Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

Creative Technology recently expanded line of gaming headsets Sound BlasterX H. The basis for the new items Creative Sound BlasterX H3 become version BlasterX H5: its slightly modified, abandoned the lights and set the 40 mm emitters. As you may have guessed, we are talking about a model with the letter “3”.

Not without other announcements. Creative has expanded its arsenal of portable sound card Sound BlasterX G5. It is based on a multi-core chip SB-Axx1 with hardware support for sound SBX Pro Studio format and allows you to convert normal stereo sound in surround sound in the headphones positioned.

In view of the multi-channel support and the card can output a true 7.1-channel surround sound, immersing you in a movie or game on Wednesday. Do not remain on the sidelines and fans of quality music. Creative Sound BlasterX G5 supports 120 dB for 24-bit / 192 kHz audio, and includes a headphone amplifier with an output impedance of 2.2 ohms. This makes it easy to use even a studio-grade solutions with a resistance of 600 ohms.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

Creative Sound BlasterX H3: Packaging equipment

Model Creative Sound BlasterX H3 comes in the traditional for this type of packaging devices. On the front side there is a transparent window through which you can fully evaluate the design of the headset.

The box marked with the model name and manufacturer, announced support for corporate software BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite, reveal grade and main characteristics of the product.

The reverse side of the packaging design demonstrates the Creative Sound BlasterX H3 full image and a list of compatible platforms, which include and mobile operating systems.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

At the end is an additional information. The advantages of rank ease of use, ease of headsets and 40mm drivers.

The package includes standard documentation and warranty card, adapter, extension cord, detachable microphone and wind-proof foam rubber cap.

Creative Sound BlasterX H3: Appearance and ergonomics

The headset boasts a pretty appearance. Its design is dominated by a practical matte plastic, but the gloss is only used in the design of the figure of the cups.

On older models Creative Sound BlasterX H5 novelty is not only the lack of lighting and smaller speakers. Developers set the plastic headband without reinforcing structures.

In the hands of the headset is hardly felt, so it’s light. But pleasing style replaces brittleness. Creative Sound BlasterX H3 easy to bend in different directions, plastic creaks.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

The headband is adjustable in height, ensures a secure fit of the selected position. The course is not very large, about 33 mm, it is necessary to try on the headset prior to buying.

A small external unit allows you to change the volume of the headphones and the microphone off the record. Regulator «Vol» is very small and uncomfortable, often finger slips from its surface. The length of the wires from the outdoor unit to the cup is 40 cm, total length – 120 cm.

The front edge of the headband is made in strict minimalism. In any other model that would be unsympathetic, but in the case of Creative Sound BlasterX H3 gives the charm.

On the inner side is laying. It is made of dense foam and it can hardly be called a soft but wide coverage reduces stress and prevents the compression of the head.

Ear cups Creative Sound BlasterX H3 round and are easily removed. They are upholstered in soft to the touch leatherette. Speakers close cloth decorative element.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

Collapsible design, secured by four small cogs. It should be neat, the internal wiring is very thin and can break from an awkward movement. There are used the dynamics of 40 mm diameter.

Removable microphone can be bent in any position, showing the wonders of flexibility. The length of the connection terminal to the tip of the nozzle is 158 mm.

Creative Sound BlasterX H3: Software

Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 works fine without installing proprietary software, but for a truly immersive, developers are advised not to postpone the action of these things, and download utilities. You can do this on the official website in a few mouse clicks.

For this model is available only one, but the most important package – BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite. Installation takes less than a minute.

At the time of writing the material it was the latest version 1.01.04.

The program BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite is available for only one tab, which summarizes all of the control options. Default settings for the active headphones.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

There are four profiles for headsets – Creative Sound BlasterX H3, BlasterX H5 and BlasterX P5. Each different exposed parameters and characteristic sound speakers.

No restrictions are not supposed to: it is possible to try to work with the options on the version of the H5, but, in my opinion, the sound becomes muffled, and it is better to go back to H3.

The attentive reader will notice the headphones with an interesting name – H5 Valencia CF Edition. This special edition of the developers. When activated, the settings of the program even skin changes. Football fans will be delighted.

Once a user is determined by the settings of the selected headset, the turn of the games profile. Six groups – from shooters to sports – can set its atmosphere.

Altogether there are eight games.

Opportunities for recording and preserving their settings are not available.

Creative Sound BlasterX G5: Packaging equipment

Creative Sound BlasterX G5 comes in a small package with a dark graphic arts industry. Against this background, two clearly distinguishable sticker with awards, which won the novelty.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

In order not to go along and around the image external sound card is applied in full size. And that is typical of the manufacturer, the box shows all the advantages and benefits of the decision.

On the reverse side of the specified lots of useful information. Creative Sound BlasterX G5 supports and implements an eight-volume sound, has a headphone amplifier with an output impedance of 2.2 ohms and delivers high-resolution sound with the characteristics of the 24-bit / 192 kHz, as well as programmable settings for BlasterX Acoustic Engine. All data are provided in seven languages, including Russian.

The device itself is located in a special form, upholstered in velvet. Gourmet for the little hero.

Together with a sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5 are cable for connecting microUSB – USB, optical cable, warranty card and instruction.

Creative Sound BlasterX G5: Appearance and ergonomics

Creative Sound BlasterX G5 – is a portable 7.1-channel sound card with built-in multi-core SB-Axx1. New compact enough with its dimensions and has impressive features. The heart of the device become DAC – Digital-to-Analog Converter with USB signal / noise ratio of 120 dB for the transmission of the virtual sound 24-bit / 192 kHz to 7.1, and headphone amplifier.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

Experts can see in the Creative Sound BlasterX G5 model Sound BlasterX E5 and they will be right: the developers redesigned the interface, the source refused to battery life – the battery, and deprived of novelty support wireless connection. It took the opportunity to use a sound card with your smartphone and take it everywhere, although the inscription on the box remained. On the other hand, it directly affected the cost, which decreased from 179 to 149 dollars.

The metal housing Sound BlasterX G5 is not devoid of frills. On the front part of the present insert brand with illuminated logo on the opposite – soft rubberized material to eliminate slippage on the table.

Creative Sound BlasterX G5 – this is no ordinary sound card with USB-DAC. Headphone Amplifier TPA6120A2 Texas Instruments low output impedance of 2.2 ohms allows the model to support the headphones with an impedance of 600 ohms, as well as all the latest in-ear monitor with high sensitivity.

And thanks to the DAC Cirrus Logic CS4398 to the signal / noise ratio of 120 dB compact card Creative Sound BlasterX G5 supports playback of high quality audio to 24-bit / 192 kHz.

On the lower side of the body placed certifications logos and a brief description.

Controls and connection interfaces are located at the ends of the device. The size of the volume control makes it easy to find him during the game, and the brightness of the red backlight displays the volume level, which is very convenient in the dark. Like any modern equipment, a sound card connector includes a line in and optical connectors.

In addition to the port USB-devices on the back of the Sound BlasterX G5 has one USB port that supports devices with power supply current up to 100 mA, and lets you connect your gaming mouse or keyboard. In addition, the new product has a separate microphone socket and four-contact connector to connect the headset.

Review Headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5

Gamers will enjoy additional features. On the side face of the displayed buttons to control the built-in sound effects. One of them – Scout Mode, reinforcing the positioning of sounds in first-person shooters (for example, the steps and the shots become more loudly and clearly, allowing the enemy to reveal lighter with match 1 to 1).

The second button – SBX, activates one of the three built-in sound profiles that can be set in advance. For each indication is provided showing that some of the settings for your number is activated.

The last point – the switch L-H, change the level of sound amplification for the headphones with different impedance from 32-150 to 150-600 OM and Om. Professionals have a place to turn around.

Creative Sound BlasterX G5: Software

Software for sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5 richer and more varied than in the case of headsets.

The official site has a package of three utilities to work with sound and recording, but we are interested in only one – BlasterX Acoustic Engine. The prefix changes to the Pro Lite, transformed window provides further opportunities.

At the time of writing the material was available version 1.1.11.

Appendix BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro meets the Home tab, with a choice of devices, allowing you to adjust the volume level and to determine the profile of the current games.

The apparent difference between Lite and Pro software – the number of ready-made profiles for different games, the ability to record in memory of a portable sound card to three and activate them quickly, as well as record and save your settings.

For this set «Acoustic Engine». The user can not only specify the desired options, but as they say, in “online” mode, preview of the shooter, film excerpts and songs lasting less than one minute to identify and correct the settings.

Tab “Equalizer” allows you to select one of the fifteen sections for music and save your own.

Feature «Scout Mode» for the eponymous effect is activated here. For convenience, the effects can be hung on hot keys.

Tab «Voice FX» provides access to the functions of Creative voice changes. You will be able to speak the voice of the orc, elf, alien, and other characters.

Advanced options hide options for surround sound and activation of optical input.

Mixer volume for each interface is located in the last tab.

Personal impressions

Testing the headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5 held while listening to music from the list below, and games. List last made Crysis 3, Doom (2016), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and World of Tanks. In the future, it will be added to Battlefield 1.

The first test headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 passed without a portable sound card, in order to fully assess the possibility of headphones.

Comfort of use, in spite of all the flaws, just great. Headset absolutely no pressure on the head and ears, ear cushions are very soft and do their job. Noise isolation can be assessed as medium. You will hear the other party in the room, however, and it will determine whether you are listening to music without labor or skirmish in a shooter.

By the microphone as a claim arises. Everything as always – no extraneous ambient sounds, but you have to raise your voice or to send a message, either increase the volume in the settings.

Given gaming positioning headset can say that the developers have focused on the sound in games. sound positioning at height. Musical accompaniment game sounds beautifully, and the effects of gunfire and explosions are very detailed and at times louder than usual impact vykruchennyh regular settings. «Scout Mode» function will appeal to fans of shooters: it clearly identifies footsteps and other noises of the enemy, providing your advantage.

Listening to music during lunch breaks demonstrated satisfactory results. The sound is a bit muffled, miracles should not wait: all the same, this model is designed for use in games. As a plus note the enormous reserve volume.

Now check the “Combo Mode” from the headset Creative Sound BlasterX H3 and external sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5.

Creative Sound BlasterX G5 has a huge potential and fewer options, eyes and run away. Together with an external sound card sound Creative Sound BlasterX G5 is changing, especially noticeable when listening to music. Bass soft, deep bass good feeling. The headset begin to feel very differently.

Settings help treat different gameplay: in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for example, noise of leaves and fights with swords are “spectacular” in terms of sound, but in the “World of tanks” clanging track is not as bleak. There is the effect of “wow.”


Creative Sound BlasterX H3 – a self-contained unit in the model number of the company that, despite the cost, is extremely interesting. Having played on the simplification of the older version BlasterX H5, the developers have done a novelty more affordable and just as attractive in terms of sound.

Ergonomics and usability good headset, and applied in the design of matte plastic reluctant to collect fingerprints, and they are easy to abrasion. Perhaps one can find fault only to not very durable headband and hard strip, but with time these aspects go by the wayside. Fortunately due to low weight and comfortable to wear headphones, you can forgive a lot.

As for the sound, the Creative Sound BlasterX H3 has not shown obvious shortcomings and is well suited as a gaming headset, especially for those readers who do not make excessive demands on sound quality. This model provides a good sound without any miracles.

External sound card Creative Sound BlasterX G5 is a greater interest in the framework of the material. The developers tried to release a portable version of the device for gamers and lovers of quality music, and they succeeded. The compact body is hidden excellent filling without compromising size or characteristics, the only limitation – the headphones should be more powerful.

With its use of game scenes are brighter and more detailed, and the default profiles do not require adjustment and are suitable for use “out of the box.”

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