Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: gaming headset

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: gaming headset

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset comes fairly large box made of medium density fiberboard. Decorated in bright colors and delights of good informative. Due to the presence at the back side of the transparent plastic window can estimate the appearance and dimensions of the device. At the rear and side walls can be accessed with the key features of this model.

The package ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset includes the following accessories:

  • detachable microphone;
  • Splitter cable for headphones and microphone;
  • short adapter for mobile devices in the case of non-standard connection diagrams 3.5 connector;
  • user guide;
  • warranty card.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: Appearance and design quality

Headphones ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset looks pretty simple and attractive. All thanks to a combination of rounded shapes, smooth transitions and a snow-white color, without any brutal or Pestryaev features inherent in many gaming solutions. The most pretentious design elements can be called a red rim around the speaker cups, ASUS large logos on the sides and the very line ASUS Cerberus on the headband.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: gaming headset

Headset design represented by a pair of metal rails (hidden under the rubberised shell) and sliding the headband, which is only slightly soft. It is made of imitation leather from the outside and fabric texture with large domestic. The headband slides for a very flexible plastic-based.

Fixing color safe, and thanks to the excellent flexibility and plasticity have a pretty good margin in diameter.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset is equipped with a large 100 mm (outside diameter) round shape ear pads, which are installed inside of 60-mm drivers of neodymium magnets.

Cups and headband attachment is made of matte plastic practical. But there is a glossy elements – the central part of the cup and red rim, which give the design some shine though and collect fingerprints. Ear pads have a swivel and tilt freely in any direction, allowing easy selection of a comfortable fit.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: gaming headset

The inside of the cups completely closed sound transmission material. It protects the speakers from dust and sweat hit.

Ear cups ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset has a removable mount and a circular shape. The material acts as imitation leather with medium density, no memory effect.

An important feature of novelty is the presence of two microphones built (omni-directional) with the volume control button disabling and clip located on the cable and a second (one-way) is detachable, which is inserted into the slot on the left-hand cup (in the recess has a projection for protection against twisting. Fixed 1.2-meter nylon braided cable ends with a standard 3.5-mm audio plug. If necessary, the set includes a cable splitter 1.3 meters in length to connect to the headphone jack and a microphone, which can be used simply as an extension.

In terms of build quality and rigidity tested model is very good. All elements fit perfectly, and used plastic is strong enough and not pressed.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: Experience in the operation and sound quality

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: gaming headset

In the operation of the headset ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset proved to be a positive side. It sits well on the head, taking its shape, and after removal of the returns to the original appearance. Overall quite comfortable, but the arc may seem a bit tugovato and cups – push harder than might be desired. However, it all individually, we strongly recommend that you independently verify these points when purchasing. Diameter lip allows you to fully cover the ear; soundproofing average.

The sound in the ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset good, with high detail, but without adjusting the equalizer can not do, because they do not have enough voicing and sound is perceived somewhat muted. But it is enough to lift a little high and closely spaced average, the compositions will play in a new light. In general, the sound in the headphones is very nice – a detailed, voluminous and soft and comfortable bass. However, there is a strong dependence on the style of music – E goes with a bang, live – not as smooth.

As for movies, TV series or any other video, it seems that he had been in a movie theater. The same can be said about the gameplay – detail and surround sound vpechetlyayut. Excellent distinguish all the details that allow the sound to pinpoint the location of the enemy.

Of special mention is the work of microphones – both pretty good. Plug the microphone pleases protection from the wind, which is struggling with excess noise. The voice is captured quite clean and detailed, so it’s great for tactical talks during gaming battles. Microphone console easier. He and omnidirectional voice capture in addition to all the surrounding sounds. However, it’s great for simple negotiations, for example, via Skype.

Review ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: gaming headset

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset: Results

It’s time to take stock of familiarity with ASUS Cerberus line products. To begin with, we note that the Taiwanese manufacturer is now focused not only on the wealthy gamers for whom the series ASUS ROG, ASUS Strix or ASUS Echelon, but also decided to please budget conscious users. It is pleasant to note that for a relatively affordable price, you can get a stylish and modern game accessories with high quality and good functionality. All this refers to the mouse ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse, pad ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Pad, keyboard ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard and headset ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset.

Game Controllers ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse will delight its owner symmetrical and very comfortable housing with 6 buttons and LED backlighting. The optical sensor does not set the sensitivity of the records, but shows a decent performance on all types of surfaces. The playing surface ASUS Cerberus Arctic Mouse Pad offers an excellent balance between the speed of movement of the manipulator and the cursor positioning accuracy. The same can be said about the membrane keyboard ASUS Cerberus Arctic Keyboard, which is equally well suited for gaming and work. In addition, it is characterized by good ergonomics, good functionality and impressive illumination with lots of color options and modes. Headphones ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset combines simplicity and elegance. They are unlikely to fully satisfy the discerning audiophile, but are perfect for viewing video and immersive gameplay, including through ease of use.

In fact, to the ASUS Cerberus series production we had no criticisms. Perhaps the main drawback can only assume the lack of specialized software that would allow fully realize the potential. All other nuances of the more subjective and relate only to the features.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset Advantages:

  • nice design;
  • the use of paired devices with different replaceable by two cables;
  • comfortable design;
  • large diameter plates;
  • good insulation;
  • there are two microphones;
  • great sound for video viewing and gaming sessions.

ASUS Cerberus Arctic Headset Features:

  • headband pretty tight.

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