Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

As a rule, manufacturers are asked to add a considerable supplement for RGB-illumination. In the case of a desktop kit Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite from the mouse and keyboard price is more than reasonable. Despite the multi-color backlight for a set of mouse and keyboard will have to pay only 59 euros. Design can be called a strict and stylish in appearance kit suitable for different usage scenarios. But the manufacturer has added a number of game functions. Whether kit Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite got our reward, “Price / Quality”?

In March, the company Cooler Master released on the keyboard market MasterKeys Pro, aimed at enthusiasts. Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches have a simple yet stylish design, and could boast of RGB backlight. But the price was appropriate – 130-140 euros (depending on the Cherry MX switches). Yet not every user wants to spend a similar amount on the keyboard.

New keyboard MasterKeys Lite, at first glance, not very different from MasterKeys Pro, here too there is a RGB-lights. But the retail price of 59 euros half MasterKeys Pro. Moreover, Cooler Master has made to the keyboard mouse from the RGB-backlit as a bonus. But what’s the catch? Of course, mechanical Cherry MX switches at this price is unlikely to remain. Cooler Master has used its own development: Cooler Master Mem-chanical. As you can guess from the name, MasterKeys Lite – membrane keyboard, which provides a number of characteristics of a mechanical keyboard.

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

Mouse keyboard should design it compact and modest. But in the mouse also has a RGB-lights. Avago optical sensor 3050 is quite typical for an inexpensive gaming mice. Therefore, it is well with the price level MasterKeys Lite. In the sensor, there are other features that allow Cooler Master target set MasterKeys Lite gamers on a budget.

Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite in detail

Cooler Master recently selects serious and stylish design. And set MasterKeys Lite is no exception. Both input devices are simple black coloring and simple shapes. The keyboard offers a full set of keys, but with a thin frame, it seems to be very compact. Low mouse has a symmetrical shape, except that the side buttons are focused on right-handers.

Both units are connected by a simple and sleek USB-cable in the rubber sheath. Even the rectangular plugs have a minimalist design. Cooler Master did not incorporate into the keyboard USB-hub. Therefore, the mouse and keyboard will have to connect to the computer via two ports.

To the keyboard does not slide on the table surface below provides four rubber pads, rear two folding legs fitted. The contact surface bent lining legs smaller than when bent, so in the latter state slip resistance and higher. However, in normal scenarios MasterKeys Lite keyboard is well held in place in any position of the legs.

Many backlit keyboard keys have a transparent white markings. But MasterKeys Lite white color has disappeared, but remained transparent. Therefore, marking keys without visible illumination bad. Cooler Master Keyboard is for those users who prefer not to stand out marks. However, if you already bought the RGB-keyboard, it is unlikely that you will use it without illumination.

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

To lights looked more attractive as possible, Cooler Master made a key caps made of transparent plastic, and the bottom set of bright white substrate. All keys are lit, but not uniformly. Depending on the viewing angle, illumination intensity secondary functions (or main functions F-keys) can be significantly reduced. While Cooler Master switches use proprietary, cross mounting caps are compatible with Cherry MX. For example, we could use caps QPAD MK-85 and keyboard MasterKeys Lite. Thus, you will be able to replace worn caps or equip MasterKeys Lite alternative caps.

The mouse looks quite simple, but the price for this equipment is impressive. Cooler Master is not only set a time-tested optical sensor, but also added a button to switch the DPI in four stages (500 / 1.000 / 2.000 / 3.500 dpi) and two buttons for the thumb. There is even a RGB-light mouse wheel and the transparent strip behind the case. Logo Cooler Master is not highlighted, with black on black look is not very good. On the other hand, hardly noticeable logo fits well with the concept of overall modest appearance.

The hull shape is suitable for right-handers and left-handers. But the keys to the thumb is not duplicated, they are located only in the left pane. At least, right-handed, these buttons will come in handy to get to them easily with your thumb. The mouse has a scroll wheel and easy. It has a rubberized surface improves grip. Wheel rather tight, discrete steps palpated well, it is convenient to manage.

Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite On practice

Cooler Master Mouse MasterKeys Lite chose three Teflon feet slip. Mouse weight is small, only 91 grams, so it’s very good slides on the mat without additional effort (SteelSeries QcK Heavy). This mouse glides a little more noisy than in the case of a typical high-end models, but let’s not quibble. Looks, Cooler Master interpolated sensor readings Avago 3050, because physically he gives maximum of 2.000 dpi, which are converted into the resolution to 3.500 dpi. In any case, the performance is not inflated such as some high-end sensors. In practice, any shortcomings we have not noticed, since rare gamer uses higher resolution 3.500 dpi. Modest Mouse is suitable for everyday work, but it clearly shows itself in shooters and other games. With a simple design with a mouse, you can work with different grip, but it is best suited for housing small and medium-sized hands. In the case of large hands Mouse seems too little, putting his hand the whole it does not, although the grip with your fingers or the palm of a half mouse is perfect.

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

For reasons of price Cooler Master did not equip the keyboard with mechanical switches. But the design is still different from the banal membrane keyboards. Of course, the bottom has not been without a membrane, and spring, the traditional mechanical keyboards are not here, but more complex structure. Use clear plastic core, complete with holder. Cooler Master promises that Mem-chanical switches provide the advantages of the traditional mechanical switches.

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

The principle of operation of something reminiscent of mechanical switches. The strength of the response of 50 g in Mem-chanical switches more than the most “compliant” mechanical switches. But because of the hemispherical membrane tactile feel softer and less pronounced than in mechanical keyboards. Also MasterKeys Lite keyboard is a little quieter, although the key blows noticeably audible. If you go with a mechanical keyboard, the first time will have to get used to the slightly different sensations when typing. Compared to tactile mechanical keys that have probed the switching point, here it seems to be blurred. As for our test period, the first time the number of errors when typing was more normal levels, but then the problem disappeared. In general, Mem-chanical switches can not compete with the accuracy and reliability of mechanical switches, but in comparison with the conventional hemispherical membrane solution noticeably better.

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard


Is it possible for 59 euros to buy a decent set of mouse and keyboard from the RGB-backlit? In appearance, the two input devices can not be said that they belong to the budget category. Design can be called a strict and cautious, but at the same time, stylish, that we get in the case of some high-end products. Yet much more expensive MasterKeys Pro keyboard looks very similar. At first glance, no restrictions can be traced in terms of functionality. The manufacturer is not saved on rubber legs, eat and multimedia features through additional key assignments. In the mouse button, you get two for the thumb, and the DPI switch with few steps DPI. The USB cable may sound simple, fabric braid not, but it is unlikely he izotretsya after prolonged use.

Review Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite: gaming mouse and keyboard

In practice, a set of good at games. Of course, the keyboard yields models with these mechanical switches, a mouse sensor – high-end models. But if you do not plan on a career eSports, inexpensive input devices to cope with their work. mouse and keyboard backlight can be changed using keyboard shortcuts, but you can disable it completely. In the tests we have some worried labeling keys that no backlight is very hard to see. Software not provided to control the keyboard and mouse functions. Therefore, in practice the customization options are not many, but this is unlikely to disappoint most users. But many users will be happy with that extra utility will not consume PC resources.

Compared with the kit Cooler Master Devastator II, set MasterKeys Lite has very similar specifications. Both keyboards are based on Mem-chanical switches. Mice received a pair of additional keys, the sensor is likely the same in the mouse MasterKeys Lite higher resolution is achieved by interpolation. But by design, both sets are very different. Devastator II set the first time can be determined as a game. But Cooler Master has chosen for MasterKeys Lite is not monochrome backlight and RGB. If you think that for RGB-illumination can pay 20 euros, you can safely take the set MasterKeys Lite.

It is unlikely that you will be able to buy the keyboard from the RGB-backlit from the eminent manufacturer for a similar price. Moreover, Cooler Master is not simply taken the traditional hemispherical membrane, adding to them the RGB backlight, and has developed its own solution. Note simple yet stylish design of the mouse and as a bonus. The result is a beautiful and modern set of mouse and keyboard at an affordable price. Alternatives with RGB backlight on the market there is little, so we award our prize “Price / Quality”.

Benefits Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite:

  • Low price
  • Simple yet stylish design, better than many high-end kits
  • Well suited for office and for games
  • The keyboard is protected from moisture, relatively compact to full-size
  • RGB backlight keyboard and mouse, you can adjust the backlight through keyboard shortcuts

Disadvantages Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite:

  • Key labeling without light to read bad
  • The mouse has a symmetrical shape, but the thumb buttons located only on one side

Source: bit-tech

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