Graphics Processing Unit AMD Radeon RX 480 was the most productive of all the adapter single-chip 14-nm solutions, AMD. The unusual role for himself forced the flagship of a new generation, and it will remain until the first half of 2017, when the market will debut in this top model AMD Vega series.

As a result, graphics card manufacturers have decided to equip this new product befitting its status as a temporary modified PCB design and cooling system. One of the first such an option introduced by ASUS. In recent years, high-end of its gaming products mainly appear in the line of ASUS ROG STRIX. Do not bucked this trend and model ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480 GAMING OC (ROG STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING), with which we will introduce in this review.

It is almost completely original video card with its own PCB design and cooling system, a bright backlight system ASUS AURA, the presence of factory overclocking, and several modes of operation. Let’s take a look at what other benefits you will get from purchasing it.


ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480: Packaging equipment

The card comes in a rather large box made of thick cardboard with quality printing. On the front side denotes the ability to activate a gift for lovers of the game World of Warships, which includes an invite code (for new players) to get protected cruisers “Diana” and 15 days a premium access.

A list of system requirements for the computer on which you plan to install a video accelerator, is located on one side of the box. Based on the recommendations, the power supply shall have a capacity not less than 500 W, to give at least 42 A on the + 12V line and maintain a single 8-pin PCIe power cable.


Bundled with ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480 GAMING OC supplied Quick Start Guide, CD with drivers and utilities, and two ties for wires. When searching for a power adapter necessary, will have to attend to their own.

To display an image on the test adapter uses a modified set of interfaces:

  • 1 x DVI-D;
  • 2 x HDMI;
  • 2 x DisplayPort.

Recall that the standard version includes three DisplayPort and one HDMI. In our view, be used in the new product range of video is more versatile. In addition, it will simplify the connection of VR-devices.

ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480: Appearance

ASUS ROG STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING is decorated in a typical new series of graphics cards ASUS STRIX style, with a predominance of black. As for the element base, it corresponds to the original concept of Super Alloy Power II and includes only high quality components: solid and tantalum-polymer capacitors, and DrMOS chip inductors with a ferrite core. This improves the stability and reliability of the graphics in general, and also prolongs its life.


GPU power system is made by 6-phase scheme. Two more phases are used to supply memory chips. Recall that the standard design involves 6 + 1-phase power scheme.

Moreover, the ASUS engineers decided to completely redo the power unit, abandoning the traditional in such cases, the PCI Express x16 slot to 8-pin PCIe connector. That is no problem with excess 75-watt consumption threshold bus PCI Express x16 novelty there. Also note that the cooler is not difficult to disconnect the power cord.

The reverse side of the printed circuit board is covered by a metal base plate, which not only increases the stiffness of the structure but also removes excess heat.

In the rear sheltered two 4-pin connectors for case fans (ASUS FanConnect technology). Their effectiveness depends on the operation temperature GPU rather than CPU.

At the heart of ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480 GAMING OC uses a graphics processor AMD Polaris 10 (Ellesmere XT). It is based on 14-nanometer FinFET technology-and fourth-generation microarchitecture, AMD GCN. In its structure there are 2304 stream processors, 144 texture, and 32 raster units. Testing was conducted in «OC» mode in which the dynamic GPU operating frequency is 1330 MHz (a 5% increase compared with the reference 1266 MHz).

You can activate the «Silent» profiles and «Gaming» If desired utility ASUS GPU Tweak II. Both also feature factory overclocked graphics processor. In the first case a dynamic frequency is 1290 MHz, and the second – 1310 MHz.

Memory totaling 8GB runs on the recommended effective frequency 8000 MHz. Exchange of data between the graphics processor and memory through a 256-bit bus, which is capable of flowing 256 GB of information per second.


ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480: Backlight

One important advantage of the graphics card ASUS ROG STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING acts illumination system ASUS AURA, which is capable of displaying millions of colors and work in one of six modes. One of them allows the use of color temperature signal GPU. Using proprietary software illumination can be synchronized with a similar illumination on branded motherboards.

ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480: Cooling system

Graphics Processing Unit installed a proprietary cooling system DirectCU III occupies two expansion slots and has a total length of 313 mm (as measured in our lab).

The cooler consists of a fairly large two-part radiator, three axial fans with impeller diameter of 88 mm, the reinforcement plate on the back and a plastic casing that covers the entire structure on top. five copper heat pipes are used for uniform heat distribution across the heat sink area, four 8 mm and a 6 mm.


Sami turntables manufactured by Power Logic and are labeled «PLD09210S12HH». Rated voltage of operation is 12, and the current – 0.40 A, which gives 4.8 watts total.

When automatic control paddle speed fan at maximum capacity, graphics core warmed to 64 ° C, and it operated at the cooler 49% of its maximum capacity. subjectively noise was average and totally comfortable for everyday use.

For comparison, the reference cooling system provided results at 82 ° C the graphics processor at a lower frequency (1,185 versus 1,226 MHz).

Under the maximum speed fan blades GPU temperature dropped to 56 ° C. At the same time the noise exceeded the average level, and has ceased to be comfortable for continuous use. As for the reference cooler, it could cool the GPU to 63 ° C.

In the absence of the graphics core and memory frequency load automatically lowered, allowing you to reduce power consumption and heat dissipation of video card as a whole. In this mode, the GPU temperature did not exceed 49 ° C, and the fan starts only after reaching 53 ° C mark.

In general, the cooler DirectCU III a very good job with their responsibilities, demonstrating the necessary performance and low noise levels in everyday use. Its capacity will be enough to cool internal components when manually overclocking, which is a huge advantage. Extraneous sounds in the form of annoying whistle chokes have been recorded during testing.


ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480: Conclusions

As a result, ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480 GAMING OC (ROG STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING) is a very successful modification of the AMD Radeon RX 480 and has a number of advantages. Foremost among those we would like to include a very successful cooling system DirectCU III, which is due to its high capacity copes with heat from the overclocked GPU while running quietly enough in automatic mode. It features easily enough to experiment with overclocking, but will have to sacrifice acoustic comfort.

Additionally, select the original ASUS AURA illumination system, a modified set of video outputs, the traditionally high quality of performance and the element base and factory overclocking, which allowed to get ahead of the reference version of an average of 3.5%.

Speaking about the performance of this model, we can recommend it to build systems under the resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080) or Quad HD (2560 x 1440) with a good margin for any future projects. As for the 4K mode, in the most demanding projects will have to lower the quality level of the image or you can use a bunch of AMD CrossFireX, although its effectiveness depends largely on the optimization of the game for such a scenario and drivers.

As a result, ASUS ROG STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING is a good choice to build a game mid-level system, which is important not only to the performance and reliability of all components, but also the appearance of the graphics adapter.

Advantages ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX 480:

  • reliable element base Super Alloy Power II;
  • quiet and powerful cooling system DirectCU III;
  • graphics card manufactured on a fully automated line (ASUS AUTO-EXTREME Technology);
  • the presence of factory overclocking;
  • original lighting system ASUS AURA;
  • enhanced power subsystem;
  • powered exclusively by an 8-pin PCIe connector;
  • technology support ASUS FanConnect;
  • a modified set of external interfaces;
  • preset profiles with factory overclocked;
  • gift for lovers of the game World of Warships.

Source: techpowerup

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