be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

It is time for the submission of the first own fan be quiet! closed loop, which was released under the name Silent Loop. Many competitors producing CBO, there are problems with noise. Name of new items be quiet! It suggests that in this case we get a virtually silent operation. In our test lab arrived be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm. It will be interesting to conduct tests and evaluate application products in practice.

be quiet! It has long been out of the power supply niche, winning the other market segments. The company manufactures air coolers, fans, computer cases and various accessories, and for all the products focuses low noise. But in the portfolio be quiet! still no cooling of the closed loop system. These compact CBO are quite popular in the market because the benefits of water cooling combined with the ease of installation of air coolers. Therefore, be quiet! I have decided not to stand aside and introduced its own model of “all in one”.

Unfortunately, many competing CBO closed loop work is not always quiet. Often equipped with heat exchangers CBO noisy fans of average quality with high speed. Yes, and the pump can irritate their chirping. be quiet !, following its principles, established a virtually silent CBO, aimed at users who are sensitive to noise. Demand for such solutions and prompted be quiet! to enter the market of NWO. Silent Loop system has been developed in collaboration with Alphacool, the latter with Eisbaer system has achieved new heights in the development of silent pumps for NWO. But the cooling system Silent Loop should address weaknesses Eisbaer, namely the noise level of the heat exchanger fans. be quiet! in Silent Loop uses the time-tested fans Pure Wings 2 PWM own production. However, the new its not only optimized for low noise. be quiet! based on technology reverse water flow (reverse flow technology) to reduce vibration, so that we have completely redesigned the water block.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

From the cooling system Alphacool Eisbaer new Silent Loop inherited the ability to add fluid to the circuit. In principle, the compounds used imply the possibility of extending the circuit, but be quiet !, unlike Alphacool, he does not mention it. At the moment, the system Silent Loop is a little more expensive Alphacool. We tested the 240-mm model Alphacool Eisbaer, which will cost 130 euros. Silent Loop 240mm system will have to pay 15 euros. In addition to the 240 mm model, be quiet! released Silent Loop 120mm by 110 euros and Silent Loop 280mm from 150 euros.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm | In detail

Water cooling system neatly packed in bags that be quiet! neatly packed in a cardboard outline.

Together with the NWO you will receive a user manual, mounting accessories for different sockets from AMD and Intel, Y-adapter for PWM-fan and thermal paste syringe with be quiet! Many readers will notice almost 100% similarity with a set delivery Alphacool Eisbaer. Even identical Y-adapter.

At the very NWO also have a lot of similarities with Alphacool Eisbaer. Namely, copper radiator, connection G1 / 4 and black tube with a spring protection. But there is no Silent Loop 240mm mounting for easy expansion path, and indeed the water block has a different format.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

In Eisbaer waterblock reminded relatively large cube in Silent Loop it is much more compact and stocky. This design seems to be more modern. It’s nice complements the design of the water block Silent Loop cover with aluminum trim and a logo be quiet! LED-backlight does not fit here. On the other hand, the lights would allow to know at a glance whether or not the pump is working.

Copper waterblock base covered with nickel, but it does not mirror polished, unlike many high-end air coolers. With the end of the cable goes into the tissue sheath ending 3-pin power supply. Nearby you can see the cap unscrews to replenish fluids. Since the volume of the water block to the pump has been reduced, a built-in reservoir also more compact. But liquid loss should be minimal. be quiet! It indicates that the coolant should be topped up every two years. To prevent algae and corrosion, we recommend to use refrigerants Alphacool, Phobya or Aquatuning.

As the radiator, as in the case Eisbaer, uses a slightly modified version of the copper heat exchanger Alphacool NexXxoS ST30. Compared to the heat exchangers for the Self-assembling CBO is no additional fittings for the connection from the opposite side of the tubes. With a thickness of about 3 cm radiator NexXxoS ST30 in Self-assembling segment refers to the thinnest model that improves compatibility. Alphacool inflicted on the radiator very thin layer of paint, so as not to impair the cooling performance. Therefore copper shades can be seen only in the inner space of the ribs when viewed at an angle to the radiator. Fans can be installed on both sides of the heat exchanger. Under holes are stops that are too long screws do not damage the radiator.

It is a pity that the be quiet! Fans not installed the latest Silent Wings 3 and cheaper Pure Wings 2. Therefore, we get the sliding bearing with a screw thread instead of a hydrodynamic bearing (FDP), the absence of vibration control, a higher minimum speed (600 rev / min instead of at least 400 rev / min) . But fans Pure Wings 2 also belong to the category of quiet – if you believe the be quiet! Reserve a pretty decent speed, be quiet! even increased the maximum speed of 2,000 rev / min instead of 1,500 r / min in retail models Pure Wings 2.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

Two 120 mm fans simply screwed fully complete with screws to the radiator.

Since the be quiet! inherited from Alphacool mounting system, the installation is identical. On the massive Intel sockets CBO Silent Loop 240mm is installed without problems. First on the water block is put on the mounting plate with a spring-loaded screws. The waterblock is simply screwed onto the plastic back plate. However, it must be positioned so accurately hit the front screw threaded holes in the back plate. On the compatibility of any problems there, to the memory slots and VRM components is sufficient distance.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm | Noise level

To test the difference between the coolers at low speed the noise was more noticeable, we decided to slow down the video card fan manually. Therefore, the new noise level of about 1.000 / min should not be compared with the old.

be quiet! Fan Pure Wings 2 left a decent margin performance. At 2,000 rev / min CBO Silent Loop 240mm can not be called quiet. Interesting results on low speed. 1.000 / min we have noise level of 30.6 dB (A). Under normal conditions, the office or at home to hear the fans will be problematic. This noise level is perfect for everyday use, it will not irritate during operation. Further reduction of the speed of 600 rev / min (the minimum threshold from fans Pure Wings 2) reduced the noise level to 29.8 dB (A), which can be called very quiet. Unlike SVO Alphacool, fan noise is not annoying. Pump enclosure has not been heard even at the minimum fan speed.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

We just powered the it to 12, any reason to reduce the pump operation speed is not. Only open the housing of the pump noise became noticeable in the background with a minimum fan speed. The combination of quiet and barely audible fan pump can be attributed to the category Silent Loop virtually silent CBO. In this respect, the fans we liked much better than the Alphacool Eisbaer.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm | Tests with the standard fan

The following test scenario, we evaluate the performance of the cooler with the standard fan at 1,000 rev / min and at maximum speed. For the tests we conducted CBO measurements without the housing cover so that it does not limit the cooling performance.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

Silent Loop 240mm – not only quiet cooling system. In our tests, it showed a high performance cooling fan at full speed, and at 1,000 rev / min. Yet much that Alphacool Eisbaer gives slightly lower temperature.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm | Tests with reference fan

To compare “pure” performance coolers without affecting regular fans, we equip all our reference cooler fans. We used a powerful fan Noctua NF-A15 PWM, the distance between the mounting holes is 105 mm, speed – up to 1,200 rev / min. If such fans can set on the radiator was absent, we used a more compact Noctua NF-F12 at a speed of 120 mm to 1,500 rev / min. In the case of coolers, designed for “real” 140-mm fans with hole spacing of 140 mm, we used the NF-A14 PWM.

With regular fans CBO Alphacool Eisbaer comes forward with respect to temperature. But with the fans of the two reference CBO very close. With low speed fans CBO shows the results worse than powerful air coolers. At 600 rev / min, some cooler bypass Silent Loop 240mm. But even in this scenario, the CBO quiet cope with Core i7-4790K cooling.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm | conclusion

Alphacool with water cooling system with a closed loop Eisbaer has already shown that a low level of noise is quite realistic. But really quiet Eisbaer became only the replacement of full-time fans. be quiet! remedy this deficiency, nominally established on Silent Loop 240mm fans are very quiet. be quiet! He did not stop there, using a special pump with a reverse flow of fluid.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm test and review: quiet water cooling system with closed loop

As a result, the water-block could be made thinner, it looks nice and modern. The pump remained silent at a standard 12 V power, hear it was only possible in an open chassis fan at minimum speed. The difference with the previously tested Eisbaer system noticeable primarily by fans. Fans Pure Wings 2 are not the flagship model be quiet !, but at 600 rev / min run very quietly. If necessary, they can spin up to 2,000 rev / min, so that the performance margin is available. Higher speed of 1,000 rev / min Pure Wings 2 fans can not be called quiet, the maximum speed should be avoided due to the high noise level. Silent Loop is more like Self-assembling the cooling system than a model with a closed circuit. It is equipped with a hole for the recharge of refrigerant, copper radiator, uses standard fittings and pipes. Unlike many ready CBO Asetek or CoolIT.

From direct competitors may be noted that unless Alphacool Eisbaer. But this is just the result of a comparison sum: Silent Loop not only provides comparable cooling performance with a quiet pump, but also pleasantly low noise level. We also get a waterblock thinner. Of course, to Eisbaer benefits include a special attachment for easy expansion of the circuit, but both ITS allow to refill the coolant. 240-mm version of Silent Loop in Russia is not for sale in Europe, it costs 15 euros more expensive Eisbaer. Coincidence or not, but fans Pure Wings 2 120 mm PWM (but with a maximum speed of 1,500 rev / min) in the retail cost just 7.5 euros per share (800 rubles in Russia). Therefore, for the same price that the Alphacool Eisbaer with two fans Pure Wings 2 that the Silent Loop 240mm.

Still, we would recommend to take the Silent Loop 240mm, nominally because there are already established great fans, and the pump runs very quietly. For their quality we award our prize CBO “Excellent iron.”

Benefits of be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm:

  • High cooling performance, but also possible, and quiet operation
  • Staffing installed quiet fans
  • The liquid in the CBO circuit can be topped up
  • Good compatibility
  • Copper radiator; compact and quiet pump

Disadvantages be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the liquid filling level in the loop
  • Unlike Eisbaer no connector for easy expansion path

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