Razer ManO’War review and test: comfortable wireless gaming headset

Razer ManO'War review and test: comfortable wireless gaming headset

Razer has introduced a new wireless gaming headset ManO’War, on which the company has high hopes. The headset is quite curious, so it will be interesting to evaluate ManO’War in. All the details you will find out in this review.

Razer has chosen a classic scheme of a wireless connection via USB-module, thus avoiding the use of an external unit, as at the same SteelSeries. But ManO’War still have to give a round sum, in Europe, the price is about 200 euros, in Russia – 8.990 rubles. However, gaming headsets are even more expensive, as can be seen in the same recently tested SteelSeries Siberia 800.

Razer ManO’War: Design and build quality

Headset with a military title has an impressive size. Headphones larger many other gaming models. Razer has used matt plastic, which stand out nice glossy inserts. Sami cup decorated the outside screen elements. In general, the headset looks great.

Razer ManO'War review and test: comfortable wireless gaming headset

Modern gaming devices without light can not do. This year a lot of mice appeared on the market, keyboards and housings from the RGB-backlit, but the headset is still lagging. Therefore ManO’War was one of the few models equipped with full lighting. You can only manage a Razer logo color on the cups, but in the full RGB spectrum and with different effects. All this allows you to adapt your headset to the rest of the periphery.

The quality of materials and workmanship is quite adequate for this price range. All joints are strong and uniform, sharp edges, we have not found. Is that the transition between the cups and the bow is made quite thin – it does not fit into a massive design ManO’War.

Traditionally the microphone installed in the left headphone cup. As is customary for today’s high-end models, ManO’War microphone is pulled out of the cup. Therefore, it can be easily removed again when the microphone is not needed. Microphone stem length of 12 cm, thanks to its good flexibility, the microphone can be given the most comfortable position.

At the bottom left of the cup Razer integrated micro-USB port, which can charge the internal battery. It is a pity that Razer has not provided the opportunity to connect through the headphone cable, which would be able to add some flexibility of use.

Razer ManO'War review and test: comfortable wireless gaming headset

There may be mentioned, and the special features Razer. The small USB-module is inserted into the right ear and removed if necessary. A handy feature for users who travel frequently. However, after extraction module will have to put up with unsightly hole in the cup, which quickly accumulate dust. For stationary use, this approach is not very convenient, because the unit will still be always connected to the computer.

Razer ManO’War: Comfort and Convenience

As we have repeated several times above, Razer ManO’War headset is quite bulky. This is largely due to the fact that Razer has used a very large and soft ear cushions. In practice, they justify themselves: wear Razer headphones are very comfortable, even the ear cups fall on the ear, and do not cover it. Even after long gaming battles fatigue did not appear, although the ventilation inside the ear cushions could be better. But here we are finding fault.

Bow is interrupted several times. As a result, ManO’War seem quite fragile, but actually it is not. But better ventilation.

Razer ManO'War review and test: comfortable wireless gaming headset

Headband can be adjusted on both sides by 3.5 cm below the head shape. This can be called the adjustment range is quite sufficient. wearing comfort is ensured not only the weight of 376 gram and large ear pads, but the small force bow pressure. Unlike Siberia 800 cups crushed the head not so much. However ManO’War headset sits firmly enough not to slip during fast movements

Razer ManO’War | Equipment, work, tests

Equipment, work

By adjusting the Razer chose the traditional concept, the corresponding elements rendered directly on the headphones.

Razer has used both earbuds. On the left cup placed power button and the micro-USB port for charging the headset. There is also a wheel is adjusted the microphone level. The right cup fewer controls. You get a second wheel that allows you to adjust the volume. A click on the scroll wheel mutes the sound.

Of course, the user can not only regulate the volume and microphone. If you are interested in the advanced settings, you have to turn to the utility Razer Synapse, which the American manufacturer uses for all products. So if you have multiple devices Razer, you can manage them from a single location. The lack of utility, we have stressed several times: Razer is based on the cloud-based solution for storing settings, so you have to start an account for the configuration of the headset. Yet for easy customization periphery such a step seems redundant.

The rest of the Synapse utility shows sowing traditionally good. Immediately after the first start of the utility ManO’War updated firmware. The utility allows you to configure various Razer device, as we already mentioned. Synapse interface is simple and intuitive. Of course, you will have access to adjust the backlight Razer “Chroma”. You can change not only the color of Razer logo on the headphones, but also to choose different effects. How much need all these effects – decide for yourself. It is a pity that the Razer does not offer advanced features, such as in line Corsair Void, for example.

Razer ManO'War review and test: comfortable wireless gaming headset

But Razer is possible to calibrate the virtual surround sound headset. After calibration, the user can, for example, add Bass Boost. The microphone is also possible to adjust the level and sensitivity. Of course, not without the equalizer with eight lanes, which are available in a variety of preset modes. You can adjust the equalizer manually. It all depends on personal taste and listen to songs.

Note that ManO’War headset can also be used in tandem with the PlayStation.

Listening tests

From headphones with a military title ManO’War expect a corresponding aggressive and powerful sound. Razer in this respect we are not disappointed, although completely without distortion at high volume could not have done. But first things first. Razer has used for its two headphone 50mm speaker, which cover the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

As usual, we have used our test track “Forgiven not forgotten” by Corrs. Immediately it became clear that ManO’War among the most high-quality models, visited our lab. String at the beginning of the composition to produce very accurate, sound pleasing detail. However, to the level of 800 SteelSeries Siberia bulky headphones Razer still do not get a competitor composition felt even the more detailed and air. Headphones Man O’War coped well with surround sound. Virtual scene felt good width and depth, it is possible to determine the position of each instrument. Razer also offers virtual surround sound, but with a real surround sound, it still can not be confused.

Shortly after the beginning of the song connected bass, and here ManO’War headset showed powerful and percussive sound. Although he was a little bit lacking depth, which was also noticeable during extended gaming sessions.

In games Razer ManO’War benefits from a good surround effect even without a “real” 3D-sound still feel the sound stage at 360 °. Enemy can easily zapelengovat step by step. Due to the shock of low frequency effects and explosions sound good and fast, although deep bass should not be expected.

In direct comparison with headphones AKG K701, which we use for several years, the new Razer wireless headset is still inferior to the ease and naturalness of sound.

Microphone showed good quality, it is appropriate premium headset. Our interlocutors heard a voice distinctly and clearly, he has maintained a neutral response.

Razer ManO’War | conclusion

Headset Razer ManO’War was quite cumbersome. But this does not prevent her look stylish. In addition, the headphones very comfortable “sit” on his head due to low pressure of the bow and large ear cups. Razer Logo Display can be controlled by RGB colors are available, and various effects.

As for the sound, ManO’War headphones pleased with a good surround sound, thanks to which the gamer will feel in the middle of the action. The very sound of a balanced, treble sounded quite clean and the air, the low frequencies provide a good momentum, but not come to the fore and not drown out everything else. However, the undisputed leader for any specific disciplines we have not received.

In general, Razer ManO’War – a very interesting and very comfortable gaming headset, which is sold in Russia at a very attractive price.

Benefits Razer ManO’War:

  • Good sound
  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • RGB Backlight
  • A handy utility

Disadvantages Razer ManO’War:

  • Highest Price (in Europe)
  • For the utility requires registration

Source: razerzone

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