Ozone TriFX test and review: inexpensive in-ear headphones

Ozone TriFX test and review: inexpensive in-ear headphones

We are constantly testing the expensive accessories, but sometimes come across interesting options among budget models. Especially it concerns the scope of game audio, which today spread in prices and quality is very wide. In-Ear Headphones Ozone TriFX total cost 30 euros in Europe. It is interesting to see what will offer the Spanish expert in the field of gaming peripherals for the price.

Ozone TriFX: Appearance, build quality and comfort

Over-ear headphones TriFX Spanish manufacturer Ozone asks only about 1.8 thousand. Rubles, or 30 euros. We receive the body of the red anodized aluminum which combines nicely with black and silver accents. TriFX headphones look stylish and leave an impression of high quality.

Subjectively for TriFX can give more than worth the headphones. However, this choice of material has its own drawback: when installed in Ozone TriFX ears felt very cold. Of course, they heat up quickly, but a similar effect can not be called pleasant. British manufacturer of the RHA, whose T20 headphones with aluminum case, we tested previously, bypasses the effect due to a slightly different design.

Ozone has paid special attention to the cable. Immediately noticeable that the flat ribbon cable is used, which is quite flexible in the daily work with the headphones cable showed their best side. Also used two-color design, the inner surface of the red cable, external – black. The residue was completely black cable, the connection is made via a corner connector (classic 3.5-mm mini-jack). On the cable there is the remote control, although it is slightly inferior in quality manufacturing by headphones.

As might be expected, due to the nozzles of different size headphones can be adapted to the auditory canal. Ozone offers three sizes, in practice, this amount is sufficient. It becomes noticeable savings products, as we have only a couple of tips of each size, alternative inserts (eg, foam, taking the form of the ear canal) is not here. However, given the high quality materials and the price can not complain.

Ozone TriFX test and review: inexpensive in-ear headphones

If you plan to take the headphones Ozone TriFX to travel, then no problem, cover included.

Despite the relatively low price, have the headphones there is another interesting feature with which we met the more expensive liners RHA T10i and T20. We have in mind the screw-filter, with which you can change the headphone sound. And to work with the filter even easier than in the case of the RHA. Various filters are simply bolted to the outside of the headphones. By default, the black filter. But you can fasten titanium color variant that enhances mids. A red filter enhances the bass.

Ozone TriFX: Listening tests

Until now, Ozone TriFX headphones have proven themselves well in spite of a very affordable price. But what about the sound quality of the headphones TriFX?

As usual, we used the song “Forgiven not forgotten” Corrs Group, first we have left on the headset black filter by default. We quickly noticed that there is no headphone lightness and precision compared with our reference “inserts” RHA T20. Therefore, the immersion in music is not as deep as we’ve come to expect from high-quality plug-in headphones. In addition, the low frequencies are felt rather weak. The soundstage reproduced medium. You can well discern right and left halves and arrange the tools around, but there is no sense of depth.

The difference after the installation of a gray filter that increases the average frequency is noticeable. The sound becomes more pronounced due to the boost in the midrange, the overall sound seemed to us to be more balanced. Red amplifies low frequencies, copes with his work, but the bass drum should be expected. Low frequencies are enhanced, subjectively perceived bass better, but lost many of the details of medium and high frequencies. However, it is possible to name the most optimal for this game mode.

Evaluation of sound quality is not the best, but it should take into account the price. Our reference in-ear headphones RHA are seven times more expensive. And if you decide to spend a couple of thousand on the headphones (even with high-quality appearance), we can hardly expect a high-end sound. with this price Other Earphones it also did not provide.

In cable integrated microphone, which showed average results, but for this price it is acceptable.

Ozone TriFX test and review: inexpensive in-ear headphones

Ozone TriFX: Conclusion

Given the price, the Spanish expert in the field of gaming peripherals done a lot. Headphones look classy, workmanship raises no objections. But the sound quality is already felt the price – they can recommend the lowly users. If you want to get better sound with all the items, and have to spend more.

Benefits of Ozone TriFX:

  • Very good workmanship
  • The excellent quality of materials
  • You can adjust the sound

Disadvantages of Ozone TriFX:

  • Average sound quality, but for a given value for money

Source: ozonegaming

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