Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

Recently we tested not many laptops. And copies of which I have written materials treated “mutants” Transformers than classical laptops. So, long time since we are not familiar with the usual workhorses. It came to me a new Dell Vostro 5459.


Today we look at Dell Vostro 14, model 5459. According to a specific model dimensions that make up 34x24x1,85 centimeters can not be attributed to a class of very compact devices. Weight of laptop is at around 1.7 kilograms, in the backpack he felt a little bit.

Dell Vostro 5459Housing metal, the top cover has a textured surface. As for me, apparently the novelty looks interesting. In this article, we meet with the version in a golden performance Jingle Gold, coloring is not very catchy. There are more classic, gray Era Grey. Of these two options, I would choose the gold, he really does not look familiar.

In the area of the hinge housing painted in black practical. This area of the body is made to Pyaterochka. The junction elements fit together without gaps, that if you use creates a monolithic effect.

Dell Vostro 5459is not limited in the available slots. So on the left side are: connector for the power supply, RJ-45, HDMI, and a pair of USB 3.0. I am a right-hander with the frequent use of the mouse sincerely pleased that the video is just on the left side.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

On the right side there is one USB 3.0, audio jack for headsets, card reader and Kingston lock.

The bottom of the housing in the front portion is slightly reduced in width. If you use it felt, the case seems to be less than its actual thickness. Although if Vostro is on the table, it is only the visual aspect.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

The bottom face of the housing has a large direct area. For contact with the surface, a pair of rubber-coated rails, which run almost the entire length of the housing. A similar scale is located ventilation perforation section.

Under different lighting and viewing angles, the outer side of the lid slightly changes colors that looks interesting.

Dell Vostro 5459 does not continue to design and painted gold more practical black.

Screen Frames are not small, it is possible to say more. On the upper face positioned webcam on 1 MP and microphone output.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

Also in the middle, but on the lower face, it is the manufacturer’s logo.

The maximum opening angle of the lid is sufficient for most use cases.

Thus, the assembly of all the elements of the case, personally I have, questions have arisen. All parts are picked up very, very well, for example, edging round of the case made on the verge ideal.

Dell Vostro 5459: CONTROLS

Keyboard and Touchpad Dell Vostro 5459 are located in the center of the body, that unspeakably happy when using a typewriter mode. The layout is complete without a block of numbers, using the keyboard «Fn» and a number of media values on the keys F’ryada.

Base keys slightly recessed into the casing, and the keys themselves are on his level. The distance between the keys is adequate, and their cover resembles a rubberized surface that is functionally convenient typing. Plus tactilely pleasant – it’s not hard plastic.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

Backlit keyboards in there. It is usual, fulfills its function well in the dark and not completely disappear in daylight. The backlighting is even, but if you look at the keys to the side, there is a bright area in the vicinity of the base keys.

Another item of illumination can be called interesting design power button with a white stick.

To touchpad issues also arose. It is quite responsive and has a margin area. Keys are embedded in its area and not submitted separate buttons. Itself the navigation area is separated from the working area facet.

Dell Vostro 5459: SCREEN

Match for the model name in the Dell Vostro 5459 is set to screen 14-inch. In this case IPS-panel with a resolution of 1366 × 768. According to the manufacturer’s website, so the variation of the touch screen is available.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

If the figures in the time of 4K-resolution panels can not be called a plus model, its matte finish and IPS are felt. The first item allows to work in different environments without the supervision of a loved one, while the second will provide the user a juicy picture with wide viewing angles. Of course, to work with tablets would like to permit more…

Dell Vostro 5459: SPECIFICATIONS

As we got to the Dell Vostro 5459 is set variation processor Intel Core i5-6200U, with a “boost” at up to 2.8 GHz. Memory capacity is presented in 4 GB on by Intel HD 520 has a built-in discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 930M adapter. For storage using traditional HDD with 500 GB capacity. 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless interface is also available.

Screenshots CPU-Z and GPU-Z will provide more detailed information on the processor and the video is integrated into it.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class

I noticed that the output of the cooling system is located on the end of the housing so that the system does not overheat when used on tissue surfaces.

Regarding configuration, I want to make a small digression concerning some 60% of proposals in the metropolitan laptops Store to date. Like it or not, but in our time, even with a very moschnetskim processor, but without the SSD-drive to make the system think it becomes easier and easier. And if heavy task processor are turned good, prompt response in comparison with the system on the SSD, does not give delight.

In addition, I note that every day the need for memory is also increasing. If a couple of years ago with 4’mya GB laptop was in the “what should be.” So today, in the middle of the day I uploaded about 5-6GB. Houses with an active Internet surfing download 4’ku also not a difficult task. In general, now 8 GB “Must Have”.

500 HDD + 4GB = 4700₽

256 SSD + 8GB = 8445₽

We are looking for a laptop on the Market with Intel Core ix processor. We get:

Intel Core ix, 4GB, HDD = 20000 – 30000

Intel Core ix, 8GB, SSD = 45000 – XXXXX

Interesting delta of 15,000 rubles, is not it? Of course, SSD and 8GB put in the elite model. But guys, do affordable notebook with the closing of bottlenecks, consumers tightened (approx. All manufacturers).

Go back to the hero of today’s review :). For this configuration in Dell Vostro 5459 battery is installed with a capacity of 43 Wh. In these values able to obtain the following parameters:

View local movie yarkost- maximum of 4.2 hours;

View YouTube, maximum brightness FHD – 3,4 hours;

Typing, the average brightness of 5.7 hours.

With an installed configuration, we obtain the results reflected in the screenshots. In terms of processing power, the stock in Dell Vostro 5459 is and it will likely need to override most of the office staff. But for instantaneous response for discerning guys I mentioned above.

Review Dell Vostro 5459 laptop. Gold working class


At the time of publication of the material, in the metropolitan retail for Dell Vostro 5459 asked about 40,000 rubles. If you look for a similar variation with the current processor-based Skylake and the presence of a discrete graphics card, Dell Vostro 5459 is becoming one of the most affordable options.

In this case, a definite plus model can serve an original and well-filled housing, practical backlit keyboard and a matte display with adequate matrix. In my opinion, this model can proudly wear the title of a good workhorse, which is no problem to take a business trip, with no pumping muscles of the arms or the back.

Source: notebookcheck

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