Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

DeathAdder Mouse Series is a symbolic and iconic line in the range of Razer. In the 10 years since its appearance in the sale, she experienced a lot of updates and are still deserved respect among the players due to the near-perfect ergonomic shape of the body copied from Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 manipulator. The most recent iteration is Razer DeathAdder Elite. What is new in it, we will try to find out in this review.

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Specifications

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ModelDeathAdder Elite
InterfaceWired (USB)
A typeGamer (FPS / MMO / RTS-games)
sensor TypeOptic
sensor ModelPixart PMW 3389DM-T3QU
Resolution, cpi100-16 000
Number of buttons7 buttons + scroll (left, middle, right, two resolution selection keys, two additional side buttons)
Maximum acceleration, g50
The height of the separation surface (LOD), mm3.1 mm
Maximum speed, m / s11.43
Sampling rate USB-ports, Hz125/500/1000
Frame rate, fps
Internal Memory, KB
Scroll Vertical / Horizontal+/-
Cord length, m2.1
The possibility of mass change
The ability to adjust the shape of the hull
cable materialNylon braid
The material of the housingPlastic, rubber
ColourThe black
backlightYes (RGB, 16,8 Mill. Colors)
Zone lightingScroll Wheel, the logo on the stern
Material legsTeflon (PTFE)
SoftwareYes (Razer Synapse)
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm127 x 73 x 43
Weight, g96
OS CompatibilityWindows 7 / Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
The average price, $70

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Packaging and equipment

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

No significant changes in the product packaging for consumers is not observed. But sellers will appreciate the soft strap for which the box can easily be hung on any showcase. Color of the classic – black with green. On the front side is the rendered product images, and on the back – a description of the main advantages of the vapors (sensors, switches, and forms). Technical minimum of information. The bottom of the box listed the dimensions, weight and compatibility with operating systems.

Inside, in addition to the mouse Razer DeathAdder Elite itself has a piece of paper with a greeting from the president of the company, for the use of the instruction and two stickers with the Razer logo.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Appearance and Design

External mouse design Razer DeathAdder Elite has not changed significantly. The body retains the same classic shape and proportions. The main surface of the material – a tenacious black matte plastic. Although he has a good coefficient of adhesion, to touch it more smooth than rough. Of the innovations that were not in previous models, it should be noted two key switch permits located immediately behind the scroll wheel. They pressed gently with minimal noise when triggered.

The left sidewall of the manipulator is not changed. Two large side buttons were left in their original locations. Pressed they pleased, with an average level of resistance, and a low but perceptible tactilely and audibly click. Under the keys have a soft rubber grip for the thumb lock arms.

In front it looks quite familiar. The cord enters into the mouse exactly in the middle, at a decent height. Protection inflection present. rubberized scroll wheel, with clearly distinguishable tactile notches arranged in a series of three pieces.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

Signal USB-cable has a length of two meters and a small change is enclosed in a nylon sheath. He is thin, very soft and flexible. Given shape it hardly holds and tends to straighten under its own weight. Jack made short pads planted on plastic green. The connector is closed own cap in the transport state. And on cord wearing a reusable rubber coupling, allows to adjust the length. Unfortunately, tie and cap in no way secured, and losing them can be quite easy.

The right sidewall is also not changed. Downstairs there is a rubber pad for the little finger and ring finger stop.

Feed arm rear view opens the view on the usual for all users DeathAdder hump on the left side. It also applied an illuminated logo Razer.

But in the bottom of the mouse Razer DeathAdder Elite there was a significant change, which all the fans of this model has long been waiting for. Finally, the arm got two good legs in the large front and rear of the body, due to which slip was simply excellent. In addition, resource and time to failure at the feet of such areas is much higher than in the old version. The only caveat – no notches on the legs to facilitate their removal. I changed and the sensor. Earlier, it was the Avago ADNS-S3988 (or S3989 in Chroma version).

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

Now we are dealing with the most advanced in its class optics – Pixart PMW 3389, able to withstand the monstrous overload, without disruption and has a level permissions, previously available only by laser sensors. The sensor is located exactly in the center and surrounded by yet another fine leg in the form of a rounded rectangle.

Under the two main buttons are Omron / Razer D2FC-FK branded switches (50M) -RZ, with a calculated MTBF of 50 million. Taps. They are activated by the average effort, accompanied by activation in a low click. In panels left and right buttons there is a supply of free wheeling. Scroll wheel is made on the basis of the TTC mechanical encoder, when turning audible clicking of fixing positions clear. The wheel is not loose, pressing it tight enough, with a force higher than the average, the sound muffled response.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

The shape of Razer DeathAdder Elite is suitable exclusively right-handed, under any type of grip. I think that even for users with hands small size it will be in the palm of your hand quite comfortably. The only exceptions were those who critically uncomfortable hump on the body on the left part.

Zones lighting on the mouse is the Razer logo and the scroll wheel. Both zones are regulated separately in color and brightness, all available standard 16.8 million. The RGB color (although the human eye perceives only a about 60 thousand.). Color rendering of LEDs is as correct, white is displayed as white.

Consider software.

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Software

As the Razer DeathAdder Elite software uses a generic driver Razer Synapse version 2.20. All software updates and click the firmware are in automatic mode with prior notice. Check the update and can be enforced. On screen setup guide is available to the product (requires Internet access) and a choice of 10 interface languages.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

The basic settings screen allows you to remap the mouse command on all seven buttons and two-way scroll wheel. The choice has a standard mouse or keyboard commands, functions, macros, and Windows applications. All settings can be saved as individual profiles, the activation of which is bound by the need to launch certain programs.

In the “efficiency” is governed by resolution of the sensor in the range of 100 to 16000 dpi in increments of 100 dpi. five separate sensitivity levels can be customized to be switched “on the fly”. Available separately or synchronously change the sensitivity of the axes X and Y. The positive cursor acceleration exhibited within from 0 to 10 units. The choice has three sample rate – 125, 500 or 1000 Hz.

In the backlight settings, it is possible to separate or related regulatory areas of the logo and the scroll wheel. They exhibit any of 16.8 million. Colors, the brightness level is adjustable from 33 to 100%. From the effects – the backlight can be turned off completely, make a static exhibit cyclical change all colors of the spectrum, make it dynamic (LEDs light up when you press the button), or converted to “breathing” mode one or two colors alternately. In addition, you can automatically turn off the backlight when the display is turned off the PC.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

Calibration allows you to set the height of the sensor separation from the surface of a specific type of rug. This can be done by selecting the brand Razer mat from the list with pre-settings, carry out automatic calibration for any new type of surface or banal expose the separation height manually.

Macro Editor has not undergone significant changes. Still recorded keyboard and mouse click at random in terms of time or without delay. All macros are stored with individual names.

For this device, you can connect Chroma applications that allow you to display the game events with the help of on-board LEDs mouse.

To activate the application should download the appropriate preset from the page Chroma Workshop.

The statistics module activation collects quantitative data about the use of the mouse. These are accumulated separately for all used gaming applications.

You can visually track the most frequent path of the cursor, and place the most common keystrokes, which will be presented in the form of a heat map.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review gaming mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Ergonomics and testing

Testing the mouse Razer DeathAdder Elite performed on the mat Razer Goliathus WoT (Speed ​​medium). This is one of those mice, the shape of which perfectly fits in your hand (at least in mine), because once again to praise its ergonomics, I do not see much sense. The surface is made of a material that does not collect fingerprints and quickly evaporates the liquid so that the hand does not fog up. Rubber tabs on the sides provide a good grip with the fingers. All the buttons are easy to grope and have a distinct tactile feedback. The weight and its distribution along the axes matched perfectly. The only thing that can cause discomfort – it is a stock freewheel panels main keys, because of what may be a sensation of double clicking, especially if pressure on the panel in the upper part, which is closer to the middle of the body. The scroll wheel works and feels good, but with the “sharpness” of tactile notches on it the company slightly overdone. Sliding manipulator clear and devoid of inertia, due to the structure of the new legs. Backlight well implemented, as well as software.

And what about the sensor? Pixart PMW 3389 just wonderful. It is not broken, it does not stray shake, drifting or problems with any change in the height of the separation. The cursor does not move almost at a separation from the surface and permutation. Acceleration and smoothing the trajectory it is not felt, at least – at resolutions below 3000 dpi. As the sensitivity of the values ​​to the maximum it becomes a little less predictable, but hardly anyone will use the mouse to limit values ​​dpi.

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Conclusion

Update Razer DeathAdder Elite affected three basic torque – sensor, legs and core switches keys. Although the last optical sensor has been quite good, Pixart PMW 3389 can “outdo” any model of competition in the market. And not on the size of the maximum resolution, but the overall quality tracing. Feet required replacement at a major for a long time and, finally, it happened. Switches are more hardy, and it is important for both the company and for customers (because the frequency of requests for guarantees significantly reduced). In addition, the mouse has received two additional buttons that the user can override at its discretion. The most important thing – namely, excellent ergonomics has not been affected by the housing. Moreover, it is also a good complement coating. A very soft cable allows you to not be afraid of premature kinks and chafing.

While marketing the Razer, most likely, will not agree with me, but today it is Razer DeathAdder Elite is a set of characteristics for the best mouse in the range of companies and one of the best available on the market as a whole.

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