RAZER NABU Review smartwatch

RAZER NABU Review smartwatch

Subject wearable electronics are constantly gaining momentum and it is not surprising that one of the first “smart” were just watch.

The first truly successful smart watches became famous Pebble, which by now had time to acquire, and the new generation with a color screen and several models with different bodies. You can also recall the Apple Watch, a new generation that came out not too long ago. The Razer Company, famous for its gaming accessories, has decided to keep up with consumers’ enthusiasm wearable electronics and released several models of fitness wristbands and smart watches Razer Nabu Watch.

Razer Nabu: System requirements

  • iPhone 5 / 5S / 6/6 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus on iOS 8 (or higher);
  • Android 4.3 (or higher) with the function of Bluetooth Low Energy (BT 4.0 or higher).


The watch comes in a small transparent plastic box, at the bottom of which is hidden all the equipment.

Package is quite modest:

  • Watch Razer Nabu Watch;
  • Documentation, including branded stickers;
  • charging cable.

RAZER NABU Review smartwatch


In appearance Razer Nabu Watch mind most resemble the notorious Casio G-Shosk. Borrowing – obvious, but in spite of this design it looks quite original way thanks to the typical Razer coloring and large dimensions hours. This size can scare off potential buyers device. But it should be noted that on the hand they do not seem huge and wearing them is much easier than expected. Naturally watches are made in shockproof and waterproof.

The watch case is made of plastic and metal rear panel only. Magnetic connector to charge the internal battery is located on the rear panel, but in the watch are five buttons. The center button is called Razer Nabu, and is responsible for switching the notification on the small screen, responsible for the “smart” devaysa function.

The screen height of 16 pixels by the OLED technology. By pressing the button, you can view the time of notification (memory enough for 5 notices), number of steps, distance, calories burned and control smartphone. The clock setting in the application you need only can select items on the smartphone.

The strap is rubber coated with a hypoallergenic and powerful metal clasp.

RAZER NABU Review smartwatch


Conventionally, the two components can be distinguished in the Razer Nabu Watch: «Watch» and «Nabu». Each of them has its own function, its power and its control. The first part – the clock is not difficult to guess, is responsible for the classical component of the device: the watch, stopwatch, timer and alarm clock. A «Nabu» is the very clever clock component, which is responsible for monitoring the activity and connection with your smartphone. In this part all the settings are made through the phone, but for the classic adjustment is possible in manual mode and using the app on your smartphone.

Office hours of the classical part by four buttons. Entangled in them difficult. Everything is intuitive, except to enter the settings you need to remember about the hold the SET button for about 2 seconds.

The backlight is activated by pressing the corresponding button. The brightness level is not adjustable. It is virtually invisible during the day, but in the dark, the backlight level has been very pleasant.

The clock is embedded motion sensor, and a characteristic gesture to show the time on hand made the activation of the auxiliary display, which displays the time and you have missed notifications, which can be viewed by pressing the «Nabu» button. The text is displayed in ticker mode. With the reading of the notification there is no problem: the text is legible, and the traveling speed line comfortably. It is worth noting that there is something to do with messages except they can not be read. For example, even in the first Pebble in the latest firmware on them can be answered preinstalled phrase, or emoticons. All that can be done in the case of the Razer Nabu Watch, is to put a single action on the track to switch on the player or launch the camera, and only of the above, which makes this feature almost useless.

For setting the clock, you must download and install the app and connect Razer Nabu hours with your smartphone. The settings are fairly standard for such devices: here and the opportunity to select the information displayed on-screen, and selection of applications that are allowed to send notifications on the clock, and more. Separately adjustable parameters of the main clock – to set the time and alarms.

You can also choose from three different levels of vibration strength clock or turn it off entirely.

In addition to the above Razer Nabu Watch are able to track the phases of sleep. How to sleep in these hours – another story, but they really are monitored, only “smart” alarm clock that can wake you up in a necessary phase in the clock there.

Pedometer built into the Razer Nabu Watch, is not very accurate. Comparison with Mio Fuse show that Razer Nabu Watch have an error of about 20% in a big way, ie passed in 1000 Razer Nabu Watch steps will show you the value of about 1200 steps. It is clear that this is not a specialized fitness tracker as the MIO Fuse, but it would be a little more accurate. By the way, it was seen an interesting point – a simple rocking chair in the office adds steps from Razer Nabu Watch, but the MIO Fuse in a similar situation does not increase the number on the counter. All statistics of activity per day is available in the application, therefore, on the basis of your data, you can change the set in front of goal in the upward or downward.

In device has an unusual feature: two or more bracelets Razer Nabu in close proximity to each other can share custom tags used in connected applications to find new friends and exchange information. Handshake with another user bracelets and watches Razer Nabu allows Facebook to share contact information or Twitter.

RAZER NABU Review smartwatch


In an attempt to create a smart watch company Razer has taken the path add “smart” features to the classic quartz chronograph. The result is a rather unusual solution with long battery life as the smart part, and the main mechanism. But this decision has imposed certain restrictions. In fact the clock is generally best for message notifications and calls, but for something more difficult ispoltzovat them. Manage player or smartphone to organize or even impossible, or limited to a single action. Tracking of physical activity is limited to a pedometer, and he is not very accurate and is somewhere on the level of cheap Chinese fitness bracelets. Lack of heart rate monitor in cons is not necessary to write down, as almost all modern smart clock accuracy and pulse measurement capabilities are extremely limited, making it virtually impossible to use. And adding to the Razer Nabu Watch heart rate sensor would only increase the cost of the device.

But the possibilities of the classical watch us completely arranged: here you can set the timer and alarm clock, and a second time zone. And most importantly – it works independently of quickly discharging the “smart” part of the watch. Design of the device is aimed at the youth market, and the clock itself designed primarily for fans of the brand.

Pros Razer Nabu:

  • Modern design;
  • Protection from shock, water resistance;
  • Great battery life.

Minuses Razer Nabu:

  • No control smartphone \ replies to messages;
  • The large error of the pedometer.

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