Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

Simple but comfortable case Midi Tower with a pleasant appearance – so you can describe Deepcool Dukase V2. ATX case has modern features, but some courageous decisions should not be expected from him. We tested the stylish black-and-white version of a window.

As you can guess from the name Deepcool, the company’s roots lie in the field of cooling systems. But she also produces, and quite a large range of cases. Among them – exotic models such as three-piece Tristellar Genome or case with integrated cooling water tank and beautiful. Compared with them the body ATX Dukase V2 looks very simple. Although he also has interesting features.

White hull looks quite original. Including for the reason that not only did Deepcool body white and add black inserts in the front and top. The result is a unique look. The surface of the steel panels on a structure reminiscent of papier-mache. The front panel is closed, but 5.25 is still available – all business in the front door. Through the window you can see the interior with a totally modern design. We will return to it.

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

Find new case Deepcool commercially difficult. In Russia, we have found so far only one offer at a price of 3.7 thous. Rubles. Of course, exotic Tristellar also available in single copies by 26.5 thousand. Rubles (400 euros), with the time Dukase V2 availability should improve. The first version Deepcool Dukase sold at a comparable price, it differs from the new version of the speaker box. Of course, while at the Dukase V2 have to sacrifice about 1 cm maximum height of the cooler, but the body looks more modern. In the US, case Dukase V2 is also possible to buy cheaper than in Europe: it on Newegg sells for $ 49.99.

Package small, which corresponds to the price level of the case. In addition to the installation accessories, user manuals and system dynamics you only get black cable tightening.

Deepcool Dukase V2: Exterior view

Dukase V2 is a steel body, but in the front, top and bottom of a large amount of plastic used. Honestly, for the price of the gaps between the individual components can be smaller, and the overall quality of fabrication above. With white coloring Midi Tower case contrasting black bar at the top and the front, which gives the original look. Deepcool was able to create the impression in black panels specially treated steel.

Despite the solid appearance, to give up the external drive bay is not necessary. The front panel is actually a door, but it is not noticeable at first glance. Behind it hides two external 5.25-inch drive bays, there is even an external 3.5 “drive bay, located below the ventilation holes optional 120- or 140-mm fans.

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

All buttons and connectors are placed on the front cover of the Deepcool. Before they can be easily reached, but the dust accumulates quite fast. On the I / O panel is a one port USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and audio jacks for a headset. In addition to power and reset buttons, you can see the third control – three-stage switch controller fans. Go to last, you can connect up to three fans via a 4-pin PWM or 3-pin.

Under the hood are two mounting optional fans, she removed the cover without the aid of a screwdriver. Deepcool refused dust filter, although it does not exhaust fans and needs, the more they close the top cover. Double heat exchanger can be set CBO (240 or 280 mm) between the cover and the upper end of the motherboard available space 6 cm.

Optional top fan throwing air out through a longitudinal slit between the lid and the body. On the left panel of the case is a large window through which you can enjoy views of the interior. PSU segment together with stand 3.5-inch drives closed metal shield. The interior stands out except that 5.25-inch rack.

You can see the convex portion, which provides extra space for cabling in the right panel of the case. Both side panels are fastened by two thumbscrews. On the rear panel is the only bundled fan diameter of 120 mm with LED-backlit.

Plastic feet with rubber pads which prevent scratches. Before discharge port power supply is a removable dust filter, which is a simple plastic mesh. From the optional fan at the bottom of the case Deepcool decided to abandon – the reason lies in the possibility of the transfer rack for 3.5 “drives closer to the rear of the case In addition, due to the separation of the body into two segments at the bottom of the fan case has a special meaning..

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

Deepcool Dukase V2: Interior

Most people today establish a small number of stores, which is reflected in the interior of the case Deepcool. From classic rack storage was abandoned. It does not interfere with the air flow from the front of optional fan can be installed in a case the longest graphics cards.

The two 2.5-inch hard disk can be installed to cover the power supply segment. They are bolted to the mount, which, in turn, is fastened with knurled screw. Recent Deepcool and used to install expansion cards.

Optical drives are mounted with simple plastic latches. But if you need the 3.5-inch external hard drive or a floppy drive, it is necessary to fasten.

Also in the body can be installed two hard drives into a small segment of the HDD rack power supply. Finally, to the motherboard tray directly screwed third 2.5-inch hard drive.

ATX power supply is mounted on a small rubber feet discharge vent down, then screwed to the rear wall. A special sticker indicating the correct orientation of the PSU.

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

The HDD rack drives are screwed to the trays. Deepcool added to the holes of the rubber rings that provide vibration isolation. The trays have holes only for 3.5-inch drives, the ability to install 2,5 “SSD / HDD is not provided.

In Dukase V2 enclosure has enough holes for routing cables. But Deepcool abandoned rubber plugs, so the cables coming out of the holes do not look so beautiful.

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

Deepcool Dukase V2: Conclusion

case Deepcool Dukase V2 is focused on the attractive price / performance ratio, but at the same time adheres to modern design. Add to this optimized design. A large number of storage devices today need little users. Instead of filling the interior HDD / SSD with numerous compartments, Deepcool decided to abandon the continuous HDD rack, adding a small rack for two 3.5 “drives in the power supply segment. As a result, in the motherboard segment we have additional space for long graphics cards. Also, the air flow from the (optional) front fan nothing will hinder not. Two brackets for the 2.5-inch SSD on the cover of the power supply segment can be called a design element, through the window you can enjoy your SSD. In general, Dukase V2 visually pleasing and a large window with a fan blue backlight.

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

We tested the white version of the body, which stands out for its appearance even without illumination. We liked the unusual, but pleasant to the touch panel black front and top, contrasting with the white coloring of the case. If you look closely, you can criticize the lack of plugs on the cable routing holes in the motherboard tray, as well as projecting ODD rack. In general, the manufacturer has sacrificed some of the features that can be seen by the lack of rubber plugs, and a simple dust filter, and one port USB 3.0, and one bundled fan. Although the potential to improve the functionality remains. Nominal cooling capacity can be substantially increased due to the mount for optional fans. Under the hood there is space for a double heat exchanger, so that the installation of ITS into the case is possible. But for the installation of hard disks and SSD will have to use a screwdriver. The chassis mounted three-position fan controller, but it is not required in a standard configuration – rear fan at maximum speed runs quietly enough. However, the controller will be helpful when you install additional fans.

An alternative Dukase V2 can be called from CoolForce 2 Nanoxia, which costs 5 euros more expensive in Europe. case Midi Tower as quiet cooling performance but he is still higher. Nanoxia provides soundproofed enclosure with three 140-mm fans. If necessary, the case CoolForce 2 can be installed three 3.5 “and 2.5” drives, which is more than Dukase V2 case, 5.25-inch bays are also present. Modular case can also be adapted to the long graphics card, in spite of the usual structure. An alternative to the two said case can be called the Corsair Carbide Series 400Q (or 400C version with a window without insulation) and costs about 90 euros. Cooling Performance had significantly higher. Although Corsair saved on the controller and the fans refused to 5.25 “drives at all. Finally, pay attention to Define S from Fractal Design. It will cost from 75-82 euros, or by 6.0 thousand. Rubles in Russia (with or without window ), you will get a modern interior with numerous installations fans and CBO, the case looks simple yet stylish. Like the Corsair model, it has no optical drives bays and fan controller.

Review Deepcool Dukase V2: quiet Midi Tower case with a pleasant appearance

Deepcool with Dukase V2 case offers relatively narrow model Midi Tower with a modern interior and exterior, as well as the pleasant low noise level. But the cooling capacity in standard configuration is very modest, so we recommend you purchase a fan case, although it all depends on PC components. In Russia, case Dukase V2 will cost 3.7 thous. Rubles, so it stands out very favorable price / performance ratio.

Benefits Deepcool Dukase V2:

  • Modern design with two segments, enough space for long graphics cards, but there are external storage compartments
  • Preset with LED fan is quiet, three-level fan controller
  • You can set up to five fans, the ability to install a heat exchanger CBO under the hood
  • Enough space for long graphics cards
  • Bezotvertochnaya installing expansion cards and optical drives

Disadvantages Deepcool Dukase V2:

  • Poor cooling performance in a standard configuration with one fan (even for a quiet case)
  • To install the HDD / SSD requires a screwdriver
  • Designated high-end coolers may not be enough
  • The simple plastic mesh is used as a dust filter to reach the front of the filter is not easy
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