Phononic Hex 2.0 – revolutionary CPU-cooler

Phononic Hex 2.0 - revolutionary CPU-cooler

Refrigeration technology are developing very slowly. Now, however, the manufacturer from whom no one did not expect anything like this, presented a completely atypical CPU cooler. It is about Phononic Hex 2.0.

Phononic American company engaged in the production of industrial refrigeration and air control systems, that is, the experience in the production of cooling systems, it does not hold, but the cooling PC components Phononic is that the newcomer. After the prototype Hex 1.0 the company has developed and released on the PC cooler Phononic Hex 2.0 market. At first glance, the double tower cooler with dimensions of 112 × 125 × 95 mm and 92-mm fan does not make any impression. However, if we look more closely, then on one side you will notice the 6-pin PCIe power connector and jack microUSB.

It is an additional power connector indicates a main feature of the cooler. It provides the Embedded thermoelectric converter, also known as a Peltier element. Several years ago, Peltier elements have tried to use to cool the CPU, but the technology has not caught on. Peltier element in 2.0 Hex is located between two copper plates. When current flows through the element and on opposite sides is formed a temperature difference, thereby removing heat from the CPU to be the conventional radiator with heat pipes and a plurality of aluminum fins. Heat helps draw fans Sanyo Denki Sans Ace 92. It rotates at a speed 1.700-2.650 rpm and is powered via a single 4-pin connector.

Peltier elements have a long service life, and, unlike the water cooling is no risk of leakage. However, the thermoelectric element consumes extra energy – power can reach 35W. In order to limit energy consumption, Phononic installed intelligent fan control system. Maximum power is consumed only at high temperatures. If the processor is idle or load it is not great, the Peltier element is turned off altogether. Phononic makes emphasis on fan control system, which takes into account the fact that if the temperature falls below a certain level, condensation on the element. Of course, this does not happen, because after already mentioned microUSB slot cooler can manage Phononic Hex 2.0 Dashboard software. Using the software, you can switch between profiles of cooling and controlled lighting.

In general, Phononic Hex 2.0 – is a compact cooler, which will cope with the cooling of the processor with a TDP of 220 watts. Colleagues from TweakTown has conducted tests of the cooler, according to which in Insane mode cooler Phononic Hex 2.0 is comparable in performance to the SVO with a 120 mm radiator. However, the price of new items is quite high – 149.99 dollars. You can guess that the consumer of such decision will be narrow circle of enthusiasts, which is important compact size, despite the relatively high power consumption.

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