Review be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: new flagship

Review be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: new flagship

Usually, the flagship buildings mean the Giants, in which you can install the most extreme configuration. But be quiet! with the top model Dark Base Pro 900 have preferred a different approach: the size of the body slightly larger than a typical Midi Tower offers excellent opportunities. The thing is very flexible and customizable interior. As befits a body for the demanding user, you will receive a premium-class materials and excellent build quality. be quiet! It offered and other cool features. But if enough of them to beat the competition?

Be quiet! relatively recently joined the chassis manufacturer. The first body be quiet !, namely Silent Base 800, we tested less than two years ago. In 2015, it was followed by housing Silent Base 600, a little less expensive and more compact alternative. Both models are designed as universal housing Midi Tower with a modest middle-class appearance and low noise. Now on the market there is a third body Dark Base 900. Even number, you can guess that Dark Base 900 is oriented differently than the two previous models Silent Base. Indeed, Dark Base 900 becomes the new flagship line of be quiet!

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

If we compare the new flagship with Silent Base 800, the difference is obvious. Dimensions 242,7 x 585,5 x 577,2 mm (W x H x D) Housing Dark Base 900 significantly exceed 266 x 559 x 495 mm (W x H x D) Housing Silent Base 800. Especially noticeable increase in depth. Compared to other buildings Midi Tower Dark Base 900 looks close, but not radically knocked out of the format. The body be quiet! You can install motherboards E-ATX and XL-ATX, a decent amount of storage and a powerful cooling system. All this became possible thanks to the excellent modularity. The user can optimally configure your system under the housing. Each of the 3.5-inch drives gets its modular bay. Motherboard tray can be removed from the body and be used as a testbed. Inside it can be mounted at different heights or even to change the direction of the housing. Therefore, the possibility of configuration Dark Base 900 is quite flexible. You can install the windows of the glass on both sides of the body, you can also adjust the stopper opening the front door.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

Excellent level of flexibility and modularity is an important advantage Dark Base 900. But the manufacturer did not stop there. The case rests on a steel frame, but it is decorated with aluminum panels and large windows of real glass. Of course, being an expert in computers quiet, be quiet! Dark Base 900 optimized for minimal noise. Inside is not only insulation, but also three new fan Silent Wings 3. Integrated fan controller and a button that allows you to change the color of the two LED-strips. The cover charge is integrated Qi, allows you to charge mobile devices induction method.

Be quiet! Dark Base 900 presented in two versions. Complete equipping you get along with the tested version Pro. In a simpler version of the standard will have to do without the side windows of real glass (it can be ordered optionally), without LED-strips and Qi charging. Also, the fan controller in the base version is easier, it only supports three PWM-fan and one fan 3 pin. Instead, you pay 50 euros less, the basic version will cost 199 euros instead of 249 euros for the Pro. Prices are consistent with other premium steel housing market. But Dark Base 900 you will get not only steel, but also other quality materials.

In scope of supply be quiet! It is also able to stand. In addition to the installation accessories and detailed guide, you will get additional bonuses. Instead of simple single-cable puffs be quiet! I put reusable Velcro tightening. There is also mounting for installation of pumps CBO and the third front of the fan, extra plug for cable routing holes. Finally, in the Pro version you get two multicolored LED-strip.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: Design

be quiet! It offers a flagship housing in all-black color scheme, but you can also purchase options with silver or orange accents. Regardless of color, you get a great body Midi Tower. The front door and the lid decorated with panels of brushed aluminum. At the transition between the panels are arranged controls and I / O ports.

The front door not only provides solid appearance, and soundproofing. Behind the front door Dark Base Pro 900 has two 5.25-inch bays. Below are two pre-installed 140mm front fan. Of course, be quiet! It uses a fan of its own production. Front and rear body established premium fan Silent Wings 3. Interestingly, separate them today do not buy. Sales will begin only from October. Fan PWM version will cost 23 euros. It is easy to calculate that in the case of Dark Base Pro 900 dialed some fans at 69 euros. Dust filter in front of the two front fans can be easily removed for cleaning. The same applies to the bottom of the filter – it can be easy to get ahead is to open the door.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

Buttons power and reset the body be quiet! available, and with the closed front door. But the slider fan controller and LED-backlight control button be quiet! nevertheless I decided to hide behind the door. So if you want to adjust the fan speed or the backlight, you have to open the door. However, be quiet! rightly believes that users of these parameters are not likely to change often. Especially it concerns the automatic fan controller (only in version Pro).

The entire front panel is attached to the body with plastic hooks. They are large, the panel does not remove the problem is. But the front fans and optical drives can be easily removed or installed without removing the front panel. But if you want to remove the ODD rack, the front panel will have to be removed to remove the four screws from the front.

Unlike many modern buildings In Win, be quiet! I decided not to install the latest interface USB 3.1 Type C. On the I / O panel will have to be content with two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0, as well as two 3.5-mm audio jack. USB 3.0 ports painted black for reasons of cohesive design. If you do not get accustomed to the signatures, they can be easily confused with USB 2.0 ports. Between the ports is a big power button. To the right of it you can see the smaller one reset button, but it is still fairly easy to press with your finger. Black plastic insert for the ports at first puzzled us. But the secret of be quiet! reveals simple: in the case Dark Base Pro 900 there is inductive charging Qi. It provides wireless charging of mobile devices with support for Qi. So you do not have to connect smart phone charging cable. Its easy enough to put on the board, after which he will be charged with the help of electromagnetic induction. At the start of the charging station beeps. Honestly, today, when even IKEA became embedded Qi charging in your furniture, it is strange to see that the majority of computer cases such charge is absent.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

As in the case of the other two towers Silent Base, Dark Base Pro openings 900 is optimized so that took a minimum outside noise. Fans under the hood exhaust air through the openings on the back or through the side mesh slots.

Ventilation holes are located behind the power supply housing, that is, they do not focus on the user. Optional lower fans get fresh air through the side bottom hole.

The standard version comes with solid sidewalls, be quiet! Pro version is not stingy, and added a large side window of real glass. It allows you to enjoy the view of the interior – especially if you install into the housing, complete multi-color LED-strip. Nice to see that the glass becomes fashionable. It really looks more noble than the acrylic windows, and the scratch is more stable. The glass has a thickness of 4 mm, so it is sturdy enough to withstand tough operating conditions. Especially since the tempered glass, the strength had increased. Even if the glass is broken, it will break up into small fragments. A similar principle is used, for example, in the automotive industry. The glass is attached with four screws with knurled head, which are screwed into the holes through the rubber washer.

Some users Dark Base Pro 900 complained that visible through the window of installation slots conventional steel side panel. All this is true, but the reason lies in the fact that it is possible to mount a steel plate or a glass window on both sides of the body. If you, for example, decide to postpone the motherboard tray on the left side of the body, the window can be left to the right. It is enough to unscrew four screws. Of course, a solid steel panel can then be used on the left side of the housing. Behind the visible fastening the third 140mm fan Silent Wings 3. To Midi Tower is unusual that the ATX power supply is not directly fastened to the rear panel. Instead, on the rear panel, you can see the power socket and an optional switch.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

The steel side panels, as well as the cover and the front door from the inside are covered with an insulating material of the new development. If the steel side panel to be used in the motherboard segment (such as in the standard version of the case), then after removal of two plastic plugs 120 mm fan can be installed on it. The side panel is secured with two thumbscrews.

In the interior you can see more orange accents. Sam interior is very functional. For each 3.5-inch drive separate compartments are provided. It can be seen fixing the power supply and the relatively compact motherboard tray. Last also adds flexibility to the interior. There are no external delights, such as the power supply cover segment or trays drives here. Therefore, the interior does not look pretty, but functional.

Most of the drives in the enclosure Dark Base Pro 900 are installed in the rack. be quiet! did not be exchanged for two or three hours – instead, each 3.5-inch drive is installed in its own compartment. In addition to seven 3.5-inch bays should be noted rack for two 5.25 “drives. All racks and compartments can be removed separately. Thus, the user can decide for yourself which part of the storage rack it will be used for HDD / SSD, and which must be removed to make room for other components, but refused to be quiet by bezotvertochnoy assembly drives, regardless of format, are fastened to the mounting bays This reliable, but installing or removing the need to spend time -.!.. especially since 3.5 -inch compartments have to remove to install the drives. Without removing the compartments you just can not screw in the screws, which are located at the front.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

If you plan to install 2.5-inch drives, the HDD in each compartment can be installed two SSD. Thus, a 3.5-inch seven compartments 14 can be set to 2,5 “SSD. In contrast to the 3.5-inch HDD, 2,5-inch drives not receive vibration control. Interestingly, the 3.5-inch bays set at two depth levels, if they are to shift from the front panel, you can make room for a thin front radiator (up to 3.5 cm). But it will have to abandon the installation of motherboards E-ATX.

As we mentioned above, the power supply is not fastened to the back wall. Inside provides a separate attachment for him. The power supply is mounted on rubber strips on the mounting frame of the insulation provided by the foam. So, with the installation of the power supply will have to tinker. But the expansion card just screwed thumbscrews.

On Silent Wings fans 3, be quiet! I moved to a new mount with vibration isolation. Unlike its predecessors, the new fans can be installed on radiators without problems. Speaking of radiators: in case there are several places to install them. If you refuse to stand for optical drives, the front panel of the heat exchanger can be installed up to 360 or 420 mm. On the back wall can be installed single 120- or 140-mm heat exchanger on the bottom of the chassis – double radiator size 240 or 280 mm. Under the cover of the heat exchanger can be installed up to 360 or 420 mm. However, the permissible height of the cooler will depend on the location of the motherboard tray. The tray can be mounted on the right side of the body with three options for altitude. You get a modest 40 mm, good or excellent 62 mm 84 mm between the lid and the motherboard end. But the more space will be between the cover and the end, the less expansion slots you can use. Three height options cause, respectively, eight, seven or six expansion slots.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

If the motherboard is mounted on the left side of the body, the distances are slightly different. They are 55, 77 or 99 mm. Since the motherboard is turned “upside down”, the bottom may be problems of compatibility between the cooler and power supply. All this is necessary to pay attention to the assembly system 900 Dark Base housing.

Behind it can be clearly seen that the motherboard tray is not attached with rivets and screws. be quiet! use of space for the motherboard tray is quite effective, it is possible to see a large cut-out to set the CPU cooler, as well as holes for cabling, closed with rubber plugs. Cables can also lay below or above the motherboard tray.

Behind the motherboard tray there is mounting for an additional 2.5-inch drive, as well as the control board. To it are connected both LED-strip, also fan controller can control up to four fans and four PWM fans with 3-pin connection. Qi Charging Power is provided through the same charge. On the board itself is powered via the SATA connector. In the basic version of the card much easier, it enables connection of only three PWM fans and a 3-pin fan. Unfortunately, the automatic fan control Dark Base Pro 900 in the base version is also available. This feature allows you to use a PWM signal to the motherboard. should be moved to the left (start) position to activate the automatic control through a PWM signal slider. If you move the slider to the right, the manual control is activated.

HDD Each compartment is secured by three thumbscrews. After removing the cover the screws remain in place, but if necessary they can easily get on the right side.

We have already noted that the hard drives and SSD installed in compartments in different ways. But the HDD bays have another function: in conjunction with the complete plate can be easily converted into a mount for most pumps available on the market. Although rubber rings for insulation, screws and nuts are not supplied. Tank in Dark Base 900 can also be attached to the HDD bay. But when using such a method would have to give up a few HDD bays.

Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: conclusion

The development of Dark Base Pro 900 significant effort has been spent. As might be expected, the flagship model provides enough space for high-end components, there are rich possibilities for the installation of water or air cooling. But not only. The body exhibits excellent flexibility – it can be configured for different scenarios. Note quality materials and interesting features. So be quiet! It can offer a lot.

Review be quiet! Dark Basic Pro 900: new flagship

Let’s start with the basics. At first glance, the functional design of the case resembles other model Silent Base family. But it is worth a closer look, it becomes clear that the Dark Base Pro 900 thanks to high-end materials belongs to a different category. Base steel body, but from the outside it is nice allocated noble brushed aluminum panels and large windows of real glass. Add to this the excellent workmanship. Design Corps someone seems simple, but be quiet! He paid attention to detail. USB 3.0 ports are painted black. Rotor fan controller is hidden behind the front door, so as not to disrupt the overall style. Some users may not like the plastic plate on the cover of the case, but it hides the Qi charging, one of the innovation model. Note and a powerful fan control system. You can connect to a controller for up to eight fans, after which control their speed through the analog slider, but is available and an automatic mode, through the motherboard PWM signal. be quiet! I used the same card to connect two LED-strips. In addition to choosing different colors of illumination can completely turn it off.

be quiet! would not be a, if not optimized Dark Base Pro 900 at a low noise level. Of course, the advantages include a new 140-mm fan Silent Wings 3 with PWM control. Here we see a perfect example of synergy: be quiet! benefit from developments in the field of cooling and users benefit from the excellent hull. It combines thoughtful fan controller, measures to reduce noise along with new sound insulating gaskets, insulation of hard drives. As a result, 900 Dark Base became a great soft body. Of course, this approach is not always good for enthusiasts who usually put on top cooling performance. And here we have a most significant point about the body: Dark Base Pro 900 is focused on quiet operation, cooling performance is very modest. Of course, you can boost the body cooling system on their own, many are available for optional mounting of fans and heat sinks. Yet it should be understood that because of the design soundproof enclosure provides a lower level of cooling as compared with cases other than those more open design. Here, the user is encouraged to decide that it is more important: the maximum cooling performance with a high level of noise or a compromise on the noise level, which offers a be quiet!

The second cause for criticism concerns the reverse side an important advantage. Namely modularity, due to which many of the processes are complicated. be quiet! rightly points out that the housing Dark Base Pro 900 is not oriented for novice users, and enthusiasts. We test a lot of buildings, which should be compatible hardware to buy, but in the case of the flagship of be quiet! the situation is somewhat different. Large body size Midi Tower itself adapts to the components. No compromises are not required – if you want to install the motherboard E-ATX, the HDD bays can be moved closer to the front, but the front heat exchanger set will not work. If you like the massive heatsink on top, the motherboard can be shifted down, although have to sacrifice expansion slots. Yet housing Dark Base Pro 900 stands out for its features. You will be able to implement a variety of scenarios that are only available in larger enclosures models.

For the price of housing be quiet! It has its own niche. Premium models of aluminum and real glass usually are much more expensive. Here we can recall the same 909 In Win and Lian Li PC-X510. Both models will cost about 400 euros, both of them are a little more noble than Dark Base Pro 900, but less versatile and less practical than the be quiet! Also interesting is the top model Phanteks Enthoo Primo. It refers to the price level already combines a steel frame with aluminum panels, and supporters of NWO will receive uncompromising “monster” cooling. But it is necessary to abandon the optimization be quit! a minimum noise level. And Dark Base Pro 900 more efficiently uses the available space. Yet housing Enthoo Primo is present on the market for several years, he had no such modern features like RGB-lights and the window glass of the present. Both features offer the new flagship Phanteks Enthoo Elite in the future. But the price of $ 699 is still markedly higher. From the range of buildings Phanteks, friendly to the CBO, the closest competitor would be Enthoo EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass. It is characterized by beautiful design, combining a large number of aluminum and glass window from the present. Is that the heat exchangers are supported only in the format of up to 360 mm by 5.25-inch drive will have to give, but Phanteks model with a price of 190 euros more compact and lightweight. It is a pity that you have to abandon optimizations for minimal noise and some optimizations present in Dark Base Pro 900.

The efforts have paid off – be quiet! It managed to introduce a new flagship quiet Dark Base Pro 900, which was able to raise the bar for some functions. We get quiet, noble and very flexible in body configuration, which is worthy of “excellent hardware”.

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