Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

Recently, we introduced our readers with two mobile phones Philips – Xenium E181 and Xenium E570, and has now decided to focus on other novelties of the company. And very time Arsenal added the new flagship of the range Xenium.

Among the features of Philips Xenium X818 manufacturer allocates capacity battery, slim body, anti-bacterial coating display technology Soft Blue designed to protect the eyes from harmful radiation.

The manufacturer even released an official promo video on a new model.

Next, we will try to understand whether the merits of the new attention? After all, a good hardware platform, coupled with a long battery life can be expected from Philips Xenium X818 of the review a good balance between performance and autonomy.

Philips Xenium X818: Packaging equipment

The packaging is made of high quality cardboard. The usual design is a box with a lid. Additionally, the box closes at the cover, which made the design.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

The quality of packaging does not occur, claims that the elements fit tightly to each other, nothing to loose, there are factory seals.

Package design made in the corporate style. For example, the same design we saw in the recently reviewed mobile phones Philips Xenium E570 and Philips Xenium E181.

On the front side you can see the manufacturer’s logo, a photo of the device and the mention of two features of the device – slim design and good autonomy.

The reverse side is heavily loaded with small text, here and personal information of the apparatus, and the main technical characteristics, and data on certifications.

The box is white in color and is devoid of any elements, only the manufacturer’s logo in the center of the lid.

Inside, we were immediately meets the device itself. It is fixed in place and covered with a protective film.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

Also inside was a transparent cover-bumper plastic, we will talk about it later.

Package includes:

  • Power adapter;
  • Cable USB-MicroUSB;
  • Wired stereo headset;
  • Paperclip to open the tray under the card;
  • Plastic cover-bumper.

The packaging is high quality and nicely decorated, it will protect the contents during transportation, to worry there is no need. Also, was pleasantly surprised by the extensive scope of supply.

And given the glass back panel waiting for you the presence of the protective cover.

Philips Xenium X818: Appearance and design

Philips Xenium X818 is a standard bar with touch screen, no meaningful discovery has not happened. As the materials are metal and glass. The apparatus is assembled very carefully, the enclosure creates the impression of a monolithic structure and good resists loads in bending or twisting.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

We got a modification with gold metal frame and white panels. The front panel is completely covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. In accordance with the latest fashion, it is rounded on the edges, because of this, the glass flows into the metal frame, no pronounced angle.

If you look at off the display, creates the visual effect of the absence of the side part of the display. However, when you turn on the screen immediately realize that it was just a feeling. In fact, frames are and call them narrow possible unless with great reserve. Nevertheless, the particular discomfort it brings.

Apparently, oleophobic coating is present, though weak. In addition, the manufacturer claims the presence of antimicrobial coatings that can be noted as a plus.

Above the screen is a standard set of elements, in the face of the earpiece, front camera lens, light sensor and proximity. Here is and led indicator.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

At the bottom is the mechanical Home button, it’s integrated with the fingerprint scanner. Here also lies the only flaw in the Assembly – key quite a bit loose. Although logic told about the presence of the touch keys Back and Menu on the edges they there are no navigation is performed on-screen keys.

All the faces merged together in a single metal frame. The frame itself is matte, and the corners removed chamfer. The solution looks very impressive. However, most likely, the chamfer is quickly covered with small scratches and will look not so attractive.

On the top side we find the AUX connector and two plastic jumpers under the antenna.

The center of the bottom end is a USB Type C next to him the microphone, and closer to the corner holes for the main speaker. Here is a pair of plastic inserts.

On the left side found a place three mechanical buttons – power and volume controls, as well as a mechanical switch to activate the power saving mode, we will talk about it later.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

On the left is a slot for SIM-cards and memory cards.

The entire back side is also covered with protective glass. Most likely, here also used Corning Gorilla glass 4.

At the top of the main camera lens, two tone led flash and an additional microphone noise reduction system. Closer to the center is the logo of the manufacturer.

In the lower part of the nothing but brand names don’t have a ruler.

Comes with protective plastic case. It is matte and transparent, sits on his seat tightly, even the slightest backlash is not seen. Most likely, he will not break even if dropped and will protect the phone from minor damages.

Thanks to the small thickness, the device becomes much bigger.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

The design of Philips Xenium X818 is hard to call the original, rather it is a collective image from different models. Thus, the front panel greatly resembles the style of Samsung’s phones or Meizu. The overall design is reminiscent of the first model of the line Sony Xperia or an entire brotherhood of such devices. If you look closely, we can notice that the main camera module and the flash almost 100% repeat the same element, Xiaomi Mi Note, the only difference in the dimensions of these elements.

However, the smartphone was pleasant to look at, very high quality assembled. Any serious claims do not arise.

Philips Xenium X818: Display

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

The display has a diagonal of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The pixel density is 400 ppi. This figure is enough to make the image look clear and smooth. At first glance, the display evokes positive emotions, small fonts look smooth, and the responsiveness is not uncomfortable. Although is felt that this is not the flagship module, a little lacking in speed rendering frames.

The manufacturer also drew attention to the use of proprietary technology Soft Blue designed to protect the eyes from harmful radiation.

Multitouch supports up to five simultaneous keystrokes. This is enough for comfortable use, although from a smartphone of this level expect more.

Philips Xenium X818: Hardware and performance

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

As the CPU uses the familiar eight-core chip MediaTek Helio P10 with a clock frequency of each core is 2.0 GHz. This processor is well-established for use in smartphones average.

The RAM is 3 GB is the lack of feel is not necessary.

For a long time and a lot to say about such a famous chip does not make sense, better pay attention to the test results.

As you can see, the results of the generic and trivial.

But stability testing revealed serious heating apparatus in the upper part of the body. And in order for the case was noticeably hot, it does not require a lot of time.

The throttle is present, the device starts to reduce the CPU frequency almost immediately.

Philips Xenium X818: Software and firmware

Philips Xenium X818 is running the Android operating system 6.0.

In the settings feature of wireless firmware update.

Philips Xenium X818 Review Android smartphone: new flagship Xenium

A standard interface has been redesigned by the manufacturer. The global change distinguished lock screen and main screens without a separate application menu.

The status bar is conceptually not different from the standard, although some of the points changed and became easier.

The base application is standard and familiar.

In security settings there were some interesting changes. So, a user is given a list of apps with resolution on each particular item.

But even more interest was the management menu for the fingerprint scanner.

Usually involves saving a maximum of 5 prints that are simply saved as such. Here, the manufacturer went on. In the menu there is a division between the left and right hand in each of the sections can be separately write down each finger. In the end, the smartphone allows you to store up to ten fingerprints.

The scanning of the prints comes as standard.

The work of the scanner, speed and accuracy of recognition can only be estimated as average. The recognition takes about 2 seconds, and sometimes to unlock the machine has to make several attempts.

Of the additional preinstalled apps useful office Suite WPS Office.

Much effort in the process of getting used to the interface of Philips Xenium X818 will not need the highlights was familiar, and the fact that redesigned it’s logical.

Strange it seemed to only use on-screen control keys. Mechanical key “Home” sort of implies that other keys will be Radom, on the body, and the display will be fully given to the needs of the interface. But no, the keys take up the space of the display, and the key “Home” is duplicated in the display and the housing.

In the process of testing was not noticed any hangs or failures in the operation of the device, which is logical in this price segment. However, the questions are concerned with the average quality of the work the fingerprint scanner.

Philips Xenium X818: Multimedia

First rate the list of hardware supported video formats.

The video player has a basic functionality, not burdened by anything superfluous. It is expected for the base application.

The situation is similar with the music player.

As a Supplement it is possible to highlight that the ability to choose from three colors for the clock background.

Philips Xenium X818: File system

The amount of internal memory is 32 GB. For most users this will be enough. Interestingly, the device immediately displays the amount of memory available to the user, and the number employed by the system – it is convenient.

For testing speed of file system used the app AndroBench.

The processing of the interface has not affected the file Manager – it is absolutely standard, as form and functionality.

When connected to PC available a number of connectivity modes. The default is always selected the mode “Only charging”.

Any claims to work of the file system Philips Xenium X818 does not occur, and this is the main point. The amount of memory in the 32 GB has become habitual and ceased to amaze. If you are willing to sacrifice the support of two SIM-card memory can be expanded using a memory card.

Philips Xenium X818: Wireless interfaces and connectivity

Our hero only supports a basic list of wireless interfaces. To speak about the presence of the NFC antenna or infrared port is not necessary. But the fact that the device can operate in a wide spectrum of LTE frequencies – happy. On the territory of Moscow and Moscow region, mobile operators use LTE bands Band 7 / 20 / 31 / 38 our hero supports all of the above and even more.

In conditions of Moscow and the nearest suburbs is no problem with the quality of mobile communication did not arise, although the known weak points of the signal, Philips Xenium X818 is also not different from the majority.

It is supported to install two SIM-cards. However, the second slot hybrid – will have to choose between the SIM card and memory card.

The phone app is simple and intuitive, the functionality is not overloaded with extra features. The app itself allows you to quickly switch from calls to SMS messages or phone book.

Unexpectedly pleased with the work of navigation. In the location mode for all sources, even indoors, cold start took less than 5 seconds. In the process of operation, also did not have any complaints.

Although Philips Xenium X818 not surprised by the number of wireless interfaces, it is able to please by the quality of work available. The rare user will feel a lack of communication, because everything you need there.

Philips Xenium X818: The battery life

Philips would be surprised if you do not install here an impressive battery. However, there is nothing surprising, the battery has a capacity of 3900 mAh.

View how would you assess the autonomy of the synthetic tests.

But what we did get when testing in our lab.

The results are quite good, although the “long-livers” of Philips Xenium X818 of the review difficult to rank. This is a typical average level when there are no miracles, but there are no problems. Although for your own peace of mind it is better to put the machine on charge before bed.

The manufacturer claims that the device is able to survive in standby for up to 19 days. Perhaps if you disable all the potential consumers of energy and do not touch the camera, that will last. However in real conditions it is hard to believe such a figure. More real seen about ten days in idle or minimal use. Subject to any active use, this figure will decrease even further.

The bundled power adapter charges the device current of 2 A.

The manufacturer has provided a complete application for a power management apparatus. And to activate the power saving mode even a mechanical switch on the housing. Of course, the presence of such a switch is allowed to pay attention to this mode, but here’s a practical necessity in a hardware mechanism quickly.

The app itself is intuitive. Here you can select standard mode or customize your own.

Xpower mode is activated by a separate mechanical switching and is designed to disable almost all functions that affect power consumption. And different applications can be assigned to certain limitations and permissions, to optimize energy consumption even when they are used.

Despite the fact that serious claims about the autonomy of our hero is not earned from production Philips expect more, is a bit of a disappointment.

The software developments work well. But a mechanical switch between the normal and economical modes raises doubts as to its practical meaning.

Photo on front camera Philips Xenium X818

Photo on front camera Philips Xenium X818

Philips Xenium X818: Camera

Cameras is standard two – main on 16.0 megapixel front and 8.0. The first phase is equipped with autofocus, by the way, he’s fast and accurate. Some special chips they have, that does not prevent them to properly perform their functions.

Photo on camera Philips Xenium X818

Photo on camera Philips Xenium X818

The application interface of the camera different from the standard. However, management was more than clear, long do not have to understand. Highlights are available on the main screen, and other settings collected in a single menu. Not disappointing app and speed.

However, the main issue is the quality of the images, it is possible to estimate the approximate personnel are presented below.

Philips Xenium X818: Comparison with competitors

The price tag of our hero allows you to compare it with many different devices, including representatives of well-known brands. We picked up some of the most interesting options.

As the first opponent selected one of the fresh models of HTC. This HTC One X9 in the modification with two SIM-cards.

At a similar price tag, the user receives a more powerful processor, matrix, SuperLCD and the battery is almost a quarter smaller capacity. In this case, the thickness of the case and declared the mass a bit more.

Although LG G4 is no longer a novelty, it’s the flagship and it will be relevant for some time.

But, over time, the price tag is noticeably decreased and now it can be purchased for a reasonable amount. Although, despite the status, this model can hardly be called a flagship, in terms of performance. However, the device is nimble, and among its strengths, you can allocate a really good camera and many versions of the hull, some users will note the presence of NFC antenna. It should also be noted that there is considerably less battery, but the thickness of the body almost reaches 1 inch – not all the time will like.

What if I want a little more performance, but the budget is strictly limited? If you are willing to sacrifice the Russian certification, take a look at the new product from China – Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

Performance here is all right – decategory Helio X25 unlikely to load to the limit of possibilities, but testing the OLED display revealed unpleasant moment – under the angle shades give green, as on older smartphones from Samsung. One thing that can distinguish the presence of the infrared port, slightly larger battery and nice price.

Philips Xenium X818: Conclusion

Throughout the test the novelty did not cause any serious complaints, leaving the impression of a balanced model. Among its strengths can note the extensive standard equipment, high quality design and high stability. Good word you can remember and the main camera, and the performance of the hardware platform will be enough for almost any task.

However, not without issues. The sound quality through headphones is not too high, in addition, the apparatus of the brand Philips initially expect high autonomy. Here only standard in recent results, which is a shame. The fingerprint scanner is able to store up to ten fingerprints, but the speed and accuracy he still lacks.

The price tag of Philips Xenium X818 puts it next to similar offerings from ASUS, HTC, Huawei and several similar proposals less known Chinese companies. Of course, the advantage over the latter can be called the Russian certification, but is it worth to overpay – to solve to the consumer.

Pros Philips Xenium X818:

  • High quality package and rich equipment;
  • Excellent quality of materials and workmanship of the housing;
  • High contrast level of the display;
  • Stable work.

Cons Philips Xenium X818:

  • There are complaints on the work of the fingerprint scanner.

May not suit:

  • The low sound quality of the headphones.
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