Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

The keyboard Cerberus Arctic Keyboard comes in a cardboard box of considerable size. Decorated in a similar style to the previously discussed devices and is characterized by excellent informative.

The back side contains a large image of the device, its name, logos, products and series, as well as a list of the main features of ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard.

The package includes only the multilingual user manual and warranty card.

Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: Appearance, layout elements and impression of the work

Keyboard Design ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard can be called attractive enough, and white design with a black cap, it looks even and neat. New made in the full-size format with the addition of various decorative elements: cut-outs on the sides, chamfered edges at the bottom and at the top, skater podladonnoy region and the central projection with the ASUS logo in place of the cable attachment. Weight and dimensions (1.1 kg, and 186 x 471 x 41 mm) of the device may be called the mean as compared to other gaming analogues.

Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

Housing ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard is mainly made of high-quality matte plastic. The base is painted in a pale red color, which is seen on the slots on the sides of the keys. According to the manufacturer, it is used in the construction of a metal plate, which gives it more rigidity. The whole body is characterized by a very good build quality, as evidenced by the absence of any backlash and clearances. And with the active exploitation of the keyboard is pressed and absolutely no extra sounds.

Area to relax the wrist has a rough, rather pleasant to the touch surface texture. Work on it is quite convenient.

On the lower part there are five large rubberized feet and two folding with rubber pads that provide excellent fixation on different types of surfaces and the ability to change the angle of inclination of the keyboard. There is also a sticker with technical information and manufacturer’s logo. Furthermore, the drainage system is provided in the form of through holes for protection against spills.

To connect using a fairly flexible 2-meter cable in a nylon sheath that output is protected from the inflection rib.

The keypad ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard is a standard set of full-size keys with caps trapezoidal shape, which are covered with a thin layer of soft-touch. The layout is presented in the classic American (US ANSI) version.

Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

there [Fn] Of the additional keys, which is located on the site of the button [Right Windows], and 6 in the top of the media. In addition, you may notice the absence of the indicator [Scroll Lock], which was replaced with a multi-function (lights green / red) [Win Lock]. Symbolic elements plotted reliable method of laser engraving, but not completely – most of the functional combinations not selected (they can be found only in the manual). Here are some of them:

  • [Fn] + [F10] – launch the browser;
  • [Fn] + [F11] – key lock;
  • [Fn] + [F12] – the launch of the calculator;
  • [Fn] + [Q] – start fire mode (repetitive keystroke);
  • [Fn] + [Tab] – switching WASD keys in shooter mode;
  • [Fn] + [Win] – Disable button [Windows].

There is support for macros and the ability to reassign the action keys, but it is not very convenient – through a combination of functionality. Where it is more convenient to do it in the presence of specialized software.

Base caps used transparent, not white. Because of this character almost invisible without a backlight. The backlighting is even and fairly bright (level 4), but has some problems with uniformity. Readability is good, but sometimes come across a dark spot on the symbols.

Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

But there is as much as 7 variants ([Fn] + [F1-7]) predefined colors (343 combinations for the two user profiles ([Fn] + [8] and [Fn] + [9]) and two modes – continuous light or ripple (c intensity setting)).

Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

Underlying keys ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard is a classic diaphragm mechanism that is equally well suited for fast typing and gameplay. Caps fairly easily dismantled for maintenance. Activation keys does not cause any complaints: the stroke length of 3-4 mm, and they are characterized by a light, quiet and moderately elastic work. The manufacturer declares the opportunity to correct the reading to 19 buttons are pressed simultaneously, but in reality this figure slightly less, depending on the field of taps – the left more, and less on the right. In any case more than enough games, including MMO genre.

Cerberus Arctic Keyboard Advantages:

  • nice design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • high stiffness due to the metal housing at the base plate;
  • podladonnaya handy stand;
  • 6 additional keys for multimedia controls;
  • support of certain functional actions and macros;
  • the ability to lock the keys [Windows];
  • quality implementation of LED backlighting;
  • the presence of a drainage system for protection against spills.

Review Asus Cerberus Arctic Keyboard: gaming keyboard

Cerberus Arctic Keyboard Features:

  • not all functional action marked on the keyboard, so you need to use the statement.

Cerberus Arctic Keyboard Disadvantages:

  • no special firmware to configure the settings.

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