT6753, each core is clocked at up to 1.3 GHz. To talk about any specifics of the decision is not necessary – everything is standard.

But the memory is not regret, it is 3 GB. To think about the number of applications do not have running in the background.

It’s time to evaluate the possibility of Elephone S3 using various synthetic tests.

The indicators used are standard for SoC and correspond to the status of the gadget. Its capacity will be enough for trouble-free use in everyday conditions. And with no problems games, although in most modern projects, will likely have to reduce graphics settings.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

But the question remains open heating. The fact that there is no temperature sensor. Under load, the body is heated moderately, noticed a small CPU throttling, which especially in its performance is not affected.

Features overview of the hero is easily predictable. On the one hand, it is not necessary to wait for the leadership of rows in performance ratings, on the other – you can count on a stable and trouble-free operation. It is promoted and 3 GB of RAM.

Software and firmware Elephone S3

The smartphone runs on Android 6.0 operating system. Fresh OS hardly been modified by the manufacturer, except for the installation of third-party “launcher”.

Wireless OTA update function is present. And it is a viable function for the test was obtained and successfully installed two updates.

As it turned out immediately after the launch of the device, there are two desktop environments are installed. One repeats its view and functionality of the standard “launcher» Android, and the second – a proprietary Elephone.

And after starting the user is asked to choose between two “launcher” on their own.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

As a result, if you prefer the location of all labels on a large number of desktops, use the ELE Launcher.

A standard interface supporters can make their choice in favor Launcher 3.

The rest are no innovations in the interface, you can not search. This is easily seen by looking at the screenshots presented below.

A small but useful addition would be a close button all at once application.

Traditionally, the majority of models from China in two settings nerusifitsirovannyh added section devoted to various gestures to control your smartphone.

In addition to the standard programs are installed app feedback to the manufacturer. The function is interesting, sorry, there is no Russian language.

provided the appropriate menu in the security settings for the fingerprint scanner settings. Incidentally, besides the protective function, the scanner may play a role softkey, for example, to scroll desktops.

The rest is nothing special in the interface there is a standard and familiar operating system Android. Note the stable operation of the system even with large amounts of running applications (thanks to a decent stock of RAM). Total testing time is no glitch freezes or has not been noticed.

Multimedia Elephone S3

First estimate Elephone S3 ability regarding hardware video playback in various formats.

If you need more, you have to install a third-party video player, which is a great variety to suit all tastes in the app store.

Standard player is available only through the file manager and does not differ no additional functionality.

The situation is similar with a pre-music player – it is completely standard.

We had a sound quality testing headphones via sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with the signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB. The signal level for calibration was -1.7 dB.

Ambiguous and average audio quality metrics supported by subjective sensations. Although there is no major complaints, but with a smartphone wants more. However, most users will be enough, especially considering the price tag.

And you can find some software “uluchshayzerov”, the effect of which, however, is controversial in the sound settings.

The test device offers basic multimedia functionality and can help to brighten up the waiting time for your favorite TV series or listening to music. However, the striking quality should not count, in this regard, everything is standard.

Review Elephone S3: budget Android smartphone

Elephone S3 file system

If the 3 GB RAM is currently considered good volume, the 16 GB basic – just a modest figure. Of course, the ability to insert a memory card pleases, but not those users who need to use simultaneously two SIM-cards.

We estimate the file system speed using AndroBench applications.

No comments to memory speed does not occur. The user does not have to worry about this issue.

File manager not suffered any changes – is the standard Android application with basic functionality. However, you can always install the required application from the Play Market.

Wireless interfaces and communication Elephone S3

A set of wireless interfaces is reduced to the most popular, without any additions. Here there is already familiar, but this does not become a convenient, combined slot for the second SIM-card and memory card. And if you remember about the modest battery capacity, involuntarily wonders whether for a single slot has no place?

But with LTE work had serious difficulty. Almost always it works in 3G network range, occasionally connecting to next generation networks. And even in these rare cases the speed is not amazing.

No surprise and the standard phone application. It is comfortable and functional, long addiction does not require.

For the navigation there were no complaints. The first satellites are found literally in 5-10 seconds after launch. Within a minute you choose to communicate with multiple satellites of the GLONASS system.

As a result, the device supports all the necessary interfaces, and at first glance, nothing to complain about. If not for the questions to work with LTE networks. And this situation is shown equally in each of the slots. We can only hope that the manufacturer will eliminate this problem with the next update.

Runtime Elephone S3

Review Hero comes with non-removable battery capacity of 2100 mAh. For apparatus with Full HD screen diagonal of 5.2 “and eight cores, this is clearly not enough.

With a few synthetic benchmarks establish whether this is so or not.

According to the results of tests can not rely on the level of autonomy is above average. The device easily live from morning to evening only with economical use of time. Additional load in the form of games, the active use of the Internet or watching videos quickly forced to seek access to a power source.

Brighten up the lack of autonomy helps support fast charging technology. Complete adapter delivers a current of 2 A and fully charge a smartphone and a half to two hours.

So, because of the modest capacity of the battery autonomy is impossible to name a strong side Elephone S3. Against the background of this raises questions apparatus weight. In general, the battery – the weakest point of the device.

Camera Elephone S3

Elephone model is equipped with cameras to 8.0 (front) and 13.0 (basic) MP. The manufacturer points out that the main sensor is used Sony cameras. The rest is no specific information is not reported, and whether to expect from the average smartphone price range breakthroughs in this regard? Especially since he is not trying to seem “camera phone”.

There is nothing new in terms of software – is familiar to all the standard camera app with basic functions and without any additions.


Elephone S3 proved to be an interesting device, able to arrange those demanded refers to the quality of materials smartphone. Monolithic metal case perfectly assembled and leaves only positive impressions. And virtually no side frames are not only provide the minimum dimensions of the gadget with a maximum diagonal of the display, but also create a good impression during use.

Note bright and contrast display (though not perfectly tuned) and good multimedia capabilities. Making a USB cable as a ruler a fairly simple trick, but funny, but really it is actually able to come in handy. Not to complain, and to the quality of the fingerprint scanner – can be compared to those of the Meizu models.

Of course, not without its drawbacks. Most of them have a normal user will not even notice. But the autonomy of the smartphone could be better.

In general, for those who like fashion devices – one of the main candidates for the purchase.

Pros Elephone S3:

  • Quality packaging and interesting solutions in the scope of delivery;
  • High quality of materials and workmanship;
  • Narrow side frames of the display;
  • The bright and contrast screen;
  • High-quality fingerprint reader;
  • A decent supply of RAM;
  • Good work navigation.

Smartphone Cons:

  • Weak level of autonomy.
  • Can not arrange:
  • Not the best calibration of the display;
  • Average main camera capabilities.

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