We will introduce the reader to the model be quiet! Silent Loop 240, having a 240 mm radiator.

It is well known for quiet and efficient air cooling system from be quiet !, and the company continues to improve them. However, part of the air cooling system manufacturer to successfully produce liquid cooling systems, which are not less popular among users, so the company be quiet! decided to keep the summer 2016, at Computex 2016 introduced a novelty – the liquid cooling system called the be quiet! Silent Loop, including models with 120, 240 and 280 mm radiator and a set of brand fans be quiet! Pure Wings 2.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240: SPECIFICATIONS

Are common:

  • Model: be quiet! Silent Loop 240;
  • The dimensions of the radiator with fans: 277 mm (length) x 124 mm (width) x 55 mm (thickness);
  • Total weight: 1,349 kg;
  • Support for sockets: AMD: AM2 (+) / AM3 (+) / FM1 / FM2 (+) and Intel LGA775 / 115h / 1366/2011 (3);
  • Maximum power dissipation (TDP): 350 Watt;
  • Accessories: thermal grease, a set of bindings for the AMD / Intel platform, a user guide;
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • The pump and water block:
  • Ground water block: Copper with nickel-plated and polished;
  • Pump Type: reversible;
  • The rotation speed of 2200 rpm;
  • Voltage: 12V;
  • Power Connector: 3-pin.
  • Hoses:
  • Length: 390 mm;
  • Material: rubber with bend protection.
  • Radiator:
  • Dimensions: 277 mm (length) x 124 mm (width) x 30mm (height);
  • Material: Copper with black color.
  • Fans:
  • Model: be quiet! Pure Wings 2;
  • Quantity: 2 pcs;
  • Dimensions: 120mm (length) x 120mm (width) x 25mm (height);
  • Bearing Type: Riffle;
  • Maximum rotation speed: 2000 rpm;
  • Maximum air flow: 65,51 / 111,3 (CFM / m3 / h);
  • Maximum air pressure: 2.23 mm water column;
  • Noise level (50%, 75% and 100% fan speed): 16.1 / 23.8 / 36.9 dB;
  • Voltage: 12V;
  • Current consumption: 0.3 A;
  • Power Connector: 4-pin PWM;
  • Cable Length: 450 mm;
  • Lifetime: 80,000 hours.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240: PACKAGE CONTENTS


Impressive black box and gray strip with the name of Premium on the front side are an essential attribute of the product be quiet!, emphasizing their high status. In addition, our box is shown liquid cooling system be quiet! Silent Loop 240. There is also a brief description and features:

  • The use of an isolated reversible pump to reduce noise;
  • Components with two 120 mm fans be quiet! Pure Wings 2 with PWM control;
  • Flexible tubing with bend protection;
  • The possibility of liquid refill for long service life;
  • Compatible with all AMD / Intel platforms.

Further information is disclosed at the rear side of the box, including the use of the copper base is marked (with nickel plating) copper radiator and to achieve a high cooling efficiency. A multilingual short description can be found on the sides. The Russian-speaking description taken in conjunction with the specifications of one of the parties:

Inside the big box all laid out “on the shelves” – for each group of accessories special place set aside.

Package contains everything needed for hassle-free installation. It mounts kits for AMD / Intel platforms, in separate packages, springs, screws for mounting of fans, Y-cable to connect two fans to a single port, thermal grease be quiet! and a user manual.

And here is the handsome 120 mm fans be quiet! Pure Wings 2 (PUW2-12025-HR-PWM), passport with a maximum rotational speed of 2000 rpm.


be quiet! Silent Loop 240: APPEARANCE

As befits premium cooling systems be quiet! Silent Loop 240 looks very solid thanks to a proprietary 120mm fans to be quiet! Pure Wings 2, black finish and spring rate on the hoses. This is ready for operation (seasoned), the system is able to take up to 350 watts of heat, and is designed to be installed on any modern AMD / Intel platform.

OEM-manufacturer is the company Alphacool, which used a 240 mm copper heatsink in its series NexXoS and are designed to be quiet! a special “safe” pump. Copper base heatsink is visible, but only when viewed at an angle (seen in the photo).

… And construction with flat tubes and comb in between. Highlights it is the material from which it is made (copper), to provide high efficiency cooling.

The distance from the opening to the nearest side radiator hose connecting edge is 32 mm, and with the opposite – 20 mm.

Another feature – is the use of standard fittings G1 / 4 “, and thus potentially liquid cooling circuit can be expanded. Flexible hoses and to avoid inflection, they put some spring stiffness is transformed view of the system.

On the water block co-pump, on a metal plate, place the name of the company be quiet! (Backlight is not used). The hoses are connected to the top, so that problems with blocking memory slots / motherboard radiators should not be. Power (12 V) is supplied via a cable with 3-pin connector.

Design features of the pump – that’s what it is isolated and used reversible circuit, thereby reducing the manufacturer took care of the noise level during its operation. Its speed is 2200 rpm.


At the end there is an opening for refilling the liquid – the manufacturer recommends every 2 years to refill 1 ml of liquid from Alphacool, Phobya or Aquatuning. Needless nickel-plated copper base with a smooth surface, but it has little unevenness (concave).

The quality of thermal paste print is hardly affected.

All the benefits that we have received during the installation of liquid cooling systems have survived and be quiet! Silent Loop 240 – problems with the installation of high memory and graphics card in the top slot will not arise. Hoses very well out of the water block, pump top without disturbing anything. If the cabinet is short and narrow, you should remember about the possibility of “imposing” a radiator with fans (their thickness 55 mm) on the area of the motherboard (the cooling system radiator and / or slots of RAM).


be quiet! Silent Loop 240: TESTING PROCEDURE

Fan speed of both the cooling systems were regulated by a control panel Scythe Kaze Master KM01-BK.

For the CPU load run test suite LinX 0.6.5 (~ 19 minutes performance time system consumption of ~ 340-350 watts). Temperature control is carried out through the utility HWMonitor. Because of incorrect work of AMD FX-9590 CPU temperature sensor easy to take readings with the Temperature CPU sensor (Package) only under load.

be quiet! Silent Loop 240: TEST RESULTS

Noise level

The pump works really quiet – very little noise is noticeable from her job only at close range (30 cm). In the body, against the background of other cooling systems, it is not noticeable.

Though it comes with liquid cooling system fans brand be quiet! Silent Wings 2, but due to the maximum speed 2000 rpm can not be called quiet, although it is worth to pay tribute to, the noise they generate less and therefore not as annoying as, for example, the work of 120 mm fans LSS Corsair / Deepcool. Relatively quiet they can be considered to speed ~ 1200-1300 rpm (limit of 36 dB).

Temperature. For comparison, together with a liquid cooling system be quiet! Silent Loop 240, used two-piece tower super-cooler Noctua NH-D15.

As for efficiency, then there be quiet! Silent Loop 240 shows excellent results as a leader both by working at higher speeds of fans, and of course a copper radiator. At 800 rpm and 1500 she won the 1 ° C in a two-compartment cooler Noctua NH-D15, and in the 1000 and 1200 results were the same.


be quiet! Silent Loop 240: CONCLUSIONS

Out on the liquid cooling systems market a series of be quiet! Silent Loop 240 not only expanded its product range, but also proved that it produces high-quality and effective products. An example of this is the liquid cooling system be quiet! Silent Loop 240 with 240 mm copper heatsink, which showed a high cooling efficiency at different speeds of standard 120mm fans be quiet! Silent Wings 2. Note the use of the isolated reversible pump that provides low noise operation, as well as pay tribute reasonably good sales package that includes everything you need.

Specific deficiencies we have found it not only characteristic for the majority of ready-made systems of liquid cooling – fans equipment with high maximum rpm (2000 rpm in this case) and, as a consequence, increased noise at speeds above 1500 rpm.

As for the cost of the be quiet! Silent Loop 240, is recommended is 130 euros, and it is quite normal for such a liquid cooling system.


  • The striking appearance;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Copper 240mm radiator;
  • Using anti-kink hose;
  • Quiet reversible pump;
  • High efficiency cooling;
  • The potential for modernization (using G1 / 4 “fittings);
  • The simple installation procedure;
  • Components with two 120 mm fans be quiet! Silent Wings 2.


  • Increased noise levels at speeds above 1500 rpm.


  • Every 2 years manufacturer recommends refill 1 ml of liquid from Alphacool, Phobya or Aquatuning.

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