Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

In this review we will look at once with all members of the line – ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse optical mouse mat paired with ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Pad, membrane keyboard ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard and gaming headset ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset. It is noteworthy that all the models are available in black and white. We have just the second option. By tradition, we offer to start the story by looking at the specifications.

Game Mouse ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse comes in a small cardboard box of medium density. Making quite stylish and it is characterized by excellent informative. The front side allows to consider the arm thanks to a transparent plastic blister, estimate its size and convenience of the location prior to the hand. Traditionally, there is the model name and manufacturer’s logo. At the rear and side walls can be found with its key features.

Packing playing surface ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Pad is made in the same style as the manipulator.

Package ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse includes only the user documentation. The same is true for the ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Pad. But the documentation is translated into many languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: Appearance, layout elements and impression of the work

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse looks very nice and especially pleased by the snow-white color much of the body. The form of the main keys, along with a black and red design elements creates a rather aggressive appearance. The finishing touch to the design can be considered as pulsating illumination, the color of which depends on the DPI (green, red, blue and pink – from smallest to largest).

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

Handler received design symmetrical shape (if not to take into account the side keys), you will appreciate the righties and lefties. The device is characterized by a good build quality, as evidenced by the absence of any gaps and extraneous sounds when trying to pressure, but the sidewall flex a little, although the buttons do not work at the same time (as previously discussed in several mouse).

As used plastic material appears matt. The back has a soft-touch coating that is not only pleasing tactile, but also actively fights against fogging palm and fingerprints. The sides and bottom a little rough.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

Despite the slightly reduced length and height of the housing relative to most gaming mice, ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse is very convenient to use. The arm rests comfortably, though, if you use the larger models, you might miss a little way into the center of the palm of your hand, but you quickly get used to it. Enough of “palm” and “claw” is quite comfortable, but the second is preferable. Weight distribution body shifted a little to the rear, and the weight a little too big for such size.

Toward the rear of the “rodent” placed grooves for your fingers over the main keys. Volume last click is average, as well as the length of the course. Between the main buttons are profiled scroll wheel with a distinct way. Next there is a glossy button to quickly change the sensor resolution.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

The back is decorated with glowing line logo in the form of Cerberus – the mythical three-headed dog that guards the exit from the kingdom of the dead Greek god of Hades.

Side panels ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse have a recess for easier finger location. In the middle there are textured rubber inserts. In addition, on the left side are buttons “Back” and “Forward”, which are similar to the main stroke length and volume.

Connection cable 1.8 m in length has a nylon coating and is characterized by good flexibility. The output is protected stiffener, and on the end of ferrite is present, and plated USB-connector.

At the bottom of the keypad are four Teflon feet, which have an average rate of sliding: there is too much resistance and would like to obtain more smooth running.

There is also a optical sensor with visible red backlighting. The exact model and its manufacturer has not specified. It can operate in the following modes: 500, 1000, 1500 and 2500 DPI. This is enough for most usage scenarios. In the sensor shown himself equally well on the playing surface, and the lacquered tabletops. Positioning fairly accurate, it can only be a little lacking smoothness.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

According Enotus Mouse Test test, the maximum travel speed ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse is 1.37 m / s – a low figure, but it is quite typical for the available solutions.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse: gaming mouse

Branded playing surface ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Pad is very similar to the previously considered ASUS STRIX GLIDE CONTROL, but the novelty is 1 mm thicker and increased weight (270 vs. 208 g). Standard dimensions – 400 x 300 mm. Right side of the mat has a relatively large fabric texture that is very positive impact on the accuracy of the mouse sensor. Decorated in the style of the series – the white color and the presence of the image of hell hound. The lower part of the accessory is made of rubberized fabric, in connection with which it is perfectly and securely on any flat surface. The edges of the pad are protected against wear sewn around the perimeter of thick thread.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Advantages:

  • nice design;
  • good build quality;
  • symmetrical body;
  • 6 buttons;
  • LED lights;
  • optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 2500 DPI;
  • with fabric braided cable and gold-plated USB-plug.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Disadvantages:

  • excessive resistance Teflon feet;
  • no software to configure.

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