Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Widespread in the modern world of home electronics, devices such as Smart TV (TVs or set-top boxes that partially absorbed the entertainment functions of the computer), has generated a rather specific peripheral niche for it. Unlike traditional mice, keyboards or headsets with which a person usually works sitting at a table, Smart TV control is carried out from the sofa, and often from a long distance. Therefore, on the one hand, there is no way to use a wired connection, it’s simply inconvenient. All devices simply have to be wireless.

And on the other hand, cursor control should not require a separate device. That is, you can of course be surrounded by a keyboard, mouse and remote control but … This is also uncomfortable. How uncomfortable it is to type text in instant messengers or social networks using the limited capabilities of the remote control or on-screen keyboard. That’s why it was found a rather strange solution by the usual measures – a wireless keyboard with a touchpad. Similar devices are available from several manufacturers, but today we will consider a variant from Rapoo, the model under the name Rapoo K2600.

Rapoo K2600: Packaging

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Rapoo K2600 is sold in a simple, but quite nice cardboard package with color printing on the sides. Ahead there is a photo of the product, behind – a description of its main advantages in seven languages.

Inside the keyboard is packed only in a plastic bag. There are no special dampers, so be sure to check it when purchasing for damage.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Under Rapoo K2600 keyboard in a small pocket was found a miniature transmitter and two AA alkaline batteries.

Rapoo K2600: Design

Rapoo K2600 has a nice appearance. The upper panel is made of a non-rough gray rough plastic, its corners are rounded. The keys and the surface of the touchpad are black, the buttons are completely flat, there are no ergonomic bends on them. The overall dimensions of the device are medium, however, the weight reaches 450 grams, and keeping it with one hand is not very convenient – it’s easier to put it on your knees or any other suitable surface.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

The keyboard layout is more similar to that of a laptop. It will take time to get used to it, it’s not possible to dial into the blind at once. Engraving on the keys is done with a laser and is additionally painted. The switches are, of course, of a membrane type, and the manufacturer claims that the membrane is specially made to withstand the spillage of liquid and withstand oxidation for a long time. The buttons have a stroke of 3 mm to the stop, pressed very quietly and gently. Left Shift is truncated, Enter two-row. The function keys are placed in the upper row, they are shortened in height and by default perform multimedia functions. To call the functions of F-buttons, you have to press them in combination with Fn. The same goes for the Scroll Lock, Pause Insert, File Menu commands, Home, End, Page Up / Down. In order to miniaturize, you always have to sacrifice something.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

In the upper left corner there are a number of additional buttons. The extreme round duplicates the left mouse button click, which is useful if the right hand uses the touchpad. Next is the button for searching and updating the page. I could not install the two central buttons, when I click on them, only the “k” and “i” characters are printed on the PC, maybe they are reserved for Android. The last two buttons are responsible for locking the system and turning off the PC. They work without warning, so be careful not to press them accidentally.

The touchpad at Rapoo K2600 keyboard is quite large (its size is 76×108 mm). It is slippery and very sensitive, below there are marked zones of pressing the left and right buttons. Although the touch surface is not as accurate as a mouse, it allows you to position the cursor quite accurately. Disable or enable the touchpad can be a combination of buttons Fn + Backspace.

The main advantage of this touchpad is the support of multi-touch gestures, performed in the amount of up to four simultaneous touches. Most gestures are sharpened under the capabilities of the touch control of Windows 10, because in other operating systems not all of them will be supported. In addition, there is no software for reassigning commands, and it will take time and practice to learn them at the level of muscle memory.

The total height of the keyboard is 25 mm at the rear and about 17 mm in the front. In other words, laptop users will find it extremely familiar with tactile sensations.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

All buttons have the same height and do without unnecessary ergonomic bends. The height of the keyboard is not adjustable, there are no sliding legs here.

The reverse side of the keyboard is made of black smooth plastic. He collects fingerprints quickly and willingly. In addition to the many holes for mounting screws. There are five rubber feet, correctly located around the perimeter of the body and three gutters.

The battery compartment is located under the sliding cover in the upper right corner of the keyboard base. It accommodates two AA batteries and a receiver in a special pocket. Batteries are connected in parallel, which means that the keyboard can successfully manage even one power source if necessary. The quality of the wireless signal is not reflected in any way. To the right of the compartment there is a slider for the power switch.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

The Nano-transmitter operates in the 2.4 GHz wireless band at distances of up to 10 meters in line of sight of the device. It is picked up by the computer almost instantly after the connection and does not require the installation of a driver.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Rapoo K2600: Software

To my great regret, the keyboard Rapoo K2600 does not have, as of today, software that allows you to reassign its keys. The only driver that can be downloaded from the official product page is designed to resume communication between the keyboard and the receiver in case it disappears. After installation and startup, the program will offer us a screen on which you can select the type of device to attach – a keyboard, mouse or kit.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Then just follow the illustrated instructions: insert the receiver into the USB socket, turn off the power of the device, press the Pair button, turn on the power, and simultaneously press the Esc and Pause keys. A pop-up message about the successful connection appears in the lower right corner of the window.

Rapoo K2600: Ergonomics and testing

Rapoo K2600 is fairly ergonomic for use in the desktop application, mainly due to the low silhouette and low profile keys, and does not cause fatigue in the long run. By and large, it reminds in this respect of the laptop’s keyboard, but with one caveat. Modern laptops, as a rule, use scissor mechanisms, which guarantees a good tactile return, while under the buttons Rapoo K2600 there is a classical membrane. On the one hand it is good, it is quiet and resistant to spillage of liquid, however it is not worth waiting for it from the tactile feedback. For typing in the blind according to the method of high-speed printing it will take several days to get used to the layout. It is positive that the keyboard does not miss letters when typing quickly, which affects many wireless devices of this class.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

The responsiveness of the touchpad is beyond praise. It accurately tracks all the movements of the fingers and works out multiple touches. However, some gestures can trigger accidentally, which is annoying, because there is no way to disable or reassign them. But the ordinary user is unlikely to need all 20 varieties of commands, most are enough and the basic set of functions in 5-7 teams. Because the lack of software can be considered a significant drawback.

As a result, in desktop application I would appreciate the keyboard as capable of performing its functions well. If you have one, you can do without a separate keyboard for the desktop. At the same time, the touchpad is not capable of completely replacing the mouse in everyday work, and it is more suitable for Internet surfing sitting on the couch. Fortunately, it has a shutdown function if necessary.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

When Rapoo K2600 is used for the most direct purpose – namely, together with Smart TV, it is remarkable. Especially pleasing is the presence in the left upper corner of the key duplicating the left click of the mouse, then the keyboard can be held with both hands, using the thumbs to move the cursor and press LMB. In this version, you can even play some simple game.

The radius of a stable connection is really about 10 meters, the signal passes even through two concrete walls from this distance. However, much depends on the availability of sources of wireless interference and on which channels they work.

Anti-Hosting is at a minimum level – guaranteed the user can only press two keys at a time, although in some combinations their number increases to six. For active games this device is clearly not suitable.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard Review and test

Rapoo K2600: Conclusion

Rapoo K2600 is a very simple and convenient keyboard, designed to work with Smart TV. It has a large radius of stable wireless communications, quiet keys and a clear touchpad, besides it can survive accidental spillage of liquid.The design as a whole looks nice, relatively well assembled and, most importantly, served at an affordable price. Of the controversial points, I would note the lack of software (not counting the application to resume communication with the receiver) and the consequent impossibility to reassign keyboard commands and gestures.

Since the periphery market for Smart TV is narrow for today, Rapoo K2600 has only their own devices of similar type – E2710 and E9180p, and Logitech K400 Plus keyboard – from the nearest famous competitors. But they are all much more expensive.

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