Review Acer ProDesigner BM320: great monitor for designers

Review Acer ProDesigner BM320: great monitor for designers

Last week there were released a lot of game monitors. If you really are a real gamer, then you have something to choose. For designers, the market is noticeable already, as designers themselves are much less than fans of playing 4K in shooters and RPG games, but manufacturers have also paid attention to this market.

Acer introduced its monitor with the eloquent title Acer ProDesigner BM320. Actually, a monitor was created exclusively for the designer’s work – for drawing, processing photos or working in graphic editors, for animators, video installers and other people for whom the computer is a way of earning, not a gaming platform. So it’s the monitor that will be interesting to them, and all the others will be able to survive without it, especially if you at least sometimes plan to play games.

Review Acer ProDesigner BM320: great monitor for designers

Acer  ProDesigner BM320: Specifications

The diagonal of monitor Acer ProDesigner BM320 is 32 inches. It is an excellent diagonal for work – the eyes will not tire of constantly moving, the vertical movement will not be so much that also helps the eyes to work longer without unnecessary fatigue.

Review Acer ProDesigner BM320: great monitor for designers

The aspect ratio is 16: 9, which can be called the ideal for the designer – all these new 21: 9 and other ratio for video editing are suitable, and not everyone agrees with this, but the classic ratio is just elegant. The response time is 5 ms. This is quite good for the design device, but it will be very difficult to play games. The same applies to the frame rate – 60 Hz this is the last century for games, but here’s the most to work with the images.

The resolution Acer ProDesigner BM320 is 4K, which is quite expected, because FullHD is also trying not to use in professional activity.

Review Acer ProDesigner BM320: great monitor for designers

Acer ProDesigner BM320: Design

When you buy a device for professional activities, then you think about design in the last place, because the main feature in the functions. On the other hand, when you take a rather expensive device for permanent work and earnings, you want to get the whole package of benefits, including design. So Acer ProDesigner BM320 has is simply gorgeous – a silver-colored stand stably holds the monitor on the table, the foot is small, but sturdy and allows you to change the height, brazenly turning the display. The frames around Acer ProDesigner BM320 are kept to a minimum, only a small die from the bottom. Stylish, expensive and modern.

Acer ProDesigner BM320: Features

The monitor Acer ProDesigner BM320 is built on an IPS matrix, of course, and has support for 10-bit color depth. This allows the monitor to transfer the entire color palette of sRGB and Adobe RGB, while for most competitors only 94% of this palette is supported.

Review Acer ProDesigner BM320: great monitor for designers

In addition, there is technology to improve the color rendition of Acer ColorPlus and technology to reduce the blue color, so that your eyes less tired during a long work on the details. It should be noted that the monitor also allows you to manually adjust the color palette, which also happens to be necessary in the work.

Acer ProDesigner BM320: Conclusion

Acer ProDesigner BM320 is quite expensive – $1300. Given that monitor was created for designers, and they often use two or three identical monitors, the amount of such an upgrade will be very decent. What do you get for that kind of money? Firstly, the monitor perfectly conveys the color gamut and for a designer who tries to create something perfect this is the best tool on the market. Secondly, this is 4K resolution with other technical chips. And, thirdly, the monitor looks very stylish, which will also affect the decision of some buyers.

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