Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Review Bluetooth headset

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Review Bluetooth headset

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT is an interesting headphones with support APTX, open design and long battery life – in our market are little known, but the ratio of “price-quality” very good.

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT: Contents of delivery

  • Headphones
  • USB-cable
  • Audio cable
  • Documentation

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT: Design, construction

Long time no reviews the Philips headphones, but I will try to correct this flaw, we will begin with a wireless model in November will discuss the interesting thing with support for music Hi-Res. As for the 771 model, the informal name of the device Bass head, which immediately reveals to us the essence of headphones – lots and lots of bass. First, let’s look at the exterior.

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Review Bluetooth headset

The box is simple, in the sales package has audio cable and charging cable, you can charge using any cable microUSB. Headphones Pioneer SE-MJ771BT are available in black and white, design classic, without any frills, if you want ponaryadnee, choose white as in the review, it would be desirable if the classics, there are also black.

Headphones are inexpensive, so do not expect any frills incredible – the main material is plastic and fake leather. The inside of the headband is decorated with eco-leather on the external part of glossy plastic, matt inside, fingerprints on the white version of the invisible. Inside the right-hand side are the volume buttons and playback controls, then the surface velvety, buttons easy to feel with your fingers. Perhaps Pryderi to the assembly, joints and seams are uneven, it is noticeable to the naked eye. Write off this disadvantage can be only on the price of the device, probably from sample to sample quality may vary. In this operation, of course, is not affected. The indicator light is located near the connector microUSb probably worth it to do less than once in two and remove the bottom of the cup. Ambyushury interesting shape, perforated, soft material. Cups little walk for optimal fit on the head, on the ears is not particularly tight, wearing a headset Pioneer SE-MJ771BT quite comfortable. Passive noise isolation is virtually absent, still, after all cups do not cover the ear.

The plates are formed inside the hinge is made well, although I would have liked a more accurate fixing.

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Review Bluetooth headset

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Features:

  • Speakers: 40 mm
  • Frequency range: from 9 Hz to Hz 22000
  • Weight (without cable): 215 g
  • Hours: max. 32 hours of continuous operation (including music playback)
  • Charging time: about 5 hours
  • Profile Bluetooth: Ver.4.0
  • Class Bluetooth: Class 2
  • Supported Bluetooth protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Supported codecs: SBC, AAC, aptH

Especially singled out the last line in the Pioneer took a long time for the introduction of aptX in their devices, so even in low-cost headsets have support codec. This approach deserves respect. And it follows another thought, I can recommend the device in absentia to owners of smartphones with APTX, it’s Sony, Samsung and others. Device List with aptX codec is on the official website, note on the first page of the new headphones Pioneer SE-MJ771BT and many other curious devices.

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT: Control

As I said, there’s a scattering of buttons on the right cup, by the way, the channel designation could be larger. On the left cup is NFC area, connect headphones to the Sony Xperia XZ was not difficult. On the right there is a power button, start and pause playback, microUSB connector and 3.5mm microphone. Voice quality on the four and a minus, I would advise you to talk on the phone. Or if around very quietly.

To activate pairing mode, press and hold the power button for several seconds until the indicator light flashes red and blue. Pairing with an iPhone 7 Plus happened instantly.

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Review Bluetooth headset

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT: Sound

Basically tested the headphones Pioneer SE-MJ771BT with the Sony Xperia XZ, products support aptX and, if you download music in good quality, you can feel the nuances – only the basic settings and the main focus is on bass. Low frequencies are many, and they are good, if you first assess the headphones on this parameter will not be disappointed. Techno, house, rap, all the genres Pioneer SE-MJ771BT. I want to note that in the “Pioneer” no artifacts, metal overtones, it pleases. While walking the connection is not interrupted if the device was in a jacket pocket, it is also good. And still very pleased with the work is likely to reach 32 hours at high volume levels will not work, but if the day to listen to for a couple of hours it can be enough for a week (!). It’s a lot.

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT Review Bluetooth headset

Pioneer SE-MJ771BT: Conclusions

The main impression is positive, especially if you know the price. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Hours, well, even if not 32 hours, but it’s still working for a long time. A definite plus.
  • Bass!
  • Bad management organized, I got used to quickly.
  • There aptH support


  • Assembling, although it is subjective, most do not care with a high steeple on uneven joints.
  • Bad passive noise isolation.

To buy or not? My advice, go to the store, roll in hand, connect to your device and listen. In terms of price-quality thing for sure is interesting, not lose. But I would recommend Pioneer to make a completely closed model (to improve passive noise isolation), to pay more attention to the assembly, design details, for example, this applies to the buttons. And to keep the price! Because the price – good.

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