Many athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly love to listen to music during their workouts. And they prefer to use headphones for this, and preferably wireless. After all wired devices during class tangle these same wires, but ordinary headphones flies and does not stick on the head. Well, that manufacturers set turned their attention to the market of sports devices, because the fashion for a healthy lifestyle spreads rapidly. It does not stand aside, and all well-known company Plantronics. It is said that their PLANTRONICS BackBeat FIT development is different from most sports headsets.

The question arises, what sports headphones models are fundamentally different from the usual? You’re partly right, if you say that the sound quality should be primary. But there are sports models and their features: they must be securely attached to the ear and not to fly during active movements. It is desirable that the headphones are lightweight – wireless headsets this is problematic. I would also like protection against sweat and moisture, and preferably continuous operation without recharging. In addition, it is necessary that the signal range was enough to move around the gymnasium.

All this is at the Plantronics BackBeat FIT, here we see a secure attachment with a non-standard form of the embouchure, the presence of moisture protection and cover for a smartphone with a shoulder mount. It will be interesting to test this device in a real gym, if all we want, and sound as well.



Before us is an ordinary box of cardboard of green color. On the front side of the package is located a color photo sets, and made shiny silver embossed lettering model and manufacturer. On the reverse side are given a brief description devaysa in several languages, including Russian. Here is the product specification. On the left side is written weight of the device, lists the work under different conditions, as well as contains waterproof.

On the right side is made transparent window, which immediately raises interest. After opening the valve, mounted on the magnetic clamps, the headset itself becomes visible, nicely laid on cardboard figure pedestal. On the inner side of the valve located under double cover image and the smartphone headset.

Supplied with fabric cover, user’s manual, warranty card, USB cable for charging and headphones themselves. Interchangeable silicone earbuds of different sizes there.


Cover very interesting. On the one hand it is made in black color with green lock and lightning. In this position, it is possible to store the headset itself. On the reverse side of the cover has a pocket for storing charging cable.

If you turn cover, it is possible to fix it put the smartphone on the shoulder. To do this, there is velcro strap. The maximum amount of hands on which you can fix the belt is 30-32 cm Yes, “pitching” fly by -. With a nozzle does not shake his biceps. It is worth noting that in this case will fit every five-inch smartphone or zipper on simply do not converge. Also note that the zipper is fastened on either side of the cover.

The inside-out as a cover looks like something not very presentable, the seams on the edge of a wide and thick.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT: APPEARANCE

PLANTRONICS BackBeat FIT model is available in a variety of colors. You can pick out any color combination. To our office came a bright green model with black inserts. In our opinion, excellent colors.

Headphones are a pair of cylindrical cups. From the outside they are located the controls around the buttons have a light indication. On the inner side plates are mounted at an angle of silicone ear cushions. They have a loop for the best in-ear fixing.

Ear cups are designed as socket. They are not very tightly inserted into the ear, giving a mediocre sound insulation. More firmly pressed, for example, by caps, even changes the sound quality, enhancing the lower frequencies. Pleases and slim design that allows you to use a headset PLANTRONICS BACKBEAT FIT with hats, good for winter sports. It is possible to turn the inserts at a small angle to adjust them under your ear canal. We recommend to try different angles, as the sound changes significantly.

The wire bonding between the cup is composed of two parts. First part – BTE is made of a harder plastic. The size, as already understood, is not regulated. They are located on the weight, that is fixed only by the ear cushions inserted in the ear in the small ears. The second part – a flexible cable-like occipital headband, length 26 cm.


The cable does not lie on the neck as opposed to conventional wires. On the one hand, it is convenient. But, for example, at the time of the exercise lying on a bench the cable is bent and strive to push the ear pads from the ears, but because of the loosely lying BTE he is often obtained.

Charging the headset is quite fast – about two and a half hours. Even 15 minutes of charging is enough for almost an hour of work. Battery charge is enough for a full three-hour workout. In the fourth training start to disturb warning minimal charge.

Wireless steady at a distance up to 10 meters, then it starts to be interrupted. Possible loss of communication at a distance and if the right earpiece closed hand.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT: CONTROL

On the right is a round cup headphones call answer key. On the transparent insert around it there is a small protruding switch button. The same button is pressed once during voice calls warning the battery level. With the end of the plug is hidden under the microUSB connector for charging the device.

Light indication is given in two versions: red – charging, blue – conjugation.

On the left is a large cup round button play / pause and a small protrusion on the rim, adjust the volume. With a constant clicking sound is reduced, and at once – increased. The ability to switch tracks are not available.


In the “not looking” management assistance is provided by a small voice announcements in English. There is a message on and paired, five different messages about the level of battery charge. The first three (full charge, average and minimum) will be at the touch of a button, the second two (left work an hour and fifteen minutes left) will warn you yourself. Two more tips warn about the achievement of the minimum and maximum volume. When you have an incoming call alert tone.

For a smartphone running Android OS, you can install the application Plantronics the Hub , which should show the battery, button assignments and look for a lost headset (if enabled). But, unfortunately, it proved to program the battery type is unknown.

But thanks to this program, there is instant pairing devaysa when it is turned on.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT: LISTENING

The sound headphones – it is always a subjective experience, but on the headset for the quoted price would like to receive special. Unfortunately, it did not happen. Yes, the sound to a wireless headset sports a very good, but give the same quality and wiring plugs with a more modest price.

What matters is how the sound source, and the quality of entries. With smartphone ASUA ZenFon 5 songs in FLAC sounded noticeably better than to MP3. Once connected to the budget tablet, the same MP3 recording just disappointed.

The stereo sound in excellent, but a bit lacking volume. The detail is good, vocals and female, male and distinct. Well-researched mid and high frequencies, while low – quite juicy and powerful. Bass is not fast enough, in difficult rock compositions sometimes he merges into porridge. But what can you expect from a 13 mm speaker?

On assurance of developers SBC codec and the membrane of the ketone polymer must produce “clean mid and high frequencies are incredibly bright.” Average – really clean, there is found in a Bluetooth-headset artifacts in the form of metallic overtones or rustling sound completely natural. High frequency is not different “brightness”, but sound good, without Tsykanov, female voice to listen to nice.

Someone may ask: “What kind of sound quality in question with a wireless connection”? Bluetooth protocol is quite capable of transmitting a signal from an audio CD quality. Another thing is that not all hardware manufacturers implement it in their headsets. In the case of PLANTRONICS BackBeat FIT, this issue has been resolved well.

In general we can say that the sound of the wireless headset is a very good sport. After the experience of the use of sports headphones from other manufacturers in the price range specified above, including the Monster iSport, is now considered a model can determine the number of leaders in sound.

The volume level is decent: the average level for music is enough.

When talking with a headset problems arise: The sound quality is good, the caller will not complain about the quality of the microphone, the volume level is good.


Plantronics BackBeat FIT: CONCLUSION

Among wireless headsets for sports Plantronics BackBeat FIT look clear leader. Convenient design allows you to use them with hats, interesting implemented connecting cable. Good sound quality, great battery life and protection from moisture. An additional bonus in the form of retro-reflective plates and multi-bilateral cover.

There are, of course, the headset and its peculiarities. They are more suitable for jogging, biking, winter sports, as well as fitness and aerobics. But, as it turned out, for the hardcore training with the “iron” it is – not the best option. At the top of the bar bench press they sometimes fall out of his ears, and squats and some trainers cling to its tail. Well trained muscles of the arms with a fixed cover just uncomfortable.

There are, of course, an obvious deterrent when you buy this model – is its price. For the cost of the device, you can buy an entry-level sport bike, but here only the headset. Yes, it is good and convenient, but the price will scare away most people.


  • Bright appearance;
  • The quality of workmanship and materials;
  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • Well hold on while running;
  • Can be used with a cap;
  • Water-repellent coating;
  • Reflective trim;
  • Case for smartphone included;
  • Easy management;
  • Voice alerts;
  • Good sound quality;
  • Good microphone;
  • Fast charging;
  • battery life up to 8 hours time.


  • High price;
  • No tracks switching functions;
  • Not all types of training;
  • Demanding to the sound source and the recording quality;
  • A small length of the belt on the cover;
  • The Plantronics Hub program is not shown battery.

Source: plantronics

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